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Pokemon TCG Director Praises The iPad’s ‘Brilliant’ Touch Interface

The Pokemon Company’s Andrew Finch has praised the iPad for its “brilliant” touch interface. Finch, who also serves as the director of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, applauds the iOS device for its multi-touch functionality. The upcoming iPad version of the card-playing title is expected to launch in the coming weeks. It made its first appearance during this weekend’s Pokemon World Championships in Washington, D.C.

“The touch interface is just brilliant,” Finch said. “It is absolutely the best. Card games translate so well to touch interface, and we have done that. All of the functionality that’s on the PC and Mac is on here – nothing got cut or left behind. It’s identical. Your accounts are identical. You can be playing on a tournament on your PC and have to go to the bathroom, shut down your PC, grab your iPad, log back in – even midgame – and still keep playing. It’s all the same.”

98 thoughts on “Pokemon TCG Director Praises The iPad’s ‘Brilliant’ Touch Interface”

  1. I wish we had some sort of game on the 3ds or wii u that would have this sort of feature, like the gameboy color did. Something to teach us how to play this game. I’d love to learn it, and honestly tutorials in these kinda games are the most simplest way to learn it.

        1. I wish for everyone on this site to go to hell except for Nintendo commander, Anubis, Jellybean, Nintendofan64, Stranga, and Jaded Drybones.

        1. You say that like Nintendo and Game Freak don’t have the money to make it and it wouldn’t sell millions of wii u’s

    1. They should work with wizards and Konami and then make games for magic, yu-gi-oh and Pokemon for the Wii U, and introduce second gamepad support and online

  2. If only there were a console with a touch screen in which to put this game on it… at least we can dream about it.

    1. With the popularity of Ipads maybe Nintendo will come up with something like that in the future…but like you said we can only dream about it.

                1. I know. There’s even one talking shit about Robin Williams over his suicide calling him a manic and claims to be a better person. Makes me laugh harder than Chris Rock’s stand up comedy but also pity such narcissist.

                  1. Damn it! I need to get a troll mocking me! Maybe I should get more into my namesake of Ridley & role play the shit out of it. That should definitely get me a stalker on here! lol

  3. Oh its so brilliant that any touchscreen device from the early 2000s can pull this off. Seriously, Wii U can run this damn game just the same way. iPads screen is as useable as it is breakable.

    1. lol, no.
      The WiiU gamepad has a resistive touch screen, meaning, it doesn’t even support features like multitouch or other gestures. So no, it can’t run it the same way as an iPad.
      Also, capacitive touchscreens are more resistant to scratches and other kinds of attrition than resistive ones, so unless you drop it or hit it with solid objects, which would end just as bad for resistive touchscreens, there can’t really be any talk of breakable.

      1. Gameplay wise for a trading card game, it does the same shit. You tap to select cards/options and you slide cards if such gesture is in it. There is no advantage and you can even play with analog controls.

        And no, those same “resistive” screens still scratch and break just as easily since its more exposed and more expensive to repair. There is no difference other than multi-touch gesture which, for a card game, is never needed.

        1. I can think of a few things you could integrate multitouch gestures for in a card game. Even the simplest ones like that pinch-gesture could be useful in many ways. And whether you like it or not, those little things do enhance the gameplay experience.
          And you do realize that it’s the gamepad that has a resistive touchscreen, not the iPad, right ? lol.
          Other than that, no, the kind of touchscreen the gamepad has scratches way easier. It’s a proven fact, not an opinion.
          And “[…] still scratch and break just as easily since its more exposed and more expensive to repair” ? How is either of the screens more exposed than the other ? They’re both equally exposed ??
          Also, I’d say a screen that’s more expensive to repair is more resistant to damage because it’s better quality ?? lmao

          1. Gameplay instantly enhances and “gets better”…just by pinching…in that case, I should start pinching myself for fun and see how far that’ll go. lol Seriously, three words: Tap and select. Simple and any touch device can do it. This is a missed opportunity to enhance Wii U credibility with its gaming library and I’m pretty sure this game’s microtransactions could work if done and priced right unlike the shitton of Freemium garbage I see in app stores everyday.

            You say Gamepad touchscreen is resistive when its just a coating for the screen so it won’t get damaged by a mere scratch from usual uses while iPad uses electrical sensors to detect pulses from your fingertips and hands and just like old touchscreen, multitouch has its own coating to prevent scratches but overtime, both will have scratches on screen, period.

            And saying iPad screen is more resistant to damage because of quality is purely retarded. iPad’s screen is made of glass fool. Glass breaks easier than plastic. Man your logic is twisted.

            1. I won’t even go any further into that pinching gesture feature, because your idiocy obviously gets in the way of understanding the point I was making, in which the whole pinching gesture was a mere example.
              And of course the WiiU gamepad touchscreen is resistive, that’s the technical term for it. It’s a touchscreen with 2 layers – the top layer which is usually made of polyester and the layer beneath that’s regular glass. The top layer is part of the display so you can’t just go ahead and say “it’s just the top coating that has scratches all over, the display is still ok lmao”. And yea, the polyester layer is much easier to damage than glass, so yes, both resistive and capacitive touchscreens will have scratches over time, capacitive ones will get them much easier though.
              And of course the iPad screen is more resistant to damage because of its quality. What else does quality mean ? lmao. Resistive touchscreens are easier to scratch than capacitive ones, like it or not, it is, as I’ve previously said, a proven fact. Go make some research before embarassing yourself.

              1. Still talking backwards. I pity a fool.

                And of course you’ll stop at the pinching argument because there’s hardly any relevant or popular game, even on mobile except with top down 2D simulators and defense games, that actually uses pinching as a gameplay function and its only used for zooming. Zooming…wow that must be fun and revolutionary for you. Well have fun playing with a magnifying glass as well.

                1. Could say the same about you stopping at everything I’ve said, ya know.
                  And as I’ve said, I personally can think of a few things you could do with certain gestures. Sorry you’re not creative enough.
                  And the pinching-gesture was, as I’ve already mentioned before but you apparently missed it since you’re STILL talking about that, just a mere example.

          1. Honestly the only comments you make around here are like the following:

            … Autistic/butthurt/damage control much?

      1. Dark Horse Rider, why are you so fascinated with the Xbox One so much? It has nothing to do with the post and you insulted that other guy when he said a joke. What’s up with that?

  4. If you look carefully at pat comments in MNN, you would realize that Trolls For Good = Real PC Master Race = Dark Horse Rider

  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    It’s one thing releasing an enslaving weapon on the Apples but now they seem fascinated by that Apple machine, disgusting…

      1. Either there are still idiots that don’t realize he has a Wii U now or you are ignoring that fact because it’s the only insult you can throw at Quadraxis without having to actually debate with him. The fact you are hiding behind the anonymous tag says you still frequent this site, and the fact you knew at one point that Quadraxis didn’t own a Wii U would suggest you are not just some random anon.

    1. Enslaving weapon ? You do realize that, if at all, Nintendo is being “enslaved” by Apple, right ? Nintendo is in need of Apple’s platform to release their app, but Apple is in no way in need of Nintendo’s app. Actually, Nintendo is even paying Apple for letting them put their app in their app store.
      Also, weren’t you saying you were glad about the app coming on iPad just yesterday ? After you had been saying that Nintendo joining the mobile market would be a stupid thing, btw. Double-hypocrisy, amazing.

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