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Night Trap Kickstarter Could Come To Wii U, Lashes Out At Nintendo

Night Trap Kickstarter organizer Tom Zito has stated that the Kickstarter backed title could come to Wii U as a potential stretch goal. Zito also lashed out at Nintendo due to an episode that took place 20 years ago when the Kyoto based company created a reel of the original Night Trap footage and showed the controversial contents to a U.S Senate hearing. The game was then pulled from sale.

“Through its lobbyists in Washington, Nintendo delivered that edit to members of the committee’s staff, and Night Trap instantly became the lightning rod and poster child for video game violence. The witch hunt was on,” he wrote.

“The worst part was the betrayal: our friend and partner Nintendo,” he wrote, “which only two years earlier had been ready to publish the game themselves, now hypocritically pointed a finger at us, to dodge a bullet they knew would hit either them or, better, us. And we had handed them the gun they used to shoot us!”

“As some of you have pointed out, this was twenty years ago. Nintendo is a very different company run by very different people,” he wrote. ” If you want Night Trap on WiiU, we’ll endeavor to give it to you…To that end, today we applied to become Wii U developers and publishers.”

“Zito says he will announce a “$20,000 stretch goal, and offer $20 downloads via the Nintendo eShop” if the Kickstarter campaign nears its overall target of $330,000.”

“We obviously have no idea whether Nintendo will approve the title for its platform,” he said, adding that “this might in fact be a nice way to end twenty years of animosity between two entities who once worked very well together, and we thank all of you for inspiring this soul searching.”

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    1. If you want a game where you have to keep watch on different rooms for survival look up Five Night’s at Freddy’s, it’s creepy as hell. You take up the offer as a night time security guard at some place like chuck e cheese but your real danger is the animatronics. And each day you survive it gets worse the next. that’s the trailer for the game and watch youtubers play it from the suggestions from the trailer to see.

  1. For a guy rebooting a shit game from the shity Saturn, he should seriously STFU.

    Just because Nintendo wanted to protect younger people from the increasingly violent graphics from the 16 bit doesn’t mean he has to get so butthurt that there’s an age rating stamped to every already shovelware Sega game from then on

    He should also remember how Nintendo CRUSHED his company by making cleer moves whic he was too dumb to do XD

    So, GTFO with your trash talk

        1. Stranga’s comment was so stupid and full of obviously misinformed facts that I have to actually agree with Shuhei this time. Sorry man

          1. I didn’t even read stranga’s comment…yoshida is just so butthurt and does so much damage control, his hypocrisy needed to be mentioned.

    1. This was not on the SEGA Saturn.

      Nintendo never cared and always made violent and dark titles (look up ‘Time Twist: Rekishi no Katasumi de’). They just wanted to make their competition look like the bad guys. Also, Night Trap was on several platforms, not just SEGA CD.

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I’d rather play an Xbot game than this piece of garbage…

    Good of High Command to expose this crap…

  3. That games only worth 99cents! I played that game in 90’s on the Sega cd! The game sucks! The only reason I played it is because Dana Plato starred in it! I had the hots for her back then!

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      This is exactly my point, I still suspect that the reason these Third Class Empires withdraw their so called “support” is because they are still butthurt when our empire dominated about 80% of the gaming universe about 2.8 cycles ago…

      Specially the Electrons…

      1. Like I said before. These haters don’t despise Nintendo. They envy them, that’s why you always hear them hypocrites and cheap ass retards saying their games and consoles sucks BUT also wish their games exist on other consoles and mobile phone which only pisses me off of these excuses for gamers even more.

            1. That’s not what I asked. I said would you like to play Nintendo games on s PS4. I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE FUTURE OF NINTENDO. XD

              1. We both know that’s not gonna happen nor work out for long anyway. I’m tired of hearing you morons complaining about Nintendo for anything and yet want to watch them burn themselves by bending over for your hypocrite needs of their games elsewhere. I’ve never seen such strong case of fanboy narcissism in my life.

                1. I hope you aren’t calling me a fanboy, because I own a Wii U and a 3DS. And I’ve had a Wii and a DS and a Gamecube before. In fact, I have literally never owned any PS or Xbox consoles. I only got to play those because it was either for the whole family to play it at a friends. If anything, I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy my whole life. The Wii is what made me unbias. If it weren’t for that, I’d probably be saying PS4 sucks. So idk what you’re talking about. And why wouldn’t you want to play Nintendo games on PS4? Is there a specific reason? It’s just games. In fact, it would make more sense. Why stick with one console when you can get every game on every platform? If this was the case, you wouldn’t need to shell out $400 extra for a PS4 because GTA V and Mario Kart 8 would be in the same place. I was just asking a “what if” question, I want being serious. -.-

                    1. What on Earth are you talking about?? I never said that. Sigh. Are you actually reading my question? If Nintendo fell, then WTF would I do with my Wii U? I just told you I am a Nintendo fan.

                      1. You’re saying Nintendo should ditch what they do best to serve someone else who doesn’t like their games for being too “colorful and kiddy” for their taste. It doesn’t make any sense nor a wise direction to go.

                          1. But you should know, Nintendo already made it clear that if the day comes when the market just turns on them and their business falls, they will take anything and everything of theirs with them and that’s the day when I quit video gaming.

                        1. And also, from what you’re saying about having everything in one system is a good thing, I guess you also think monopoly is positive? Monopoly is never a good thing in any body of business. That’s why is wise to have multiple consoles competing so in a way, all parties can improve from each other and keeps monopoly in check.

                          1. She isn’t talking about possibilities. Yes, her first post was confusing, but what she really means is like saying “Oh, I wish I could play all the games on one awesome console. Though, I guess THINKING about how bad it would be for the companies, I don’t want it to happen. ” She is really just stating that if all the games worked on one console without any consequenses, it would be awesome. She doesn’t want nintendo to fall or anything. Don’t take it seriously.

                            1. But such thing is nothing but a wetdream for gamers. Its not possible without having a monopoly in place. I like having multiple options that’ll debate each other trying to woo me to pick whatever suits me. That’s the beauty of having competition and Sony president knows that which he’s saying Nintendo deserves its place in the market and must survive.

                            2. That’s your opinion and we all accept that. But the point is that what HollowGrapeJ said was meant as a “dream” statement which wasn’t meant to be taken or replied to too seriously. He/She was just asking whether you would want to play nintendo games on ps4 or not. But you don’t want to, and that’s cool. And HollowGrape wouldn’t mind because they would save money, but they wouldn’t want it to happen now since they have nintendo products and because that would affect a lot of things as you stated.

                              Their question was pretty much a “what if?” question; Not thinking about the negative consequences. You answered that question when you replied me. That you liked having this way much better.

                              let’s stop arguing! Or “Let’s think positive!” As maya says!

                              I hope someone got the quote…

                              1. But you’re missing the point. The thing with Ubisoft and other 3rd parties over Nintendo is that they pissed off the fanbase more times than I can remember and never learned from their mistakes. If the 3rd parties insist on serving second hand garbage they dare called “video games” only to Nintendo platforms even on the 3DS, then they shouldn’t make anything for them at all and the fan have grown tired of their excuses. They don’t get that its hurting their relationship in the long run by burning bridges between them. Now, I must ask you and HollowGrape this question: What if they continue this BS trend until the very day the next system comes and if that next system “Fusion” becomes the next huge thing for 3rd parties and they all decided to come back, they’re reunion isn’t gonna be as welcoming since their fanbase has turned away from their mistreatment and lies over the last system. If they all would’ve said “Since Wii U uses a different PC architecture, it’ll take some time to port the game that runs x86 over”, fan would’ve become more understandable and less frustrated. But all they said was “Wii U is weak/crap” or not say anything at all, making fans think they’re being thrown under the bus without a real explanation and will never look at them the same way again.

                                Do I have to keep repeating myself of this simplest philosophy or should I just say “Screw it. People are just too obviously stupid to listen” and cut the chatter and let you people learn the hard way?

                                1. For the one millionth time, Stranga, that’s not what I asked. I specifically told you that what I was asking you had absolutely NOTHING to do with the future. I only asked if you would you buy Nintendo games on a PS4. Don’t write me another story about 3rd parties stuff! This is a yes or no question! And if you answer yes or no, the reason for your answer would be greatly appreciated too…

                                  1. Then the answer is no. It wouldn’t feel the same anymore if that’s the case. No or lack of innovation, no similar charm, it’ll just feel like Sega and Sonic after their console race.

                                    1. My answer would have to be yes. I would love to play Super Mario 3D World on other platforms like PS4, XB1, or PC. The games is already enjoyable enough, but I think if this happened, you could experience the game with several different play styles and get a different experience. Like for instance, if it was on X1, you could do something in the game that has something to do with the Kinect and it could affect the gameplay. And PC would be great too because you could tweak around with the graphics and make it look even better than what it already is. I can imagine stages with clouds or rain looking amazing like that!

                  1. Animosity. Are you kidding me? I think they have bigger issues than launching a successful Kickstarter, if they cannot get over an event that took place over 20 years ago.

                  2. What the heck, first Shaq-fu and now Night Trap!? It’s like before we know it they’re gonna be Kickstarting Tattoo Assassins!

                  3. This idiot is actually saying that Nintendo purposefully caused a problem that hurt all the industry? And that it was this single action that has caused over 20 years of anti-videogame policies and backlash?
                    God, the stupid is strong in this fucker, isn’t it simpler to think that the whole thing was an accident? Why would Nintendo want to ruin it’s own business, at a point in which they had virtually no competition?
                    Let alone the retarded claim that Nintendo pointed the finger at them, they didn’t need too, who developed the game?
                    This is obviously a tale of a mistake and other people’s reactions to it being taken as an offense by an oversensitive douchebag, but it’s a good thing they told me, if I ever see this thing on the e-Shop I’ll make sure not to buy it.

                  4. I never understood the controversy over Night Trap? I have that and played all the way through it multiple times. There’s absolutely NOTHING inappropriate in this game. There’s no blood, nudity or bad language. Even the part where the woman is in the bathroom. All the Ogs do is put that gun thingy around the woman’s neck and drag her into the secret wall. Big whoopty doo!

                      1. Back in the day, I thought it looked cool and interesting. But the controls were frustrating. The traps were difficult to spring. I found myself replaying the game over and over (writing down the times that each bad guy appeared in each room) just to try doing better. I never could catch ALL of the Ogs (the name of the bad guys). I’ve never played a game like this before or since then. Maybe that’s a blessing.

                  5. All I asked was would you buy Nintendo games on PS4. That. Is. All. Your thinking about it too hard. I didn’t say anything about who would buy it or how much money Nintendo would make. >_< It was literally a yes or no question. You're making my head hurt…

                  6. So this the controversial Night Trap I’ve been hearing about. It’s definitely nothing compared to Mortal Kombat and Doom back in the day. XD

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