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Check Out Lana’s Marvellous Deku Stick Technique In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer

With Hyrule Warriors’ release just ten days away in Japan, Koei Tecmo has stepped up the hype with another announcement trailer for Lana. The blue-haired beauty has been causing a leaf storm with her handy Deku stick, where she sprouts up a whole team of Deku Tree shoots to deliver crushing blows to field enemies. Lana also makes use of The Wind Waker’s Deku Leaf to ruffle the enemy’s hide and float across the battle landscape. If you’ve missed any of the Hyrule Warriors trailers, you can catch them all on Koei Tecmo’s YouTube channel, here.

Remember to tune in for the Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct later this evening for those in America (8pm PT/11pm ET) and tomorrow, August 5, for Europe and the UK (5am CEST/4am BST). Let us know which new characters you’d like to see appearing in the comment section below.

28 thoughts on “Check Out Lana’s Marvellous Deku Stick Technique In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer”

    1. If Tingle and Ganondorf ISN’T in this game, there’s going to be a lot of complaints. After recently re-playing Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask, I realized that there’s still a LOT of characters that they could include. Skull Kid being one of them.

      1. Ganondorf an skull kid could be on a separate roster with the other villains (cia, valga, vizro, zant and ghirahim)

  1. Not sure it makes much sence from a lore/story perspective to be useing deku saplings/trees to attack but…whatever it does not matter in this game.

  2. I hope they add Toon Link and Tetra. There’s SO many more great Zelda characters that haven’t been announced. Yuga, Ghirahim, Demise, Ganon, Tingle, Skull Kid, Groose, Ravio……the list goes on.

  3. How about supporting the game, and I doubt they’ll leave out Gannon and skull kid, I mean if this game sells enough which I’m pretty sure it will then we are more likely guaranteed a part 2 or 3 even , so even if it’s missing something now don’t start the whole I’m not buying it bullshit. ..

  4. I might actually get this game.. What I was really thinking was, Hey, wasnt there supposed to be a Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei? Maybe in a few years lol

    1. I’m sure we’ll see footage soon, they’ve been working on it for a while and at e3 they said development was going well

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