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Sonic Boom Release Dates Announced For Europe

Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the most recognisable figures in video game history will be speeding his way back to fans – both old and new – this November. Today SEGA announces that in Europe both Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for Wii U developed by LA-based Big Red Button, and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Nintendo 3DS developed by Sanzaru Games of San Francisco, will be released on 21st November.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal star the electrifying team – Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and newcomer Sticks – who will band together to defeat both familiar and new powerful enemies. The games are part of the brand-new Sonic Boom initiative, an all-new Sonic experience that will usher in new gameplay based on action-adventure combat, new characters and environments as well as new storylines that will carry through the franchise’s first CG-animated series.



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34 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Release Dates Announced For Europe”

    1. That is so true. Funny how Wii U’s version of Ray man Legend had the lowest ratings to the other systems too yet it was the best version because of gameplay.

      1. It never got the lowest ratings. In fact, even after Ubisoft screwed Wii U 1 out of a dozen times, Rayman Legends on Wii U still sold more and was considered the definitive version. Afterwards, Ubisoft repaid our thanks by screwing us again.

  1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    did any one notice the downgrade in this game from the early cretek demo vid to the latest trailers.

  2. I… I really don’t know how to feel about that Metal Sonic Design… I think Sonic 3’s Mecha Sonic would’ve fit better, maybe.

      1. That’s what feels weird. It’s the same head, but an elongated body… like the rest of the designs I suppose. I guess I simply don’t really like it. In the trailer he looks cool though, I’ll get used to it IF I buy the game.

  3. Shadow doesn’t look as dark as he should. He just looks like Sonic with a color change, with the same bubbly personality.

    1. How so when the game is mostly single and local multiplayer oriented? I remember Sonic Rush 2 had online play just as similar as the 3DS version of Boom. I never cared about it and got bored after playing a few times. Sonic is mainly about the single player experience. So who’s the “Dumbtendo” now?

      1. Says the guy who is Nintendo’s ass kisser thinking Pikmin 3, 3D World and, NSMBU doesn’t need online. After all ignoring I wasn’t the only person who had a problem with lack online on either if these games. Too bad I play $59.99 for Pikmin 3 and can’t play Bingo battle.

        1. Actually, I never said anything involving those because I wished Pikmin and 3d World had online so what crawled up your ass just now to think that?

          1. Yet ignoring you said that Sonic had multi player and so does 3D world yet when I hope Sonic had online you defend the game either way just another Nintendo ass kisser. People like you is the reason why dumbtendo is tardy at making most AAA having online. Accepting anything Nintendo throws down. All least I’m hoping Sonic boom has inline unlike you.

  4. IDK but I have a bad feeling that this game on Wii U, gameplay wise, is gonna suck worse than Sonic Lost World. I literally see nothing and I mean NOTHING happening on screen when they show gameplay and levels which are not as fast paced as it suppose to be. I might as well get the 3DS version since its staying traditional to 2D Sonic gameplay.

  5. I am definitely getting this game. Wii U version first, 3DS second. I really like how they changed up all the characters just for this game. And I’m glad it’s co-op, so now I can play the game with my brother. Also, that is the best looking Amy design I’ve ever seen. Going to miss it when they go back to traditional Sonic games…

    1. The only design I have a problem with is Knuckles. He looked cooler the other way! Stupid Sega changing Knuckles drastically while the others have roughly the same design but taller.

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