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Fuzzy Wuzzy Games Says Armillo Update Is Coming Soon

Armillo developers Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has said a patch for the sci-fi platformer will be on its way to the Nintendo eShop soon. Released just last month on the Wii U eShop, Armillo has been plagued with a few bugs, including frame rate issues, level scoring, and completion errors limiting players’ in-game progression. But Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has been hard at work and says all of the above bugs plus others have been fixed in version update 1.1.

Though Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has submitted the patch to Nintendo for review, it may still take a while to arrive depending on how long testing and checks take. The developer said the following to Armillo fans on Miiverse:

“The patch for Armillo v1.1 has been sent off to Nintendo for review. Note that it may take some time for them to review the update, but the patch will go live as soon as it passes all their checks.

“The patch will contain multiple fixes including frame rate stuttering issues, platformer medals, some visual improvements, the 3-1 missing platformer cube issue, and more.”

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