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Ghirahim Will Appear In Super Smash Bros As Assist Trophy


Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed via Miiverse that Ghirahim will appear as an Assist Trophy. We can now rule out Ghirahim as a playable character in Super Smash Bros which is coming to Nintendo 3DS on October 3rd and Wii U this winter.

Pic of the day. “No, I’ll just beat you within an inch of your life!” Demon Lord Ghirahim makes an appearance in Smash Bros!! He’s an Assist Trophy, so he could conceivably back up Link, too.

Thanks, Khalid and Dekuplushdoll

63 thoughts on “Ghirahim Will Appear In Super Smash Bros As Assist Trophy”

  1. Well that sucks for the fans of skyward sword :) :ppppp I never even played the game anyway, or any zelda for that matter XDDDD :D <<3 so it doesn't matter to me ;p :D xDD :p


    1. Man you really should I’ve been gaming for over fifteen years and I never played a Zelda game either until this past year. They are truly unique and wonderful games. Nintendo fan or not you owe it to yourself to try one! I’d recommend wind waker, or majoras mask.

      1. Dude, that wasn’t me. Lol, but don’t worry, I will try to get around to Zelda Skyward Sword. Looks epic.

        1. I’d rather you form your own view of the game from scratch (especially since I actually like the game), but be forewarned: Skyward Sword is the most linear Zelda game I’ve played. Locales are relatively small, and they’re only connected by a rather barren sky. The game has other things to offer, and I hope you find them, but some found this difference to be so far out-of-character for a Zelda as to make it a bad game.

          1. I agree. I actually stopped playing the game because it just seemed so linear and stupid and pointless. Never beat it and wouldn’t want to revisit it. I love Link to the Past, Wind Waker, OoT, Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask. Why couldn’t they make the sky like the sea in Wind Waker? There is seriously just ONE island in the damn sky inhabited by humans and the rest are chunks of earth not big enough for a house but people decided to put chests there anyway. It’s really stupid. Wind Waker was explorative GREATNESS.

  2. Would of LOVED to see him as a playable character… but I was aware the odds of that happening were small, so I’m okay with this. At least he’s included in the game somewhere.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Obviously I was being sarcastic here…

        I wouldn’t be a Nintendo fan if I didn’t buy this sacred game now would I?…

                    1. Yeah we should! But he’s being a giant, three-eyed, robotic quadruped so that makes things difficult.

                    2. hey, dude. if i’m not wrong, the anonymous guy -or she guy- used that same joke on you and sasori

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Of course not, I’m a Massive Security Cybernetic Drone for the empire…

                    Perhaps I need to “stick” you to perform “Voo doo”…

            1. The fact giriham, skull kid, dark samus and many other cool characters are assist trophies, and the gay ass fire emblem characters like robin and marth girl clone are actually playable characters is a fucking JOKE.

              1. Robin and Lucina are cool. You haven’t played fire emblem: awakening….it got like a 93 on metacritic. Nobody cares about skull kid or dark samus. Skull kid is so irrelevant.

                1. Irrelevant? I like Robin and Lucina too, but I wouldn’t say no one cares about those two characters, because I for one really wanted Skull Kid playable.

            2. I’m furious, outraged, sick with anger! But then I eventually felt my heart just filled with rainbows! Hugs my fabulous online friends!

            3. I have played Fire Emblem Awakening and love it, but I didn’t really care for robin or Lucina in the new
              Smash bros. I rather have chrom as a playable character but I also understand why they don’t have him playable.

            4. So Ghirahim is an assist trophy? Well this is just one more reason why Ganondorf better have his own original moveset, damn it! Don’t make Ghirahim or even Demise assist trophies or regular trophies if you are just going to make Ganondorf into Captain Falcon’s knockoff all over again. Don’t let Koei Tecmo make you look like crap, Sakurai, with Ganondorf! HW Ganondorf has already owned previous Ganondorfs as it is.

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