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Amazon Germany Has Listed A Rayman Compilation For Nintendo 3DS

Although Rayman Origins wasn’t entirely well received on the Nintendo 3DS, it seems as though Ubisoft might be bringing more Rayman titles to the handheld. Amazon Germany have recently listed a Rayman Compilation for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a very early listing, and there’s no box-art to back it up, but I’m sure Nintendo 3DS owners wouldn’t grumble at a re-release of previous Rayman games.

Thanks, Dekuplushdoll

25 thoughts on “Amazon Germany Has Listed A Rayman Compilation For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Have only played Rayman and Rayman 2. So would be very nice to play others. As long as the controls are good!

  2. Guess these slow, back stabbing bastards finally realized what a flop Vita was and what screw up they’ve done with this game, not only screwing Wii U with its “low sales/install base” excuse but choosing Vita over 3DS for some oddball reason that’s the opposite what their goal is over install base.

    But its far too late for that and also far too late to fool back any respect from Nintendo fans again. Even if this comes to 3DS at last, I’m still not buying their shit ever again.

      1. Ubisoft and even yourself need to realize they abandoned more than half of their Nintendo fanbase and for what? Delay Rayman Wii U to be proven wrong that it sold more on that system and still get screwed over anyway? I have every last dying right to be pissed because they’ve grown as stupid and greedy as EA. Why you think they’re being called “EA 2.0” now?

  3. Stop being a fanboy. Rayman games are quite good. Be happy for the people that are going to be able to play it. Business take decisions based on money & what the board wants. Businesses are legal entities, not real people. They have no feelings, no hatred, no resentment, no regrets.

    Sometimes the board & CEO’s take bad decisions, well they get replaced or move on with their life and career.

      1. That makes no sense. How can you boycott when you are still buying the game, but just waiting for a price drop instead buying it day one? You just contradicted yourself in one statement, I don’t want to be mean but here’s some slightly harsh words of advice. Don’t be an idiot.

  4. I love Rayman Legends for the Wii U. I wish we could get more gaems that play like Murphy with the Gamepad. Why didn’t Ubisoft put the NFC technology into production from the concept?

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