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First 4 Figures Has An Adorable Sword Kirby Up For Purchase

sword_kirby_figurineFirst 4 Figures has added a new figurine to its growing Nintendo line-up. Revealed by the company yesterday, Sword Kirby is the first in a colourful, dreamy collection of the Kirby series. Standing at just 16 inches, the pink puffball will set you back a chunk of hard-earned coins, priced at $239.99 (roughly £144 or €180). But because he’s so adorable in his green and yellow hat and LED sword, you’ll soon forgive his makers for setting such a meaty price.

Made from polystone resin, the same material used to make the wonderful Princess Zelda figurine, Sword Kirby arrives with a Cookie Country level-designed base hailing from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land on the Nintendo Wii, plus he comes with an authenticity card, numbered base, and full coloured packaging.

Sword Kirby will come in two exclusive forms at First 4 Figures. The special LED sword edition is limited to 850 pieces worldwide, and is priced at the aforementioned $239.99. While the standard edition – having no LED light in the sword – is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide, and priced at the lower $219.99. Both can be pre-ordered at the official First 4 Figures site, here.

9 thoughts on “First 4 Figures Has An Adorable Sword Kirby Up For Purchase”

  1. It’s… So beautiful. But I don’t have any extra spending cash right now and even if I did there are plenty of games coming out this Q that I want to spend money on more. Too bad. *sighs wistfully*

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