has recently listed the Super Smash Bros bundle for the Wii U and it’s currently available for pre-order. The bundle will set you back $99.99 once it’s released and includes the Super Smash Brothers Game for the Wii U, GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, and Super Smash Brothers Edition of the GameCube Controller. Remember the money won’t be taken from your account until the item ships. So if you’re thinking about pre-ordering, take the plunge.

Thanks, Matt



      • It is not a success at this point. It’s still struggling even with Mario Kart 8. We still have a long way to go in this generation to know what’s gonna happen to be honest. 2015 is where it may get the biggest boost though considering the number of games announced.

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        • It’s doing way better than what it was months prior. Mario Kart 8 has made a world of a difference in terms of sales for the Wii U. The Wii U now is in a much better place than it was last year and if the rumors are true about a big title coming every month for the Wii U in 2015 and if Nintendo keeps advertising it’s games better then the Wii U could be duking it out with the PS4 in a close race for the top spot


          • I think the Wii U can succeed, but I don’t see it beating the PS4. That console is just way too difficult to take down. Even the Xbox failed to beat it.


            • Yeah but see you can’t compare the Xbox One to the Wii U. Microsoft doesn’t have the first party power that Nintendo has. Last generation the Xbox 360 had the advantage of being the easiest system to develop for when it came to 3rd party multiplats but now that advantage is gone with the arrival of the PS4 and also the Xbox 360 had the advantage in the online arena with Xbox Live but now that advantage is gone too with PSN being virtually identical to Xbox Live. While Nintendo may be late to the HD era, there are still millions of gamers that want to play HD current gen versions of Metroid, the next real Zelda title, Starfox, Smash Bros., a real full fledged 3D Mario game (3D world was amazing but it had 2D elements), Pokemon and so on. The way I see it the Wii U is the only current gen system that can give the PS4 a real fight because of it’s exclusives and uniqueness while the Xbox One is nothing but a slightly upgraded Xbox 360 with no appealing exclusives so it’s not surprising why it can’t outsell the PS4


              • Those millions of gamers are on the other systems. Nintendo has to either get them to switch to Wii U or go after casuals again (which I really don’t want them to do) in order to beat PS4. X360 still has a huge fanbase that hasn’t upgraded to XB1 or any other current system. Nintendo isn’t supposed to be compared against them because their doing their own thing right now. If they wanted to compete with the other systems, they would have most likely made something similar to them. Wii succeeded last gen mainly because of casuals and people that were new to gaming. For example, Wii Sports was is best selling game. I mean, let’s be honest here. Wii Sports doesn’t even come close to Super Mario Galaxy or Smash Bros. Lol. Most of those casuals are gone now though so Nintendo has to find a new audience in order to make the Wii U sell like hot cakes. But so far, most of that audience has found a place at either Xbone or PS4. They have to do something serious and they have to do it before it’s too late. Otherwise, they’d have to depend on the 3DS users to switch over since there are so many of them.


                • Well they are trying to do something about it by bundling Amiibo with Smash Bros. It’s hard to say or speculate if Amiibo is gonna help the Wii U drastically or instantly but it’s a bold step in the right direction. And yes I know the Xbox 360 has a large fanbase as so does the PS3 but see that’s the problem right there……Microsoft has failed to convince those Xbox 360 gamers to upgrade to the Xbox One while more gamers are leaving that console to either get a Wii U or a PS4. You made a great point about Nintendo needing to find it’s identity with it’s audience though but I think that Splatoon could be the game that gets Nintendo a large chunk of the casual gamers back on their side but at the same time could attract some hardcore gamers as well, really to be honest with you I feel that if Splatoon was the game that was bundled with the Wii U during it’s launch the Wii U wouldn’t be in the position that it’s in now because of how unique and fun that game appears to be. Nintendo already knows that most gamers won’t just own a Wii U because of it missing out on a lot big 3rd party multiplats so they’re comfortable with people buying it as an additional console sorely for it’s exclusives but Microsoft hasn’t really been giving gamers reasons to get a Xbox One as an additional console or as their primary console over the PS4 especially when the PS4 will not only have the same multiplats that the Xbox One will be getting but it’ll also have the best graphical and performing versions of those multiplats. With the strong sales of Mario Kart 8 Nintendo has already proven that it’s the GAMES that’s gonna move hardware not just features or how powerful a system is. 2015 will tell the story for the Wii U so we’ll just have to wait and see how things fall into place


                  • To be fair, the Xbox One isn’t really that far behind the Wii U and it’s only been out for 9 months, so you have to give it some credit. :P


                    • You’re right it’s not that far behind but wasn’t the Xbox One supposed to lap the Wii U once it came out? Wasn’t the Wii U suppose to be dead and buried once both the PS4 & Xbox One came to the market? And the PS4 came to the market only 3 days before the Xbox One and it’s already sold 10 million units. According to gaming journalists and analysts the Xbox One was SUPPOSE to INSTANTLY outsell the Wii U regardless of how long it’s been out. I will eventually own a PS4 when it gets some exclusives I’m interested in and the same goes for the Xbox One and yeah the Xbox One had a strong start in the beginning but it’s gonna need quality exclusives if it’s gonna compete with the PS4 or Wii U because like I said it doesn’t have the luxury or bragging rights of being the system that has the best multiplats anymore


                    • I think that eventually the X1 is going to catch back up though. Sure it doesn’t have the best multiplats and whatnot, but I see potential in its exclusives. The reason why most people say the Wii U is doing badly is because it’s been out for a year and a half and it’s still sitting around the area PS4 and X1 are when it should have sold at least twice or 3 times as much as they have. It’s gonna take a lot for the Wii U to start getting big sales at this point.


          • Just because it’s doing better than before doesn’t mean it’s doing good in general. It was doing terrible, now it’s doing less terrible.
            And also, getting a game each month =/= getting a good game each month. Honestly, I don’t really see any of the announced upcoming games being system sellers, except Hyrule Warriors in Japan maybe. They’re not bad games, but I think they also aren’t games that will convince a significant number of people to spend $250 on a new console, especially not people who hadn’t been into gaming before. Super Smash Bros had damn big potential to be a huge system seller, but Nintendo fucked that up majorly by bringing it to the 3DS too. And as if the fact that it’s gonna be on 3DS as well wasn’t enough already, it’s also going to release months earlier, resulting in the hype for the game dying down significantly + actually giving people reasons to not go for the WiiU version.
            The way I see it, the WiiU won’t stand a single chance against the PS4. It’s not like the PS4 is just gonna stand there and watch the WiiU get games. Starting from september and throughout 2015, the PS4 is going to get some really big titles, which is going to make it even harder for the WiiU to keep up.


            • Hopefully 2015 can do some good. I can see Zelda bringing in some good cash. XD But they’d better put it out quickly if the Wii U is going to get better. Sitting around and losing millions all next year until Zelda comes is not going to make the U better. That would be horrible. Even if Zelda sold a lot. :( Basically, is gonna be like a little game. :D Like for example, Splatoon might get released February or something and everybody will look at how well that game sells. Then let’s say… next month, Yoshi’s Woolly World will come and then we see how that one sells! If the Wii U doesn’t sell well with all these games by the time Zelda or X comes, then I’m sorry to say but, the Wii U is ultimately (excuse my French) FUCKED. X(

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              • Exactly, I didn’t mention the new TLOZ because I don’t see it coming out any time before late 2015, and if the WiiU doesn’t pick up until then it will be, I’m quoting you, fucked.
                Nintendo seriously has to get their shit together, because apart from the money they’ll lose if things really happen to continue to go badly, they will also lose supporters and their trust for letting them down with the WiiU. That is when they will be in deep, deep shit.


  1. how to mess up a game part 1 no superguide no hint feature you have already done that all ready now kill the wiiu nintendo i dont question that one bit


    • Meh don’t be that person, ever. I know you were only kidding but seriously people should like what they like regardless of what everyone else is doing or thinks of them.

      So if you choose to buy an Xbox One, you should only get it because you actually want it, not just because a bunch of other people have it. Not like I care about all this fanboy bullshit or what console is king, I am just saying.

      One of the biggest problems in the world if you ask me, which goes much further than just gaming. I was talking about this earlier and how people will blindly follow others just because they want to fit in, it is terrible.


        • Will get an X1 for the following games:

          – Killer Instinct
          – Halo 5 Guardians
          – Halo Master Chief Collection
          – Quantum Break
          – Sunset Overdrive
          – Project Spark
          – Scalebound
          – Ori and the Blind Forest
          – Mortal Kombat X
          – Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition


  2. Gay Commander is the biggest hypocrite, hypocrisy is deeply embedded within his faggot DNA

    I remember when the was a article whereby the Creators of Splatoon stated that they love. playing on Xbox and love FPS, like COD, he started siding with them and supporting the fact nintendo staff members play Xbox360

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  3. i got persitage on black ops2 and one of my pow guns are also on persitage. too bad nobody plays kill confirm or capture the flag. i hope this deal increase more black ops 2 or ghost players.


    • Is that the only Wii U game you own lol.

      CONGRATULATIONS! *Smears shit on your lips*

      I almost want to buy the game on Wii U just so I can kick the living shit out of you. Bragging about the easiest FPS known to man, I miss when CoD was actually a challenge to play, now any casual dumb ass thinks their god at the game because of how shit simple they have made it. The day they made Modern Warfare was the day CoD became the casuals FPS.

      It might as well be Angry Birds now. Amazes me they even consider it competitive with how easy it is these days.

      LOL PERSITAGE! You seriously need to read more, one thing to spell it wrong once but you spelled it that way twice, meaning you honestly think that is how it’s spelled. Sasori, I want you to enunciate that out slowly to yourself and listen to how ridiculous it sounds.

      Freaking hilarious, I can only face palm in laughter with that one. Only Sasori could try to brag while only making himself look like a total dumb ass in return.

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        • LOL… Oh, what these poor kids would have done when the only FPS were hard as all hell, like Tribes, Quake and Unreal Tournament. Good lord those games took real skill and talent to be good at.

          The good old bunny hopping days, having to do multiple key presses just to stay ahead of the game moving at unbelievable speeds, all while trying to aim with super tight hit boxes and weapons that had a hit radius about the size of a pin needle. Not just sprinting around like a idiots endlessly with auto-aim while spamming jump as soon as someone shoots at you, spraying and praying.

          I watch so many videos of FPS nowadays and I am just in awe at how stupid the gameplay has become.

          Half Life 2: Deathmatch was utterly insane also. Sigh… I really wish they would make Half Life 3 already but I fear it wouldn’t even be the same game anymore because of this new trend of making games so easy for everyone.

          Something super satisfying about smashing someone in the face with a toilet you just ripped out of the wall with a gravity gun or nailing someone square between the eyes while they are moving at warp speed in mid air with a colt python.

          Sorry, took a little trip down memory lane there… Sucks for someone like me cause I actually used to love FPS, they really were fun at one time.


  4. I’m hoping this will be available in Australia. The bundle is most likely the American version and American games don’t work on Australian or European consoles. That controller looks badass though.


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