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Nintendo Has Responded To Robin Williams Petition To Include Him In Next Zelda Title

With the tragic passing of Robin Williams earlier this week, Nintendo fans took to to request that Williams be remembered in a future Zelda title. The petition, which gathered over 90,000 signatures, asked the firm to name one of its non-player characters Robin in the next Zelda game. Nintendo has now responded to the petition and has given the following reply to Polygon.

“Robin Williams was loved at Nintendo.” offered a Nintendo spokesperson. “Our hearts go out to his entire family, and especially to Zelda Williams who we’ve worked with multiple times.”

“We appreciate the outpouring of support from the gaming community, and hear the request of fans to honor him in a future game. We will not be discussing what might be possible for future games during this difficult time, but we will hold our memories of Robin close.”

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

261 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Responded To Robin Williams Petition To Include Him In Next Zelda Title”

    1. Not a bullshit exuse, but in fact the next Zelda game is Zelda Wii U, which isn’t done with devolpment, and not ready for localization. Hyrule Warrior has well established character’s, is probably done with localiziation, and is ready for release. Zelda (MM remake that might happen) would have characters changed for a short term event.
      (Let’s be honest, we won’t think about this in a couple of months)

    2. The game is more or less finished, they can’t change it now. Do people not understand how development cycles work?

      1. I think you don’t know how development cycles work because you have to be hella stupid if you think Zelda Wii U is near done. (obviously not talking about Hyrule Warriors)

        1. It is near finished, Iwata himself said before E3 that they would be showing games that are either nearly done, or very early in development. Zelda Wii U is not very early, there for it is nearly done. Its been in the works for 5 years, and to make a character for Robin Williams now would just take away time from the stuff they have to finish up before it releases next year. They could do a character quickly but it wouldn’t be as detailed and such so it would be more of an insult then paying tribute. An easter egg of Robin Williams would be better.

          1. well even if it’s nearly done, putting in one additional NPC that doesn’t really do anything but sit and look pretty isn’t much of a hassle

            1. True but it wouldn’t feel like a true tribute to Robin Williams. If they are going to pay tribute to the man, it’s going to be not just for themselves but for the fans of Zelda that are also big fans of Robin Williams. If anything, I think they should save the tribute character for Robin Williams for the next major Zelda game, so they can put more time, love, & devotion into the tribute. Maybe Nintendo could use this as a way to finally give Link a comedic side kick.

              Disclaimer: Linebeck doesn’t count as he mostly stayed on the boat. lol

          2. No way near 5 years in development. It was expressly mentioned that they weren’t going for a 5 year development for the Wii U Zelda, and that Zelda U would be done “in 3 years”. Considering Skyward Sword was released at the tail-end of 2011, it’s no surprise Zelda U has a release window of 2015, and even then games are usually finished only about a month prior to the release. There’s still plenty of time to have one single NPC to represent Robin Williams.

    3. Maybe it’s too soon to ask the family for PERMISSION.
      You idiots think that anyone can do anything anytime they want. But the reality is, this is bigger than him being in a game. It’s about the people who are actually suffering from this loss and you want to shove his corpse all over a Zelda game? Just give the subject some time before you put your opinions all over it. It’s way to soon to ask the family for permission.

      1. Ya because Blizzard Co. decided to memorialize Robin in World of Warcraft after hearing fans say and deciding it was right because Robin loved WoW a lot. And funny because Blizzard didn’t ask the family of Robin.

        1. there’s no confirmation yet whatsoever

          blizzard is considering it and if they really won’t ask his family then that isn’t commendable at all

      2. I feel this a way for fans to show their support for robin Williams because he loved the legend of zelda series. He meant a lot to all of us, and putting him in a game series that he cared so much about is a way of immortalsing him, out of respect and love for everything Robin Williams Was for us.

      3. Exactly. There is plenty of time to pay tribute to Robin Williams later. This is why I’m saying Nintendo should save it for the next major Zelda game. Zelda for Wii U is just too soon.

    4. It’s not an excuse; it’s the same thing as saying “We’d love to, but we don’t want to spoil details on the next Zelda, either, so when we do put him in, it will be as a surprise.”

    5. I think it’s more along the lines of a ‘I don’t want to say yes just yet because we’ve finished coding Hyrule Heroes already and it’s too late to make this sort of change, so we’ll put him in the next one’ sort of thing. it’s a good way of covering for not putting him in the very next LoZ title to launch

      1. So the fact he isn’t the only one who died that day that it makes his death less important, for lack of a better word? That’s like saying “Why are you so upset? Your brother/sister/father/mother/wife/son/daughter/etc isn’t the only one that died, y’know?”

        This “He isn’t the only one who died.” crap is getting very annoying. As if that is supposed to make a notable person’s death in our lives less meaningful. For some of us, a famous person that we grew up watching the movies of or listening to the music of is practically on the same level as a cherished friend or family member.

        1. I did watch his movies as I grew up and he made me laugh..but it doesn’t make him a close friend, don’t exaggerate. Suicide is the most uninspiring way of dying that the fans don’t get…and I emphasize in it, suicidal people will never get my empathy , even if they were friends, don’t tell me he was suffering or anything, that’s more invalid than anything I can say.

          I know the “He isn’t the only” has been said too much, but it is true, his family is already being backed already by friends, so they don’t need us.

  1. They’re probably laughing at the stupid , embarrassing idea. Makes me want to spit on whoever signed the petition.

            1. Kurt Cobain ans nirvana are incredibly overrated just like sublime. If The singers didn’t die, their fame would have.

                  1. No, they got much more popular after they were done. You totally put words in my sentence. Their music is decent, but it’s done. It has no place today. And most nirvana fans these only know the big 4 or 5 songs they put out. Nevermind was their last album and was certainly not their best but that’s the one most people today refer to cause they aren’t really even fans. Same with sublime. The reason I bring them together is cause the fans of them go hand and hand and tend to listen to both and by their posters to act like fans. A year ago I was making fun of this with my friend and then the next day I met my ex’s roomate and low and behold, she had brand new sublime posters and nirvana shirts, trying to act like she’s part of something before her time. Stuff like the beatles, their music is universal. Anyone can relate to it. And always will. Grunge is done. 50 years from now nobody will care.

                    1. That makes no sense. You’re saying people who like nevermind are not fans. Of course grunge is in the past, doesn’t make it any more or less better. Music is music, you listen to it, play it, create it.

                      1. I’m not saying that all fans of nevermind aren’t fans, but a lot of them aren’t. They know teen spirit and come as you are and maybe two other songs. And that’s only cause they’ve been played to hell on the radio and other things.

                          1. Then the band probably isn’t that good. People are so used to albums having 3 or 4 good songs on them. Great musicians make beautiful albums, that can be listened to together as a whole or individually. If kurt never died, they would have continued to degrade in quality and eventually they would be looked at as another korn.

                            1. Taste is subjective. They played around the world, so saying that they’re only popular was because of Kurt’s death is more bullshit.

                              1. They were big, but got bigger is what I’m saying. They started degrading in quality, and became more commercial. His death however makes people overlook it. Like I said, they would have been another korn in a few years, guarantee it.

                            2. Even though I do believe you are the most useless and not funny troll in this sorry ass website. I do agree with you. Just because they are famous, they are bad? Come on man… I can’t believe I am with you on this one

                            3. @Lord Zedd “Nevermind” wasn’t their last studio album… that was “In Utero” from 1993. To those non-fans, it’s the one with “Heart-Shaped Box” and “All Apologies” on it.

                            4. And thus we come to the conclusion of your argument about Robin Williams.

                              Just because he’s popular, his death doesn’t matter?

                              Riddle me that, dumbass.

                          1. Nay sir, is it multiplayer? I think my roomate has the 3DS version. I’ll be out of town for the next few weeks but I’m bringing my U with me so I might be able to hop on some Kart or something if you’re down, I might be pretty busy though visiting family lol.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Just asking because I’m thinking of buying it if t’s worthy enough…

                              Sure, we can race whenever you can at evenings though…

                          2. Can’t respond to your second comment for some reason, but my roomate said the 3DS version was good so I imagine the U version would be worth it. I’ll know more about when I’ll be free when I get to my friends house tonight (which will be like 2-3am lol).

                              1. Not necessarily, but you’ve have to have a terrible ear for music if you think the stuff popular today for instance is tolerable. Nirvana is decent, but they are overrated. Tool is a popular band, but have for more to say in their music, and it’s much deeper.

                                  1. I’m saying liking things for the wrong reasons, like enjoying something just cause it’s popular and you want to fit in is just fake.

                                    1. Right, because you know why everyone likes what they like. All I brought up was a lyric, then you brought up this “anyone who likes popular things is fake” bull shit logic.

                                  2. God there will always be snobs in everything. You snobs ruin gaming and music. I never ever go into YouTube comments on videos about music

                                    1. Being a snob for pointing out there are lots of fake fans? You keep reaching for those straws and maybe one day you’ll reach the stars.

                                    2. I guess COD is the best game series ever cause all the newer gamers cling to it cause it’s hyped up, and I’m a snob for calling them out.

                                        1. I didn’t say I was better than them, but you keep trying to throw that in to feel like you’ve won :)

                                            1. Calling someone out doesn’t make you better than anyone, I don’t think I am better than anyone. I was just giving my opinion. And I know, opinions are like assholes, blah blah blah lol

                                              1. Im getting the feeling you think your opinions are fact lol. There nothing wrong with opinions, aslong as they stay opinions :p

                                                1. Can’t tell if this is before or after my comment about what I said being an opinion, and that opinions are like assholes. My inbox is acting weird and I am not getting certain responses for some reason lol. But yes, in the end, they are just my opinions, and not at all fact. Sorry if I came off that way ;)

                                                  1. lol Nostalgia is one of the main people on here trying to pass her/his/it’s opinions off as fact more often than not, and it has the gall to say “Im getting the feeling you think your opinions are fact lol. There nothing wrong with opinions, aslong as they stay opinions” Hah! That’s a laugh!

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        Don’t insult Sharks please, nothing is lower than this abomination…

                                        Not even garbage…

                                      2. The same goes right back to you! Show your face keyboard warrior! I might take your advice and start a channel like sasori just to destroy you guys.

                                        1. Nintendo is my Blood

                                          Big words worm, show us your face, for at this point I won’t be showing mine first

                                          Like I said, you lack honor, therefore untrustworthy

                                            1. Nintendo is my Blood

                                              That’s it? No clever comebacks of your own?

                                              hmph, you are pathetic, you even like your own comments, it’s like kissing your own arse.

                                              1. How more clever can someone be by using other peoples words and action against them? And this is my last time saying this, I like my comments because I like them.

                                                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                                                  All you said was my own words “back at me”

                                                  That is the same equivalent of a 3-year-old child, immature, sad to witness and makes you weep for humanity

                                                  And liking your own comments? The same as high fiving yourself because no one else will and that is the definition of kissing your own arse.

                                                  You are pathetic and no doubt a 10-year-old child

                                                2. Nintendo is my Blood

                                                  I don’t care my feelings on what I comment, only difference is I use my brain to think of how my comment can affect other people

                                                  You like what you say even when what you say is pathetic and makes people want to kill you for being so evil

                                                3. Nintendo is my Blood

                                                  Sigh, NC remove this filth from here would you?
                                                  I do not know why I even bothered trying to talk to this monkey as if he was an honorable life form.

                                                  Do with him what you will

                                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                    I see…

                                                    I’m not a fan of the Elder Scrolls games though so I guess I won’t bother with that one…

                                                1. Darksiders 2 is also likened to The Legend of Zelda series. Mainly the puzzle system of the franchise. It also combines the puzzles of Zelda with the gameplay of games like God of War.

                                                2. The beauty of Darksiders 2, though, is that it has a balance of combat & puzzle solving in much the same way as the Zelda games. As I said, it’s likened to the Legend of Zelda series. So if you enjoy Zelda games, I highly recommend Darksiders 2.

                                        2. xD “start a channel like sasori just to destroy you guys” Speaking of sasori, he too thinks he destroys everyone on this site with his videos. In reality, he’s the one getting destroyed, by his own self no less, as he’s being laughed at.

                                      3. The only person who would join you is a conjoined twin.

                                        Oh wait, never mind, he performed major head surgery just to get rid of you, then promptly died from the attempt.

                                        No wonder you go full retard with every word you type or speak…your brain must have gone with your conjoined twin after separation.

                                        My sincerest condolences for your loss.

                                        Not for your twin, but for your brain. Alas, a Nazi ape was born that day…

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        If you read everything it has said ever, then you wouldn’t be defending this thing even if it had some logic in its sentences…

                                      2. What’s mainstream about the opinion? Robin Williams loved the Zelda series and named his daughter after it. It would be a nod to him out of respect of they did it. It has nothing to do with being mainstream. I think Zelda Williams should be asked and her family if they are ok with that happening in the first place. If they are, then I see no problem with it.

                                        1. Ok, who are you and what have you done with the real zedd? :P Seriously though, I think you got a point. and I would love to at least see memorial for robin Williams in the game rather his daughter plays as a character or not. I think it would be an honor too and one last time we get to see him as a character model or at least a fucking picture of him somewhere in the game.

                                        2. So he named his kid Zelda, that’s no reason to include him in a game.

                                          Have you paid attention to the media lately, Robin Williams is being plastered everywhere, not that I don’t respect his death. Other people die everyday, I find it demeaning that this is everywhere on every social media site plastered every 5 minutes everywhere. Am I the only one who finds this repetition annoying? He wasn’t better than anyone else, we’re all people, he’s a person not a god, he deserves no more than any of us. I’ve lived through depression, I live my life trying to make others happy, I love Nintendo, Nintendo is a big part of my life.

                                          1. They always blast celebrities when they die, Robin is the one I am ok with, though I don’t watch tv so I’m not being ass blasted. Robin was a huge part of many people’s lives, he was in tons of kids movies, he’s like an older brother or father to many. I put him above people like Phillip Hoffman or Amy Winehouse. I don’t think he’s necessarily better than them, or anyone, but he touched so many lives, that’s the reason why he is being put out so much. Not saying it’s ok, just saying the reasoning behind it.

                                                1. Sorry, Nazi assholes aren’t all too likeable really at all except in exclusive clubs in Germany.

                                                  And even there, you’d be the bottom of the rung.

                                    3. Lol are you seriously calling someone a snob when you wrote this comment and are seriously going to personal lengths to defend Nirvana as if your opinion is fact when you just shit all over this petition.

                                      The icing on the cake is you going on about people thinking they are better than others when you just said my life was worthless because you assumed I don’t work on video games… LOL.

                                      Now that makes sense *sarcasm*

                                      You are pretty dumb if you can’t understand that yes, people actually will follow things blindly even things they may not like but just because others around them do, they like it just to fit in.

                                      A lot of people aren’t capable of forming their own opinions and look to others to do so.

                                      One big example would be with Hitler, do you think every person honestly believed what he said or a majority of them just accepted it because they needed to fit in? The answer is pretty obvious.

                                      There are so many more examples, were you never a child? Did you never go to elementary school or high school? The problem is pretty big in children since most of them are still figuring things out, they usually just end up liking whatever their friends like and so on.

                                      I really don’t see what is so hard to understand about that but then again you are pretty stupid from what I have gathered. The amount of contradictions you place upon yourself, are priceless.

                                      1. You, stop. The reason I said that to you is because you said you lost respect for mark because he joked about the wiiu.

                                    4. And just how is it stupid and embarrassing?

                                      *pulls up a stool*

                                      No, no, please, continue, I can already tell, this is going to be classic.

                                    5. Worthless human scum. Why can’t people like you die in the place of good people? Then again, good people that die are getting blessed when we take into account those of us still living are stuck with losers like you.

                                    1. There’s someone on this site using that name. He/She is probably the one who sent this in,that’s why the name is at the bottom of the article.

                                    1. I won’t be mad if it doesn’t happen, but why exactly is it a dumb idea? I get the feeling the people against this are on the younger side. IF you grew up in the 80s and early 90s, Nintendo games were huge for many, Zelda being one of them, and Robin Williams was in so many kids movies he’s practically a father figure to many of us. It would be a great nod to him and a great way to mix up childhood memories.

                                      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                        It’s stupid because if this were to happen, the only right way of doing it would be if Nintendo thought of the idea themselves. People pushing for them to name a character after him are putting them in an awkward position. It’s like asking a celebrity to prom. If they say yes, it’s viewed as a publicity stunt. If they say no, they’re an asshole who’s stuck up.

                                        Anyway, Zelda U won’t come out for a while. By the time everyone is done talking about Robin Williams Ninyendo would come out and “memorialize” him and remind everyone.

                                        1. It’s a nice idea, and I think any true Nintendo fan would respect whatever decision they make on it. And who knows, maybe Nintendo did think of it but the petition came first (doubtful lol but MAYBE :p)

                                    2. I disagree. I think they are saying they will consider it, but they believe it’s too soon and don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss while the family is mourning.

                                      I think it was a great response.

                                    1. I don’t think they would put his face lol. Probably just have like a side character like the bug catching kid or the magic bean sprout guy and name the character Robin. Not Robin Williams, that would be weird. Just Robin.

                                      1. They probably wouldn’t even name him Robin. They’d probably just use his personality and maybe a physical trait or 2 like the shape of his face and height or something like that and have him be some NPC that tells a variety of jokes when you talk to him. I personally think Goron Robin Williams would be a pretty fun interpretation, I’m sure he’d love to be one

                                        1. I would love Goron Williams lol and yea I agree, if they could get the personality close, they probably wouldn’t use the same name. And I would be cool with that.

                                  3. You do know they didn’t really say no. They are basically saying we aren’t discussing this at the time. Nintendo isn’t going to give away any Zelda U details even if it was to announce adding a small tribute like this.

                                  4. Hate Nintendo all they want with this response, but Nintendo already has their ideas. What if Aunoma is making Zelda U a very serious game with no happy, funny, comic relief? Then out of no where a character is just thrown in there (whom people want in) which will just seem out of place and make it weird.

                                    Zelda U has been in development for a few years. Their ideas for the game is already pinpointed exact.
                                    It’s not that I hate Robin Williams. I was saying that it will be cool to have someone who looks like him and has the same personality and name as Robin in the game, but they can put it off to another game.

                                    1. When has Zelda ever not included some sort of comedy. Majora’s Mask is probably the hardest one, but I feel like it still has it’s moments, like that dog attacking deku Link. And given the art direction, the tone will probably be closer to Skyward Sword than anything else. They tend to have the art match the tone, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. But still, it’s up to Nintendo Japan to do this or not, and I feel like it’s less likely they would than NoA. Then again, the localization team may take a few liberties of their own

                                      1. In some cases, there is a fusion of light & dark tones. I’m speaking of Wind Waker & in some regard Skyward Sword. Sure they were light on the surface but there was always a dark undertone hidden beneath it. For Wind Waker, it was the fact the Great Sea was over Hyrule itself. For Skyward Sword, it was The Imprisoned, aka Demise.

                                      1. I know but that’s stupid. A NPC named Robin…….. There’s a Robin in Fire emblem so is he based off of Robin Williams? No. If I find a character named Brandon, will I be all happy because they named it after me? No because that isn’t the case. What if there was already a person in the new Zelda game named Robin but they had no intention of doing it after Williams? That is why the whole petition is retarted.

                                        1. Yeah… I think if there’s an NPC named Robin in the new Zelda we’ll know it’s for Williams. Do you think development is far enough along that American localization is already taking place that they already had unrelated plans to name an NPC Robin? Robin doesn’t sound like a very common Hylian name.
                                          Also it’s funny that you spelled retarded wrong.

                                  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    Maybe name one of the Hyrulian Kings Robin once if they are going to honour him some day…

                                    1. I was thinking of the same thing when I first thought about a character being named after Robin for a future Zelda game. King Robin McLaurin Hyrule! (McLaurin is Robin Williams’ middle name.)

                                  6. It would certainly be a nice way to honor him, but just because he named his daughter Zelda doesn’t mean he is automatically going to be put in a company’s product.

                                    1. It’s not just that he named his daughter Zelda, he has helped them market Skyward Sword and other Zelda games

                                      And him actually being a huge Zelda fan, I think he deserves some tribute, even if it’s just a “in loving memory” message

                                    2. Of course it doesn’t, it would just be a nod. I wouldn’t be mad if they decided not to, and I think it’s 50/50 that they will do it or not. Either way I won’t be upset. I think your statement would be better if you said just because he named his daughter after Zelda, doesn’t mean he DESERVES to be in the Zelda series. Obviously it wouldn’t automatically mean he’s in.

                                  7. nintendo has no passion no nintendo directs resently fucking retards defending nintendo as usual why was donkeykong tropicial freeze ruined because of internet wanksters like blackbond said in his vidios you complain as i have said before nintendo has problems of there fucking own iwata has been fucking ill i all you care about is your fucking damage control and complaing blackbond knows right

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        Darkness will wash away everything soon enough…

                                        No more light, good or evil, only pure darkness like it should be…

                                    1. What… in the fucking cosmos are you even saying!? Either go back to the ghetto or backwoods you came from or learn some proper freaking English & grammar. Ugh!

                                  8. Nintendo knows how it is! Funny, this PR statement’s got the little pansies thinking there is still hope! Morons can’t take things for face value so they have to be spoken to in riddles; just to piece together their own definition of what they wish was mentioned; deceived into believing what they WANT these companies to say.

                                    Suckers, no wonder I’m attacked! I knew this stupid idea would never get green lit. Nintendo isn’t stupid enough to tell fans to buzz off either, so they write a bunch of nonsense which if deciphered by a like mind, really just boils down to “no, we won’t add a suicidal maniac into a future game, but we’ll act like we’ll consider it….NOT” how is SHOULD be!
                                    Stupid people, too many stupid people! I’m not one! Toodles!

                                    1. I didn’t mind your statement till you called Robin a suicidal maniac. For that you get a big fuck you. You don’t know his life, or what he went through. I’m sad that such a great man was driven to suicide. People like you just think it’s a cowards way out, when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. He had been depressed for years and years and struggled. Nobody asked to be brought into this world. Like Robin said in a movie “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.” Being a rich celebrity brings on a ton of fake people into your life who act like they care. Then one day you may realize everyone has been using you. And you give so much to the world and nobody gives back. My friend pointed out that the life of celebrities isn’t always as glamorous as we the poor think. At least he struggled long enough to have his kids fully grown and able to fend for themselves.

                                      1. He wasn’t your father, dumbass, nor was he your uncle or brother. Cry to me when it is a family matter. (Even then I still would not care)
                                        Strangers don’t mean a damn thing to me! The media doesn’t tell me who to like, I choose who I look up to, “celebrities” are as common as the cold, they come and go, next year all this mourning’ll be forgotten, hell, next month! You people lead sad lives; who places people on pedestals and accept the role of a nobody???? I sure as hell don’t, I’m BETTER than any “celebrity” nobody is better than me! That’s why I live happy! Depression, pfft, what weak minded tools….”I’m depressed, well, media says I need to do drugs and drink” hahaha….so many other positive outlets to escape this “depression” but like typical sheep, you look to the easiest, most convenient way out! Stupid poeple, t20 much stupid poeple! Haha

                                          1. Ah! Why am I the bad guy? (rhethorical question)
                                            Seems one can’t post HIS thoughts without having people getting their panties up in a bunch. This world has gotten too sensitive.
                                            “Respecting the dead” you say?(technically, wrote) I don’t respect ANYBODY who takes their own life! What kind of example is that? You off yourself, and all of a sudden you are a somebody???(In general. Kind of applies to a has-been, too, I guess) All these weaklings writing about “I felt like killing myself” blah, blah, the world does NOT revolve around you….same way it does not revolve around RW.

                                            I’m entitled to feel how I do, and think the things that I do! I don’t need someone in my ear telling me what I SHOULD be saying or how I should be feeling! Man up, you bunch of Twinkies. If you’re female, then don’t even put your two cents, not against me, at least! I don’t want to hear it! (directed to that annoying person using the name “Michelle” who I know is reading ALL my posts)

                                            Notice, people trash me rather harshly, while I just brush them off with common, more appropriate “insults” i.e. (idiot, dumbass, moron, etc)
                                            Goes to show how some people still need some growing up to do; and that’s not me!

                                            Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple! Toodles!

                                        1. You sound like a pussy hiding under a tough front. If you can’t attach yourself to someone who might have had an impact on your life without actually meeting them, maybe you’re a little too egotistical. You should eat ten his of acid and tell me how tough you are. Til then you are pathetic and scared.

                                    2. Robin, a suicidal manic? This is the reason why he died from depression followed by an early stage of Parkinson disease. Its heartless assholes like you driving good people over the edge thinking you’re a better and superior being? No. It shows what a POS waste of God’s time you are and yes, you will get yours you prick.

                                      If I knew where and who you are, trust me, you’re gonna beg that it was you who killed himself because I can do a hell of a lot worse than a “cowards way out” tactic. Bitch.

                                      1. Typical over sensitive Internet tough entity. You don’t scare me, in person, there is a 0.1% chance you’d strike fear into me. You’re one of two types, a 160lbs sickly suicidal jerk, or a 300 plus lbs, well, also suicidal jerk! Haha trust, you would NOT instill fear in me!

                                        You are a coward just like RW! You’re no better than he was! I state facts, I live for my personal gain, only a select few are award entrance into my circle! I place no man or woman(statement not applicable to family) ahead of me! It’s worked for me! If you pansies worried more about your crummy lives, you wouldn’t be so miserable. You people live thinking others owe you compassion, owe you some kind of hope! That’s why your little feelings get hurt when you realize the end result is something out of left field! I don’t set expectations, I create the events; disappointments and setbacks are a result of uncoordinated shallow planning, which stems from an individual’s lack of understanding! Morons like you will never get it! I’m better than you, I’m better than RW, he’s accomplished more, because he was older, duh, it’s logic!

                                        1. This comment alone is just full of it, its almost funny in a sense to ridicule yourself in such fashion. XD I pity this degrading POS of a real Internet tough guy poser to claim itself a better man than Robin Williams. Better start praying that. Karma won’t find you with a 40MPH speeding bus heading towards you.

                                          1. Why all the derogatory language?
                                            Listen, kid! You don’t scare me, if anything, your empty threats serve as a form of entertainment. I stand by what I wrote. If being “full of it” means I’m better than you, then that’s something I happily accept! It’s not something I’m loooking to change, I’m better, it’s that simple, I don’t look for attention, I state MY opinions the way one should. You follow the crowd, you don’t wait for your turn to approach because you are happy floating around in the bottom. Your “laughter” is forced, an action triggered by confusion and the acceptance that the truth was embedded and explained without the need of padding.

                                            If this site cared to identify each and every poster, the option to post anonymously would be nonexistent. Leading again to you: YOU ARE A FOLLOWER, you are given options, but you do what is popular “oh, let me create my little official name/page” I weigh my options, the one most beneficial is the one I utilize, this avoids any future compromise. Once established, then everything goes. So ironic, about the “no name/email” claim, the weakest link, is in fact, you!
                                            You fit right in with the communities of NLife or Kotaku….bunch of idiots kissing ass, living in fantasy land, AND, overseers keeping order by censoring what does not appeal to their taste!

                                              1. Translation: He just schooled me, let me laugh it off and act as if all is Ol Korrect by going off topic!

                                                Stoopid poeple, t2o mhuch stoopid poeple!

                                                  1. I see now why you hold so much anger. Only one true sick in the head individual would type such horrific events, such perverted, unacceptable comments. I stay within the confines of specific outlines, as I am one of greatness, the level of immaturity you have displayed is deserving of an instant dismissal. No important exchange will emerge out of someone so unstable.
                                                    You are more deserving of this, than anyone else is: Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple! Toodles!

                                        2. And another thing, replying with no name or email/account only shows you’re the weakest link in this picture. Believe me, it won’t take me long to break a pussy like you in 4 split pieces.

                                    3. Talking Stapler comes back as it’s new alter ego NEW TAG NEEDED. I got a new tag for you: Narcissistic Loser. I don’t think anyone has that name on here yet.

                                  9. Nintendo is my Blood

                                    even if Nintendo does not put Mr. Williams name in a Zelda game, I a sure it is just as efficient that nearly 100 000 people care enough to try this one little gesture.

                                    Mr. Williams would be smiling

                                  10. They should’ve just had a random NPC named Robin. It doesn’t actually have to be Robin Williams to honor him.

                                  11. if they actuly do this, zelda wii U is going to be the best one of all time, because it has my faviorte comedent of all timr in my faviorte game of all time…….SWEET!!!!!

                                  12. Shuhei Yoshida is the CEO of Sony, you are all fucking idiots. I love Nintendo, to the point of only ever owning one non-Nintendo console (360), but I can safely call all of you trolls and Nintendrones. Seriously you stupid fucks? It’s motherfucking video games. Get a job and some friends(assuming you are all neckbeards that stay at home, if not, I apologize). I love Nintendo, hell, I love all creators of video games!(sorry EA, you don’t create games, you create bank statements). But I digress… This is falsified information and I’m better than all of you

                                  13. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

                                    i dislike this stupid robin williams trend. the guy was never funny or interesting to begin with. maybe for 80s and 90s people liked him but for me that is early 2000s person the guy performance are lame. i hope nintendo rejects ths stupid petition and focus on other like mk8 dc or getting more dlc for black ops 2 and ghost.

                                    1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

                                      nintendo should just keep ignoring their fans, since their fans usually make unnecessary and dumb demands/petition. hopefully iwata doesn’t let this happen.

                                      1. Someone didn’t read the article. And no, if they did after so much, it would be an insult to everyone gamer and non gamer, go read a book so you can get smarter. In fact, don’t say a thing at all until you learn a thing or two.

                                      2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                        Awww, are you sad because no one likes your Justin Beiber? Would you like some aloe vera to sooth that butthurt?

                                  14. Why would Nintendo put someone who committed suicide in a game? 0_o I don’t know if it’s my culture….but suicide is a shameful act.

                                    You live life once…and to cheat yourself out of life is unbelievable. Apparently to many…..the value of life isn’t much. Sad.

                                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

                                      He was unhappy with what life had become Sona, if you treat life so sacredly that is your business

                                      He needed a way out, deal with it

                                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      Because most of you can’t even imagine such problems and cultures that believes it to be shameful, specially on cases like this don’t know anything about real life…

                                      Life isn’t cookies and rainbows, it’s an abomination that needs to end, human life anyway…

                                      1. Nintendo is my Blood

                                        Indeed, the man was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he would soon feel discomfort within his own body, perhaps even affecting his career.

                                        He felt unhappy, at least he went the way he wanted to go

                                    3. So you are one of those guys that listen only to religion and culture and pay no attention to the actual science behind anything. Robin committed suicide without choice. Depression is an illness that controls you. Do you really think he decided to kill himself??? No he didnt, the illness did. Depression is a twisted illness that just ruins you. You have no say in what you do and it just destroys your life. Robin went through this… and so do so many others. Suicicde is bad, yes, but in this situation he had no control.

                                      1. Whoever told you depression is a illness is blowing smoke up your ass, depression is a mind set and nothing more. You talk about control but an actual illness like Cancer or a real sickness is something that can’t controlled.

                                        Depression is a cause of the world around you or your view on that world to be. People don’t just randomly become depressed, like they can become severely ill. I am depressed, I have control over what I do and I am still alive so what you’re saying is total bullshit unless you actually are depressed yourself, then you would know what it’s actually like and not just what people say it is like.

                                        Sure do I think about killing myself, many times thanks to idiots this world breeds daily but have I actually ever attempted it? No, why? Because I will die anyway, so that is my take on it but some people aren’t like me and can be so patient. I don’t blame them at all.

                                        Killing yourself is something you have complete control over, unless you actually do suffer from some extreme mental disorder to where you literally can’t even make your own choices, but I can bet if that was the case that person is doing a lot more than just harming themselves. Robin was not insane or even close to being, he wasn’t suffering from addiction anymore and he was in a well enough state of mind to actually know what he was doing.

                                        Maybe instead of you assuming it is an illness you actually try to look at it from his perspective, he is exceptional guy, he loved his family to death as well as his work but because of him getting Parkinson’s a lot of that would have to change. What I mean by that is just maybe Robin didn’t want his family to have to take care of him for the rest of his life because of his Parkinson’s, maybe when he was diagnosed it was said to be so bad he knew that it was not a position he wanted to put his family in. Some people have such pride in what they do, they would never want anyone to have to care for them like that. On top of that he would have been miserable because the one thing he loved as much as his family was comedy which even that he couldn’t do anymore.

                                        Did that ever occur to you, that maybe it was all just too much for the man to bare at one time and he decided the best solution he could think of was taking his life just to relieve everyone of the stress that was to come ahead?

                                        I would be the same way if I were to get cancer or some serious disease where I knew people would have to be waiting for me on hand and foot everyday, I wouldn’t want to put that burden on anyone and just maybe Robin felt the same way him being such a passionate and caring person, he just could not put his family through that.

                                        1. I only reed the first few paragraphs but o do believe plain old depression isn’t an illness. Mental illnesses are like bipolar, ptsd, ocd schizerphrenia (i don’t know how to spell it and don’t care to look it up lmao) multiple personality disorder, borderline. I have been depressed, sleeping all day, having no energy, negative thoughts, no pleasure, feeling worthless, thinking about killing myself all the time but i very well know the consequences and know that i can’t do it because you only live once and you can’t waste it…….. i have been depressed but without medication i have recovered from it with positive experiences and thought. depression happens because of things happening and how it effects you, i don’t believe simple depression just happens for no reason.

                                          Though i honestly believe i do have a mental disorder do to my behavior…… but plain old depression isn’t like one of those and more mental disorders.

                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                            I hate to agree with that boring human but it is not an illness, it is a severe mental disorder…

                                            But nontheless, probably even worse than many illnesses out there since mental disorders cannot be “cured” completely…

                                    4. You have an arrogant, narrow perspective. Why don’t you preach the value of life to little girls being raped and tortured in war camps, or people with depressive disabilities. Suicide is always sad, but not always shameful. When people can’t cope, suffering becomes inhumane. Why don’t you stop acting self righteous and do something to help people instead of preaching from your pedestal.

                                  15. death = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

                                    If you watch that video neither one of them look like they have ever played a Zelda game in their lives.

                                    1. Haha you people are amazing, yea I am sure a guy would name is daughter after a video game character if that was the case. Let me guess you think Nintendo paid him to name his daughter Zelda… lol.

                                  16. We will not be discussing what might be possible for future games during this difficult time.

                                    Best option for now, if they say YES we will do this! sounds like taken advantage of this.

                                  17. Clearly there stating that there no going to dicuss “right now” because Robin passed away no to soon, so maybe in the future we will see more of that discuss.

                                  18. At least blizzard entertainment is memorializing him in wow. It’s sad he names Zelda after their princess and they can’t do as much as put a name or picture or something.

                                  19. I can understand why they gave the response they did. But would it really be that hard to have an NPC of his likeness included in the next Zelda game? Like he could just be some dude in a town that says a couple random lines and that’s it. He doesn’t even need to be named “Robin”.

                                  20. Robin Williams should not be in a video games let the man rest in peace along with his family. He has given no consent to do this what the hell is wrong with people these days. There too many idiots in nintendo community which actually want nintendo to do this. How does this help his family or Robin. nintendo have worked with him before so, we should respect that and leave at that.

                                  21. i must say i loved his films when i was younger and always watch mork and mindy. it is sad to think that he has gone and as i suffering from bipolar, i kind of understand how major depression feels

                                  22. I like Robin Williams, but “Robin Williams” is too long a name for a video game character. I’d like to see Nintendo name a character after his daughter, instead.

                                  23. Pingback: Nintendo respondió a la petición de incluir a Robin Williams en su próximo juego – Arcadiavg

                                  24. Good God! Nostalgia_w is the new fucking Sasori. It gets a lot of people riled up & causes at least 50-75 of the damn comments on the damn article! Poor thing. It wants attention so bad that it’s willing to take negative attention over positive. Talk about desperate for attention.

                                  25. Who cares, stop idolizing people, it’s like your worshipping him. Maybe I’ll stop buying 80% of all Nintendo games that come out if Nintendo does something stupid like honour some random guy who has nothing to do with Zelda!! And where does it stop if they do it for one… Stupid people.

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