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Shovel Knight Developer Claims Wii U Has Very High Game Attach Rate

Yacht Club Games, the revered developer behind the acclaimed Shovel Knight, has revealed in a recent interview that the Wii U has a very high game attach rate. The developer conceded that despite the small install base on the console, the system has a very high game attach rate, so it might surpass the sales you’d see on another system.

“Figure out what makes sense for your game. Maybe you think the Wii U install base is small, but in actuality, it has a very high game attach rate, so it might surpass the sales you’d see on another system. Getting the game running on the 3DS might be quite a challenge, but compared to the iOS market, it may be a lot easier to make your game stand out from the competition. It could be possible your game fits more with what a Nintendo fan would buy. Development for any system is expensive and difficult, so do the research to make sure the platform you choose really makes sense for your game!”

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79 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Developer Claims Wii U Has Very High Game Attach Rate”

      1. I agree. I can’t believe Kingdom Hearts has never appeared on the Wii or Wii U. I mean , why!? It’s based on Disney characters/cartoons. Perfectly suited for Wii U.

    1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

      at least wii u has dedicated call of duty players like me. there about 2700-3500 cod players on wii u.

      1. Yep and hopefully that will increase significantly when Advanced Warfighter comes out. One thing I like about Call of Duty on Wii U is that it is rare to find annoying little kids with mics unlike Xbox.

          1. I know right, I would rather buy Cod for my 300 dollar box and play with decent people than buy it for a 500 dollar box and hear people saying “I FUCK’D UR MOTHUR YA FUCKEN FAGET” or something like that.

              1. Believe it or not, PS4 users are just as calm and fun than the Wii U users… but that makes sense because most PS4 users own a Wii U or vice versa .

                  1. Well if you wanna get owned by people with a keyboard and mouse in almost every single match then be my guest.

          2. STFU, go back to your little basement floor corner with your welfare gorilla mother and keep that COD BS to yourself as well as calling another important idol know, like Martin Luther King you self-racist fool.

          3. which COD game are you referring to? I just bought Black Ops 2 on Wii U and have only been playing multiplayer using the bots, but would love to play online, as well

        1. Well, take into consideration that it started out as a PC Exclusive title and, how many PC’s are out there compared to the Wii U. Your logic is flawed.

        2. You forgot to call everyone here a social reject, a plastic defender, and a corporate slave. Btw this guy is pretending to be “Blackb0nd” a troll on youtube.

        3. Just die already you punk ass Internet tough guy. lol Threatening people with guns and the whole “military” excuse, the same military that teaches discipline, duty, honor and respect of your country? Oh I’m so scared of your tactical NRA bullshit. lol

        4. If it was a failure, you wouldn’t need to try so hard to convince others it is a failure. Now run along, kid.

            1. It depends, if you’re going for 100% the first time, then it’s best to wait a couple months or so (for me anyway) to replay it on hard mode. (By then, I get a tiny bit nostalgic for games… Despite it only being a short time!)

                    1. I still don’t understand why not port Ultra SF4 for Wii U. It would’ve been perfect since there isn’t any new SF and fans on other platforms are pissed about the constant overpriced on-disc DLCs they’re treating SF as.

                      My guess is that they fear Smash Bros. will overshadow the game but that wouldn’t be the case if they port it a lot sooner.

          1. I have 17 Wii U games (8 retail/digital & 9 download-only), not counting a few VC titles. But I received my Wii U back in Dec. 2013. Two games (New SMB U & New SL U) were part of the bundle I got, & I only counted them as 1. Also, another Wii U game I have was part of the MK 8 free-game promotion, but it counts, right?

            I have 44 3DS games (30 retail/digital & 14 download-only), not counting VC & DSi titles. But I started buying games @ launch (before I even bought the 3DS). Oh, & I counted 1 game that was a Club Nintendo Platinum gift.

            Like my previous Nintendo console & handheld libraries (save my Game Boy one), Wii U & 3DS’ each have more 3rd-party games than 1st. However, if it weren’t for indie games on Wii U, the ratio between 3rd party games to 1st would be a tie, instead of 13 to 4. But it looks like Nintendo will certainly have a great deal more retail games for my Wii U collection later this year & into next. Sadly, most big 3rd parties stopped making a lot of beloved genres & IPs, as well as ruined some IPs.

            My 3DS retail/digital ratio alone favors 3rd parties over 1st w/ multiple titles (23 to 7) from SEGA, ATLUS (yes, games devved before SEGA acquired them), Capcom, Namco, & Konami. Plus @ least one game from X-Seed, Ubisoft, Tecmo Koi, Square-Enix, & D3. & 3rd parties still dominate my download-only 3DS games 11 to 3.

            😒 Yep.

      2. XD In all honesty, that would probably be funny as heck if I hear people shouting stuff like that. Your example reminded me of an 8 year old kid with his Xbox controller in hand and his Doritos and mountain dew on the table. XD

        1. That’s the main basis of the game. The 2 most useless knights fall in love, them being Shovel Knight and Shield Knight.

      3. Did this place get hacked or something?

        Every single video player turns on when the site loads. Every single one of them.

        Although it is kinda funny to hear Phil Spencer doing the icebucket challenge while Gerudo Valley is playing at the same time.

      4. Start taking notes jackass 3rd parties especially Ubishit. You see this? That’s how its done. This is how you suppose to see console opportunities and potentials. Taking risks and making games and sure that the game is appealing, creative and fun is all part of the job that defines success which most of you have failed or never bothered to try to begin with but instead, coward behind the most pathetic excuses and lies in the book for BS quick $100 millions within a week out of the most overrated corner of the gaming industry which is a wetdream only achievable by making up shit that most fools wanna hear, see and believe to satisfy their delusional needs of true gaming experiences.

        Now I hope for all 3rd parties like Ubishit of their seemingly deliberate sabotage of Wii U to backfire in the end when Wii U rises back on top and/or Nintendo’s next home console becomes surprisingly amazing for 3rd parties to return and try to sucker cash ins from fans because you’ve already lost most of them due to your pathetic trend of tardiness and disrespect towards the fanbase.

        People and studios like Yacht behind Shovel Knight deserve their place because they understand the business, worked hard and played their cards correctly to earn their support.

      5. This muthafucka aint lying because I have a shit load of wii u games for the system and I have only have had it a year.
        from indie to major retail games and the virtual console.

      6. I’ve got Wind Waker HD, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Super Mario World, Mario Kart 8, Golden Sun, New Super Mario Bros U, Dr. Luigi, Earthbound, Resident Evil Revelations, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, Assassin’s Creed 3, Assassin’s Creed 4, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, & Super Mario 3D World for my Wii U. And it’s only going to increase once Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Devil’s Third, Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles X, The Legend of Zelda U, Star Fox U, & Metroid U releases. I haven’t really decided on whether I’ll get Splatoon or not as it missing a story might deter my purchase. We’ll see.

        1. Damn I am so going to need 1 or 2 external hard drive storage devices if the virtual servings keep coming like this! @.@ I think I already need one now as my Wii U’s data storage can’t handle more than one more digital game if it’s a Wii U game I end up downloading.

          1. I’m collecting them for the sole purpose of replayability. If I wasn’t going to play it again in the future, I’d just get rid of it after playing it once. For game franchises with story as a focal point, I like to play the previous titles before the sequel comes out. For example, I’ll play Xenoblade Chronicles again for when we get a concrete release date for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Or say the next Metroid is after Fusion, I’ll play every Metroid game before it to get reacquainted with the story so far.

            1. I got 2 jobs man but dont call me a collector.
              I been playing games since you were sucking on your moms titty. Lol a variation of the expendables 3 joke with wesley snipes and jason statham.

          1. What PS3? I didn’t have time for that console. I was actually busy with my Wii when there were games that interested me or busy socializing with my friends. Or watching stuff online.

            1. This is exactly the kind of thing that frustrates me. When some Nintendo fans hate the other consoles but haven’t really experienced it for themselves. I know you are only trying to defend Nintendo from these Xbox and Sony fanboys, but sometimes you take it a bit too far Ridley. I respect you and your choice of console, but it really annoys me when someone tells me that I need to stop complaining about third party support when they really don’t understand it from my point of view… I’ve spent a ton of time with both the 360 and the PS3 and it I’ve learned that third party support is very important to the life of a console. And not having access to that third party upsets gamers like me that really like playing those games. I like Nintendo and I do play their games, so anyone calling me a fanboy definitely needs to do their research. Back in March, I have myself the option of 2 gaming platform. 3DS and PS3. I chose 3DS. Now, if I didn’t care about Nintendo, I wouldn’t have done that, would I? 3DS is currently giving me everything I want though so it was definitely not a waste. At all. I’m happy with the handheld, but for the console, I would definitely prefer if Nintendo switched their focus on getting third parties aboard. I bought my 3DS specifically for first party. I didn’t with the Wii U though. I expect that to give me my other gaming needs (third party) but it’s not exactly doing that. Anyways, I hope you can understand how I feel about it and see why I’m complaining. I’m not criticizing the Wii U for fun, I’m just disappointed is all. That doesn’t mean that I am a hater though because I still play Nintendo games and I find them to be enjoyable most of the time. I’m currently planning on getting Hyrule Warriors next too. I was thinking about getting Watch Dogs since I’m interested in that game, but I don’t really think I have the time and money for it right now since I also want Smash 3DS and Wii U and Captain Toad and Bayonetta 2. Oh, and in other news, I will soon start saving up for a gaming PC and will gladly keep my Nintendo Wii U for its first party games. It’s going to be one long journey, possibly up to a year, but in the end, it will definitely be worth every last penny. After that, I will never have to complain about third party ever again to you, but I’m only complaining right now since this Wii U is my only console and I wouldn’t like to keep missing out on games. :(

              1. I understand the appeal to centralize all of one’s gaming desires into a single platform; who would dislike that (except the ‘eggs in one basket’ arguers & those adverse to conformity or stagnation of choice)? But, centralizing all offerings is already a lofty dream, especially re Nintendo & closed platforms such as consoles & hanhelds. Now, DVD/Blu-ray players offer more product parity in the movie medium, but even computers are split outside the gaming feature [PC, Mac, etc.].

                When looking @ the video-game industry as a whole, there are intentional exclusives & hardware quirks w/ in each platform, shaped by the visions & resources of their respective company. Speaking specifically of Ninty consoles, NES, SNES, &, to some degree, GCN offered quite a bit of 3rd party support & multiplat parity. But the climate also had a lot to do w/ that, & even GCN’s power & architecture was insufficient to garner complete 3rd party support. The PS2 was not only harder to develop for than GCN, but also comparitively, N64. Yet, w/ a DVD playback, the rep garnered by the original PlayStation, & Sony’s marketing & company resources, the platform w/ “weaker” specs prevailed. Then again, it wasn’t as lucrative in the long run.

                3rd parties could have taken the initiative & offered both multiplats & exclusives on Wii U (much like N64, GCN, & Wii) w/ an ephasis on exclusives (after all, it’s the Nintendo experience & console way), but the market & investors refused to take risks, & the climate has shifted to multiplatting to squeeze every dollar (contrary to the claim devs want everyone to experience their games). Nowadays, large profits are pocketed rather than spent on new IPs & franchise-entries (even Ninty is guilty of this re their software & online infrastructure). But when Wii U sold better in its launch than 360 & PS3 in their respective launches, 3rd parties offered little in the way of new, or exclusives, or solid ports. Ubisoft tried, but tripped here & there, & refused to touch the Red Steel & Prince of Persia franchises. Wii U’s promising 3rd party support was squandered from the get-go by 3rd parties themselves, & Nintendo’s free-market approach & sticking w/ the console paradigm. Then there’s 3rd parties business structure being tied so much w/ online & social features it’s any wonder the survived w/ out.

                3rd-party support on Ninty’s handhelds is a diferent matter. Mostly, it’s based on Japanese influences & the popularity of handheld gaming there. & while Western devs support handhelds, they aren’t as committed, seem ignorant of the demographic, & have basically left it open to Indies (which IS like Wii U 3rd-party support).

                In the end, it’s a numbers game, though Wii U’s promising launch sales seemed, well, promising. But its numbers only attracted the quick & the greedy. Hel, the 8th gen itself still isn’t fully embraced by 3rd parties. & Ubisoft tried to support Wii U & operate as a console supporter, but investors & the powers that be put the kibosh on that, shifting toward multiplatting & a more PC environment. The state of Wii U is a reflection of the console market. Since consoles began, naysayers argued they’d be doomed by PCs, but who knew some consoles would actually morph into PCs & that devs would so readily embrace platform parity?

                As for me, what I want from 3rd parties on Wii U is: Red Steel 3, a new Prince of Persia (far superior & more focused than Assassin’s Creed [AC2 was more than enough for me], but I guess online would be difficult to incorporate & even harder to be lucrative), new Buck Bumble, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Batman in the vain of Batman Vengeance, sequel to Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy (anyone buy the IP after THQ went under?), new vs. Capcom, new NiGHTS, new Crazy Taxi, sequel to Skies of Arcadia, new Virtua Fighter, new House of the Dead, new No More Heroes, new Ridge Racer, new Burnout (no Open-World Racer spinoff), new Metroidvania, new Tales of, new Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre, new FF Tactics, a real Tomb Raider, a real Resident Evil, a real Final Fantasy, remake of FF IX, HD collection of Silent Hill, etc. Of course, new IPs would be most welcome, too, as long as the genres largely exclude FPS & Open-World, unless they add a unique hook. More abstract æsthetics would be most welcome. Really want a new Grasshopper Manufacture gameWii U or not, they’re mostly pipedreams.

                I’m very greatful for Bayonetta 2 (& 1) [Platinum Games has creative freedom outside Ninty), Devil’s 3rd (Valhalla Game Studio has creative freedom outside Ninty), Rayman Legends, ZombiU, & Ninja Gaiden 3, but Indies will have to do. Sonic Lost World was disappointing, & I’m cautious about Sonic Boom. Oh, & I’m greatful for Indies. Even on PC, PS4, & X1, they offer more to me than what 3rd parties are offering.

                1. Oh, & even PS2, for all its high populartity, still missed out on a few mutiplats, due mostly to its hardware limitations & dev difficulties. Some franchises had to accommodate, much like w/ Wii. But the PS2 did receive more parity than Wii, mostly because multiplats were devved w/ PS2 in mind.

                  Alas, the 6th gen business model is gone, save only for Wii U, the last pure console.

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