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“Nintendo Customers Don’t Buy Assassin’s Creed” Says Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot

Ubisoft is set to release two Assassin’s Creed titles this year for current and last generation consoles, but unfortunately Wii U owners will be seeing neither Rogue or Unity in the console’s upcoming games line-up. In a recent interview with Game Informer, Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has said it’s just the nature of business as “Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed”.

The CEO continued by saying only a small portion – just three percent – of Ubisoft’s sales were on Nintendo’s home console by the end of the 2013-14 fiscal year in March. Guillemot concludes by saying that Watch Dogs is still coming to the Wii U, but will  be the “only mature game” the company publishes for it. Here’s what the CEO said in full:

“It’s very simple. What we see is that Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed. Last year, we sold in very small numbers. What we see is that they are very interested in Just Dance, very interested by other kinds of games. So what we are trying to do is to focus more on the types of games they are interested in.

“[Watch Dogs] is coming to Wii U. It will be the only mature game we publish on it.”

170 thoughts on ““Nintendo Customers Don’t Buy Assassin’s Creed” Says Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot”

    1. I missed out on ALL FPS or Mature Action Adventure games because they always skipped Nintendo consoles so now I can’t even see myself playing them or buying them, they’re just not interesting to me, I’d rather just play fun, creative games with great level and character designs which is what Nintendo mostly offers. So yeah, I really don’t care about Assassin’s Creed or any similar games, it’s too late for me to get into those type of games.

    2. yeah like not releasing dlc on ac4 on wii u, who the fuck want a gimped game yeah its gonna sell more on other platforms. fucking dumbasses most people that have a wiiu has other systems.if its gimped we going to get it for something else. hence the low sale #.

      1. I remember before the game was released you guys were talking about how it was the best version on the Wii U. Only after sales were revealed did the “gimped” excuses start coming out.

        Face it, people didn’t buy the game because Nintendo owners are habitually bad at supporting games outside of a few franchises.

        Game wasn’t “gimped” and I thought Nintendo fans hated paid DLC anyway, so why would that matter?

    3. This is partly Nintendo’s fault, the more M rated games they bring to the system then the more people well buy them, and the better selling those 3rd party games well be, but right now the majority of Wii U owners only want those Nintendo games, which comes back to Nintendo being a 3rd party dev them self’s, left ok at Xbox and PS fight over 3rd party devs (tomb raider just become a Xbox exclusive) sure they make their own first party games but they focus on a wide range. Nintendo focuses mostly on kids, a problem they even admitted wont do them any good. They need to make the games that the 3rd party isn’t bringing, so the customer base opens up. Their next system (in just 2 years) needs to be more powerful then Xbox one or ps4, and they need M rated games, they nerd FPS, and they need MMORPG as well as focus on other things that system can do (buy Sega, buy platinum, partner with BlackBerry and yahoo. To fill in the gaps) then create something were the platform is more in unison with both mobile and home systems. Customers should only have to buy a game once, and save in the cloud. People are more apt to buy a device if it dues more when their not gaming (not just Netflix and play music) give them reasons to never turn the thing off, music, video, health, blue ray, browser, apps, photos, facebook, instagram, film, YouTube, evernote, free games, free to play games, IM chat, support for Bluetooth and NFC devices (fitness trackers, keyboards. Headphones, exe)

      And if their going to bring their products to other platforms, then dont just live on IOS allone, go to android and windows or elce your just proving the point that you should just make IOS crap, at least with android and windows you can be creative with digital pens, wide screen, HD, NFC, and controllers IOS has none of those things.

  1. Here we go again…

    AC3 a late port and AC4 was done better I guess but they cannot expect Nintendo fans to buy games from a franchise that was never hyped on Nintendo consoles nor released for it before…

    And you’ll see the same result with Watch Dogs, the delay and the dead hype are reasons many of us won’t buy it anymore because there are better more fun games coming out by then…

    So keep believing in your delusions Ubisians, I don’t care until you released non gimped games about the same time for Nintendo consoles as the rest…

    1. Also a.c.3 was launch 1.5m consoles.sold decent for install base and late ports a.c.4 was glimpsed and people still mad over splinter cell gimp. Wake up uni.

  2. Well just dance barely sold more than that, so I guess we don’t buy that either, I’m curious what total sales are for their games after digital sales, and by the way I bought ac, zombi u, splinter cell, and a couple others NEW just to support then when I could have gotten used, I guess just dance is just their easiest game to port.

  3. Well well people, it looks like Ubisoft, a company I constantly defend to no end in sight has spoken the truth about the Wii U. People would much prefer to play on PS4, a console I’m never going to buy.

    1. You’re probably the ONE person who would defend Ubisoft. It’s a shitty company with shitty business practices who have not put out a good game since MYST IV.

    2. Dipshit, Rayman delayed for 9 months when it was completed, Splinter Cell Blacklist gimped, ZombiU sequel canceled despite the game selling past 500,000+ copies which is decent for a launch title, Assassin’s Creed 4 Wii U not having DLC, Watchdogs repeating the same Rayman delay BS again and now Ubishit holding other games and extorting fans to buy more of their shit to get more.

      What fucking truth did these assholes ever told? Not one and you’re a retard not thinking shit through, ever in your sad ass life.

  4. He knows exactly why people who own a Nintendo’s plateform don’t buy AC. Let’s start by saying that no assassin’s creed (canon) before AC3 were on Nintendo. Then people has to pick up the franchise from AC3. Then when AC3 come out it was just a 6 months (top) port of the Xbox360 which comes with all the bugs. Then AC4 was not event advertised properly in fact until recently I did not know it was on Wii U.

    Rayman and watch dog story did not go down very well and they are well aware of that fact. Just go to Ubisoft forum to understand.

    Personally I would like to have a chat with him 30 mins Max that’s all I need to put my point across. I also notice the press don’t ask the right questions (the annoying ones).

    If a magazine can ask him: Do you think Nintendo feel frustrated and betray by you business decision? Do you think the fact you delay Rayman and Watch Dogs has an impact on your sales for this plateform? Why did not port AC1,AC2,AC2 Brotherhood and revelation on Wii U?

  5. you cant really expect a port that came out age’s after its orginal release to sell well. aspecily seeing as its from a shitty compeny like ubisoft -_-

  6. We’ll see when Bayo 2 comes out if M-rated games truly don’t sell on Wii U or if it’s just because of third parties.

    1. At least ubisoft throws a bone to wiiu owners. They could just tell them to fuck off and give them nothing like most the other gaming companies. All these fanboys hate ubi so much, but never rant about those other companies lol

  7. let’s just not talk crap, ok?
    AC3 came out a month later than on the other consoles (same release date as the PC version) in europe.
    that said though, a couple of months later the AC Collection came out with AC1,2,Brotherhood and Revelations for PS360.
    he could’ve made this speech if after releasing THAT on wii u, the sales would’ve stayed low.
    they didn’t so they have really no right to complain, like EA with Mass Effect 3 coming out as the Complete Trilogy hit the other consoles..
    i’ve bought AC3 & 4 to support Nintendo but they screwed me over with buggy games, 0 optimization resulting in long loading times and releasing dlcs months after the other consoles or not releasing them at all (i.e.: freedom cry) and no season pass obviously.
    so for this series is back to pc for me.

  8. I for one own both Assassin’s Creed games on Wii U. We also have Zombi U, Splinter Cell Blacklist and Rayman (all first-hand copies). I plan on buying Watch Dogs also, and I’ve only ever owned Nintendo consoles, therefore I am a Nintendo fan that buys Assassin’s Creed.

    1. EA still acting sore and stupid over Origin denial on Wii U. As if Wii didn’t support it either and they’re cool with that. See how the 3rd parties stupidly react over Wii U when its just being its own thing?

  9. I just don’t understand the idea of releasing games later than other consoles and expecting them to sell well… or saying a game will be exclusive and then making it come out later than the other consoles that you clearly must have already had in the works… Zombie U was awesome though and I wish they made another, which they won’t

  10. I was planning to get the Wii U solely for Zombi U ever since (still am, alog with Smash, Zelda and Mk8). I don’t get it how Zombi U wasn’t percieved well.

      1. Lol that shit was neither scary nor difficult. I only died 3 times my first play through and 0 my second. It was extremely linear and shallow, and the gameplay was nothing special. The highlight of the game was a hyped up backpack on the gamepad lol.

  11. Maybe the fact that for AC4 they had the displays with the game showing only PS4 and XboxOne cases and WiiU’s placing randomly? Play the dumb if you like Yves!

  12. Well, there you go people. That explains why we aren’t getting anymore. Sure you can keep trying to twist the facts around, but the proof is right there. Lol and don’t say AC4 was gimped just because it didn’t have DLC. AC3 did, but did it matter? Nope.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          No? I don’t buy anything from empires that insult our empire…

          And that goes mainly to the Electrons…

          1. How about when the first Assassin’s Creed released when they didn’t even have anything to do with the Wii U? Why didn’t you buy it back then?

    1. And for all of you Nintendo fans that actually did buy it, he isn’t talking about YOU. You already did your party in supporting.referring to the people that would mainly rather play Nintendo games than third party. Lol. with with the Wii U, you have to act as a team. If enough people don’t buy it, then it won’t matter about the people that actually did. And that sucks. Blame the fans instead of them.You really think they didn’t bring the next game because they hate us? Please,… If XB1 version of AC4 didn’t sell well, it would be in the exact same situation.

        1. ASSASSIN’S CREED, not the other games. This doesn’t have anything to do with the other games. I know you bought Zombi U too btw, but you purposely bought it used so they wouldn’t get your money. -.-

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            And yet they are still talking about all their games that “don’t sell”…

            I won’t give them my money until they treat Nintendo consoles with the same respect…

            I don’t care if the graphics are somewhat inferior but if they make a game, it should be released about the same time as the rest and not gimped…

            AND if it is gimped, decrease the price of the game by 30%…

        1. Just buy the Assassin’s Creed games on Wii U already if you want more support. You complain about stuff like this when you are literally part of the problem. :P

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Yes blame the consumers for their lack of respect, gimped games and delays…

            I’m sure it’s my fault too for THQ, Atari and the rest of the imbeciles that crumbled…

            And let me ask you something, why and why should I buy games that doens’t even interest me AT ALL?…

            Personally people who buys a game just to support it even if they couldn’t care less about it are either rich, stupid or both…

            I never ever buy anything that does not appeal to me at all, period so no, you cannot blame someone who isn’t interested in a game just because you happen to like it or whatever…

            1. Lololol nice, that’s the point the ceo was making. Wiiu owners don’t buy their games because, for the most part, they aren’t interested! Y’all only buy first party kiddie shit and claim it is gold, the only good stuff out there. So why even waste energy making a great port for trash like you?

              1. I was interested in ZombIU which I got, Watch Dogs but the hype is long dead and I love the Prince of Persia games so your argument is invalid…

                Just because I don’t like the overrated milked AC, doesn’t mean I don’t like any games they make, you humans are really stupid…

                I hope you all get erased from existence soon, your stupidity is just beyond the charts…

      1. Assassin`s Creed 3 released October 30th, 2012 for X360 and PS3. The Wii U came out November 18, 2012 and it got the game on day 1 same day as the Wii U even released. How on earth could it have came any earlier… That doesn`t make any sense.

        On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 11:12 AM, My Nintendo News wrote:

        > thestrangablog commented: “-_- Do I dare have to explain how this shit > is possible again?” >

        1. Asssassin’s Creed 3 online, from what I heard, was crap and the reason why it sold less on Wii U was because 1. It was already bought by majority from other platforms and 2. There’s other launch games AC3 had to compete with. I never said anything about it coming late because I know it was a Wii U launch title and not a delayed port doofus. lol

          Now on to Assassin’s Creed 4, no DLC for Wii U which is a turn off, gimping Splinter Cell Blacklist, delaying both Rayman and Watchdogs from Wii U for other systems. And here you are, still not understanding why 3rd party “support” is beyond shit…

          1. Uh, no. I was playing Assassin`s Creed 3 online just yesterday and the online is great. It plays just like the PS3 version. The DLC for Assassin`s Creed 4 being a selling point for the Wi U is beyond retarted. Even I haven`t bought the DLC for 3 yet. It`s not big of a deal. And Splintercell Blacklist for Wii U is the best version. The only thing I think it doesn`t have is co-op or something like that. And from what I`ve heard, you don`t have anyone to play with you so why does it matter.. lol Don`t listen to these idiots making the Wii U third party support sound worse than it actually is. The games are very enjoyable. CoD BO2 has no DLC on Wii U but it`s still great too.

            On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 1:14 PM, My Nintendo News wrote:

            > thestrangablog commented: “Asssassin’s Creed 3 online, from what I > heard, was crap and the reason why it sold less on Wii U was because 1. It > was already bought by majority from other platforms and 2. There’s other > launch games AC3 had to compete with. I never said anything about i” >

            1. It was bugged and deserted last I heard and all Nintendo fans want is equal treatment and contents like the others which isn’t hard to provide which is why AC4 sold like crap and what’s funny is that YOU complained about lack of DLC for AC4 yourself so tell me which is stupid: People skipping a boring ass game with no optional DLC or a hypocrite complaining over the same thing he/she calls others retarded over? Splinter Cell Blacklist on Wii U being the best version…without co-op and charged for $60? Are you on crack? That’s not even being considered the best version of anything and I’m not spending full money for a lazy port and product. I expect a complete product for sellers to earn my money, not a half-ass excuse for a product.

  13. Hmmm… Ubisoft may have a point, although I don’t dislike the AC games but because Ubisoft nick features here and there when It comes to Wii U games, I am put off by them

  14. These kinda sound like asses, like this is very unprofessional thing to say. Nintendo fans don’t hate M rated games, if that was the case ZombiU wouldn’t have sold ( it actually did good, especially after the review, though its not a terrible game). Ubisoft u need to start taking some of blame ur marketing for the wii has just been as crappy, hell nintendo advertised Rayman for u in dec. Hell delaying rayman, to compete with GTA was a worst idea freakin ever. U never gave wii u owners full content in your games, u always left out something wether it was DLC, or feature in a game(other then rayman). Delaying watch dogs will most likely have the same fate, but then again U NEVER TALKED ABOUT THE WII U VERSION. Look I like ubisofts games, but they can be compete asses at times, I understand something should have sold more if the best effort was put in, and support a platform, but u guys never talked about the wii u versions of your games to my knowledge.

  15. I love Assassin’s Creed games. I also love Nintendo consoles. If I could put the two together I obviously would, but AC3, one of the weaker entries in the franchise came to Wii U MONTHS later. If you wanted to play it you already did way before the Wii U was release, and on the small chance you didn’t, and waited- you were rewarded with a buggy af gimped port. AC4 is a different story but when you hear so much skepticism and “eh… between last gen and next gen but closer to last” from developers then if you planned on getting a PS4 or Xbox One then you probably didn’t buy it on Wii U, you waited for the superior version. Before it’s released on Wii U they basically went around telling everyone that the Wii U isn’t really the best place to experience it, that it was basically the last gen version. Obviously after like 5 AC’s last gen you want a next gen experience so people skipped the Wii U version. And that’s just the core fans. If they think half ass hype and delays won’t work for the most “hardcore” gamers on Nintendo platforms they sure as hell won’t sell to casual gamers on Nintendo platforms. They set themselves up for failure then blamed Nintendo gamers smh.

    All that said I bought AC4 on Wii U during the Ubisoft Summer Sale and it was cool. If they used the GamePad just a little more it’d be the best place to play AC games. That extra map view is nice.

      1. Yeah I looked it up and I meant to correct the “Months” part but then I ran out the house for my dog and when I came back I was too lazy to even bother remembering what I was doing so I just hit Post Comment lol.

      1. Pretty much the term M rated makes people think this is for adult gamers, when its nothing more then to keep parnets off devs asses, if u only play M rated games, because other games are rated T, or E ur highly insecure about ur self

    1. We’ve already gave them a huge slap in the face multiple times. Rayman outselling others after delay was one of them, Rayman not playable in Smash Bros. is another one and now refusing their shitty games and shady business tactics is the final blow.

  16. I bought AC3, never beat it as my console was stolen. Didn’t get 4 as I don’t like games that involve a lot of boating (includes windwaker).

    They just need their blame card. These AC games come out the same time as major Nintendo titles (3 the same as launch titles NSMBU, 4 super Mario 3d world, etc). They pushed Rayman back from a drought period to the pick up period, wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, windwaker hd, etc.

    Now watch dogs will be up against super smash bros, hyrule warriors, bayonetta 2, and others. Since all of these games are hyped and advertised (including games that were up against AC3-4), they push these crappy ports aside.

  17. All I have to say is, go “clean” yourself Ubisoft. You don’t care about Nintendo and complain because players won’t buy games you launch months after other consoles. I would have bought Watch Dogs if it weren’t delayed, but now I’ll NEVER buy it… I say this having bought Child of Light, Fit something, Black Flag…

  18. I don’t really give a fuck about AC, and thinking of cancelling my WD preorder.
    Only Ubi game I would like to get, is BG&E2.
    Screw that over from us, and pirating the heck out of that shit.

  19. tbh, I bought AC3 brand new cause it was really cheap (£6/10$)but not even play it yet, I will buy the PC version (£5/8$) and give my Wii U copy to a friend cause I always played that franchise on PC (same apply for Batman Arkham). Now for watch dog I am not sure. I want to play the wii U version cause of the gamepad experience but it seems to me that UBI will release the software then goodbye Nintendo and the PC version has been sabotage on purpose to sell more on PS4 and xbox1 (read somewhere the disable some effects in the code on PC version). So I think it will be wait and see for me. And I really don’t care if the game will be a success or not

    1. ^Take note people. This is how you voice your opinion without looking stupid. You sir have my respect. Lol.

      1. Hmm while it might sound stupid to you, it won’t to someone else, that’s why its an opinion ☺ why can’t people just be nice to each other and try to say nice words instead of stupid, idiot and other curse words 😊

  20. WELL GEE. Maybe when your Wii U releases of the game are months late, with all of the DLC and extra content totally unavailable on the system, it won’t sell well. Buncha marketing geniuses, those Ubisoft guys.

  21. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    i tried pkaying assassin creed 2 on my xbox 360 but i couldn’t get into it. the story looked somwhat interesting but the gameplay and combat felt odd .

  22. I bought assassins creed 3 last week in my WiiU and I’m loving it :) It’s the first time I’m playing this franchise as well, it’s sad the new ones won’t come to WiiU.

  23. My two copies of AC differ with this guy. I would have also purchased Freedom cry on Wii U if it would have been available.


  24. So he’s focusing on the sales from the end of 2013 to early 2014……….what games were there to count? Just dance…… The rest of the games were already low priced since they been out for a while.

  25. I don’t buy AC games because they are annualized and I can’t keep up with games that are so derivative and released so often.

    Now I really won’t buy AC games because I have gotten rid of my 360.

    Frankly, the lack of 3rd party support on Wii U has not bothered me. I have always felt like I’ve had something to play and occupy my time.

  26. OH yeah, listen to the spin from all the Nintendo babies saying AC3 came out months after the original, the truth is it was a Wii U launch title that (as someone posted above game came out october 30th on other systems and it was a Wii U launch game november 18, hardly “months” like these delusional babies are claiming with their spin). But you can’t expect anything else with these blinded fanboys who only see things their way and are blinded to the facts.

    Anyways, I bought AC3 on the Wii U at launch and I liked the game but when I tried to play it online, online was pretty much dead on the Wii U, you couldn’t find any games (and there numerous threads around the internet from back then of players who said the same).

    I moved on to the ps4 and couldn’t be happier, I got AC4 for the ps4 not for the Wii U and online is loaded with players. Been so busy playing my ps4 the last time I posted on this site was months ago. Just finished The Last of Us, and really enjoyed it, I got my platinum and finished the game with 100% completion, as I am a completionist, and competitive, who likes to finish my games (unlike all the casuals who barely can finish a game lol). (I finished AC3 on the Wii U with 100% completion too, Zombi U on the Wii U I finished in survival mode too).

    So many games that I have to look forward to on the ps4, just a couple of weeks from now Metro Redux is coming out, running at a steady 60fps, 1080p (as the digital foundry guys already confirmed in an article). Looking forward to playing AC Unity too, I played the Destiny beta and loved it so next month I will be busy playing that.

    And from Nintendo, nothing that I can look forward to. Gave up on Nintendo, they only make games that don’t appeal to me. I been gaming on Nintendo consoles since back in the N64, Gamecube era, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Excitebike64, the Star Wars games from Factor 5, Eternal Darkness, Wave Race, 1080°, the Metroid games from Retro, those were the types of games that I liked back then (and those were first party/2nd party, exclusive games from Nintendo), I never been interested in the Mario and whatnot games. But Nintendo changed years ago, when they sold Rare, and the rest of their 2nd party western studios. The only one they kept is Retro, but no surprise they put them to work on more of the same baby games that they do (like DKTF). And I’m only mildly interested in Bayonetta 2, that X game is still far far away from release. Nintendo was a much more diversified company back then that made all sorts of games for different types of gamers. Not everyone loves Mario (I don’t), but now they have become the one dimensional company that makes only one type of game. I only owned Nintendo consoles since the N64 days, but Nintendo is out of touch with gamers like me and I have moved on. It is the way I feel and obviously the Nintendo fanboys can’t understand that other people can have different tastes in games than them.

    1. if Nintendo has nothing left for you that interests you then you’re of course better off with a PS4 – a console packed full with mediocre games and remasters. good for you – maybe.

      and I agree with you, that nintendo had a more diverse product range back in the 90s, BUT all the other companies had also a much bigger range of games on their consoles. Nintendo today is stuck with a certain kind of games, Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft they are TOO!!! look at PS4&XBO and what kind of games come to that consoles – there not much difference here.

  27. if the games come without the full content AND without a decent gamepad-support AND in most cases later then it is NO wonder that WIIU-customers don’t buy this games for the console.

    so this argument is a rather stupid one. at least they are explaining why their games are not coming to Nintendo-platforms anymore, not that it makes the situation better for us Nintendoers

  28. All full of bullshit. For one: Assassin’s Creed 3 came out a moth later and was already mostly sold on other platforms. Now Assassin’s Creed 4 on Wii U had no DLC which was announced before the launch and turned away the customers the same way they did it with Rayman Legends BS delay.

    Don’t even get that BS started Ubishit because you never TRIED to earn that revenue and respect of your fanbase.

        1. Assassin`s Creed and Just Dance came on time.And why are you still pissed about the Rayman delay.. Look at DMC 4 for example. PS3 fanboys were excited they were getting the game but then it was announced as coming to Xbox 360 and they went batshit insane because it wasn`t exclusive. What you are doing with the Rayman thing is exactly what they are. Please don`t stoop down to their level.

          On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 1:08 PM, My Nintendo News wrote:

          > thestrangablog commented: “I would’ve bought Watchdogs too if it came > out on time but whatever the excuse is of its pointless Rayman Delay part 2 > stunt, I’m not falling for it again.” >

          1. And both of those games are shit and boring. And you’re one to talk about Wii U and Sony losing their cool over exclusivity. Look at the next Tomb Raider being an Xbox One exclusive. Its not just Sony being angry but PC gamers as well because its meant to be a Multiplatform, same way as Rayman was promised to be a timed Wii U exclusive and not even Sony/Microsoft fans cared nor whined about it since they bought GTA5 over Rayman in the end so that delay that only pissed off Nintendo fans was pointless.

            You’re still blind as hell to get a grip of why Nintendo fans are tired of Ubisoft’s BS.

            1. I really don’t care about what Nintendo fans want. Why should Ubisoft care about how you feel? They don’t make games to be your friend. They do it to get money. If you don’t have the money, they could care less about you. Don’t you know how small the Nintendo fanbase is compared to the rest of the gaming community? It’s no harm done to them. You don’t buy the games, then you don’t get any. Simple as that. You don’t even like Assassin’s Creed, so you’re just complaining for no reason. And if you don’t buy games just because they don’t have something as little as “co-op” then you weren’t really interested in it. You did the exact same thing with Hyrule Warriors. Just because it doesn’t have online co-op… That’s ridiculous. You keep bringing up Assassin’s Creed 4 DLC, yet you bought both CoD BO2 and Ghost knowing that neither of them had DLC. Rayman Legends is a great game and you prevent yourself from getting it because of stupid reasons like the company that made it. Honestly, if you get a PS4 and don’t buy any Assassin’s Creed games for it, then I’m calling BS because you’ve been complaining about it the whole time. Good grief, you really have to get it together, man. You act like everyone in the world is against Nintendo and I have literally never seen you say ANYTHING positive about the other two companies. You constantly bash someone (like me) when they say they like a game that isn’t really your type of game and you always bash the Xbox One even though you don’t have one. And that is beyond annoying. Nintendo is not perfect. They make mistakes too and you never mention those. You act as if Nintendo is the company filled with rainbows and sunshine and everybody else is the bad guy. You bash the PlayStation 4 all the time too but then you say you want one for Destiny and GTA V. If those games were on Wii U, you wouldn’t even bother with PS. You don’t want the PlayStation 4 because you like Sony and playing games. You want one because the console you have failed to give you some of the games you want, but you never talk about that. Not even once. If these companies are more important than the actual games themselves, then maybe you should just stop gaming. I did not buy Assassin’s Creed 3 because I’m a “blind sheep fanboy”, I bought it because I like the games. I didn’t buy Need For Speed Most Wanted because I love EA and worship them, I bought it because I like NFS. You on the other hand talk more about Ubisoft and EA and their actions more than the games. I mean, come on. Do you even know what Watch Dogs is actually about? Did you consider going somewhere that you could possibly play the game before you judged it? Of course not. It’s all about EA and Ubisoft being bad guys and how they “hate” you. They never owed you anything to begin with and it’s your own fault for not buying the games. They don’t care if you were their biggest fan in the world. If you don’t pay up, they will treat you like everyone else in the world. You’re nothing special to them. They don’t make games specifically for you. They have millions of other fans that they have to attend to and you leaving them is no big deal. I’m going to play the games I want to play and you can keep on complaining about these companies all day long. It isn’t going to get you anywhere nor is it going to get you more games. I have a Wii U and a 3DS and I will get other platforms in the future to play games on, but if you TRULY feel that all 3rd parties are just bad guys and you hate them, then go ahead and stick with Nintendo. (Btw, please do not reply to me with any swear words and just write your opinion in a positive way so we can have a decent conversation. If I find your next comment rude or hateful, I will not see it as with my time and I am honestly not going to reply to you) Thanks. :P

                    1. Nah.. you’re just mad. About Ubisoft… And stuff. Lol. I understand how you feel, but there’s really nothing we can do about it. Sorry. :/

                      1. No, you don’t. You say this BS for every chance you get and yet take the other side more saying we’re, somehow, at fault. Don’t try to be and sound like you understand both worlds since you can’t get the slightest grip of the conflicting concept between them. I don’t defend Nintendo’s awkward BS as much as I don’t defend 3rd parties either. If it makes your delusions satisfied, I’ll say everybody is at fault. 3rd parties, Nintendo and some of ourselves included. Happy?

                        1. What do you mean “take sides”? Have I not told you already that I don’t care about these companies and I play all types of games and systems? I’m not on Nintendo’s side or anyone for that matter. I only have a Wii U because I decided to play some games from Nintendo and others as well. I did not buy it just because I’m “on their side”. This whole console race is just stupid. I don’t care if Nintendo makes great games. I’m going to point out the flaws whenever I see them. I don’t talk about the other consoles like this as much because it would be irrelevant with this being a Nintendo fan site. If I really told you about all the things I don’t like about PS, who would really care honestly? I’m on no one’s side and I never will be as long as I play games. And anyone accusing me of favoring the other consoles is completely wrong in every single way because I ONLY own Nintendo systems. PS, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo for me. I don’t care for people that are bias and only choose one or the other. :(

                  1. Considering you don’t care what Nintendo fans want or have problems with then even more reason for you to not get involved in our affairs and stop blaming the consumers because they do not like the same games you do…

                    And yes the Electrons and Ubisians do owe us because they promised and told us from the beginning that they would be very supportive…

                    Yet we get old ports from the Electrons and versions that costs as much as a Trilogy version from them that comes out a bit later and then the Ubisians for delaying crap for no reason, gimp some games and then has the obnoxious attitude of blaming our people for things that they are responsible for…

                    1. Nothing you can do about it now so no use complaining. As for EA, NFSMW was your last chance to get a good relationship with them and if you don’t have that game, then I don’t want to hear it…

                        1. Well, Mass Effect was never put on a Nintendo system before, so most Nintendo fans have never played it. In all honesty, Commander, would you have bought a game that you don’t care about if in the future, it meant you got more games? I know I’d rather spend $60 to get something out of the way to get my favorite games rather than nothing at all. Lol. But EA already stated they have no plans on the Wii U. Like, at all. :/

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            My hate for the Electrons started when they pulled the plug on Spore…

                            If the Ubisians bring the PoP to Wii U then I’ll forgive them for a time…

                            1. Have you got the Mass Effect Trilogy on PC yet? It’s on there too you know. Should get it! Lol.

                            2. I, too, would have gotten Mass Effect if they had given us the trilogy. But since they didn’t, FUCK ‘EM!! I use to never have a problem with EA til they pulled the shit they are pulling now. And all because Nintendo wouldn’t let EA sap money from the Wii U itself by installing their precious Origin into the console’s infrastructure. Those infantile bastards can go fuck themselves. They deserve that two straight years with the golden poo award.

                              1. You do realize Mass Effect was NEVER put on a Nintendo console before, right? Do you expect them to give you 3 games right out of thin air? And even if they did start working on it, how on Earth would it have came out in 1.5 years of Wii U’s life? If they had to get extra time, you would’ve said it came too late or something, so why waste time with Nintendo fans if they won’t appreciate the effort? Need For Speed Most Wanted U is a PERFECT example of just what would’ve happened. So that’s just BS.

                              2. xD Believe whatever you want. EA is shit now. They can rot with the rest of the shitty American companies that only give a damn about money, money, & money.

                                1. Of course I’m getting Bayonetta 2. I want to enjoy it while the fans of it from the PS3 & XB360 cry about not being able to play it because they are too cheap to get a second console. (This does not include the ones that can only afford one console per generation & want to get the PS4 because it has more games they want.)

                              3. Yes. At least something from them saying “We’re sorry for giving you gimped or delayed games, so here is something extra that the other consoles DIDN’T get.” But nope. Not a damn thing.

                1. Can’t argue with him there. I don’t care about “Assassins Creed” games in the least. I do feel bad for the Wii U owners who do, though. They’ll need to pick up a complementary console.

                2. yes they fucking do you twits its just that they buy it on other consoles as you dont release them on this one.

                  1. we did not get your first games on the wiiu as they were late and were lazy ports like the rest of your games seem to be these days

                3. I’d love to buy Assassin’s Creed for Nintendo systems if we got the full game at the same time as others, rather than a crap port with missing features.

                4. As an AC fan, I can pretty much call BS on this statement. It doesn’t matter what company a console is built by, what matters is which one gives you the better deal on a multiplat game. The U versions of AC didn’t deliver a good deal because:

                  A) marketing (where was it for these versions?)
                  B) they’re 360 ports (what driving force do I have to buy it when I can buy it on a previous gen console I already own for the same graphics/fps , or the ps4/xbone versions with even better graphic/fps?)
                  C) they can’t expect amazing sales when the console was in a rut (you guys should’ve known that it wouldn’t sell as good as the other versions)
                  D) no appeal to these version. There’s less content in the U version of AC IV, and III was released after the ps3/360 versions (so anyone interested in it already had those versions)

                  In the end, ubisoft shouldn’t have expected much in terms of sales when Wii U had the weakest versions of the 2 AC games released. Just like your pc ports, you made something worse than what it could’ve been with the decisions made. Well ubisoft, plan better next time you want to release an AC game for a Nintendo console (simultaneous release, actually design the game around the console rather than just porting the 360 version and slapping a wii u logo on it, & market it with the other versions)

                    1. Wii U sales for:
                      Assassin’s Creed III: 0.26m
                      Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag 0.19m
                      Just Dance 2014 0.28m

                      Also, Zombie U is their best selling game on the Wii U. So, the numbers don’t lie, the CEO is out of touch or can’t count.

                5. I’m a Nintendo customern, and I buy AC. Just not on Nintendo systems, I’ve got a PC for multiplatform games.

                6. Ubisoft: “lets put no effort into advertising/spreading the word about the wii u versions, fuck them over with delays/gimped/ported releases, and then give up entirely on this audience”.

                  Besides, I wouldn’t even buy the U versions because (like many other gamers) I’m a multi-console owner who gets the best version of a game (wii u versions are the weakest with less content and 360 graphics)

                7. The Rayman Legends Fiasco, Splitter Cell’s gimped, AC’s buggy and no dlc, Watch Dogs Delay with no Release date since the start of the spring…No Far Cry 4 or recent Assasin’s creed games not coming to Wii U and not promoting their games for Wii U as well.

                  You want us to buy your games? Show us Wii U Owners some respect and we will.

                8. And its stupid of them to say the sales rate is low around 3-4% that is actually way higher than both Vita and 3DS total together. Allow me to explain how that is: 1. Ubisoft only released like what, 3 games in 2013 and one was completed and then delayed for 9 months thus royally pissing off the fans, one is gimped and the other had no DLC with unresolved framerate issues. In 2012, there’s like 2-4 games at launch that were never publicly advertised, the major of ports were already bought from other consoles nor nobody gave a shit like Raving Rabbids except ZombiU that did exceptionally well for a launch title but its sequel was dropped just because it didn’t sold as much as COD in Ubisoft’s retarded, money lusting eyes. Jeez, I wonder why only the Wii U ports, conveniently, sold like shit Ubidumbasses? B(

                9. OH good. Take Just Dance & shove that up your asses, too. Now to just get rid of the Ubisoft defenders & suckers, so we can never have to worry about anything Ubishit again. Enjoy rotting away with EA because your both full of shit.

                  1. You’ll never take me alive! Stay back, damn you! *flashes copy of Assassin’s Creed 3 in Ridley’s eyes*

                      1. *uses Aiden Pierce’s phone from Watch Dogs and hacks your Wii U* *replaces all first party games with third party*

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