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Sakurai Explains Why Wii U Owners Have to Wait For Super Smash Bros

Smash Bros series creator Masahiro Sakurai has explained in his weekly column in Famitsu why Wii U owners will have to wait for Super Smash Bros. Sakurai says that the reason for the delay is simply because of the debugging period during which they test for bugs. By delaying the Wii U version Sakurai says they could shift the debugging periods and get the Nintendo 3DS version out the way.

“Checking is done both domestically and overseas, so for a game like Smash Bros., several hundred people are employed.” Sakurai explained. “So, debugging alone becomes a huge project. So much so that one of the biggest reasons for the separate release dates for the 3DS and Wii U versions was so that we could shift the debugging periods.”

“In a previous Smash Bros., we found a bug during the debugging process where if fighter A hits item B and fighters C and D are simultaneously affected, the game would freeze.” Sakurai recalled. “Considering not only the different fighters, but items, stages, color settings, play rules, and game modes, the number of varying combinations are astronomical. In order to properly debug, every pattern must be tried, but such a task would be impossible no matter how many decades or centuries you take.”

“There are many reasons why a game’s release date will be delayed, but eight or nine times out of ten, it’s usually because a bug couldn’t be fixed in time.” Sakurai wrote. “But it’s better than releasing a product like that.”

121 thoughts on “Sakurai Explains Why Wii U Owners Have to Wait For Super Smash Bros”

  1. EA would disagree and still make money for a buggy, incomplete game. Haha All that aside, I like Nintendo’s integrity. They’d rather complete a game with the highest quality before maintaining a release date.

    1. Other than Battlefield 4, tell me ONE buggy EA game. One.

      Like how Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze didn’t have any crash bugs, right? Yeah.

      1. To my knowledge. It didnt. EA has loads of buggy games though. I can honestly say nintendo made games rarely crash on me. 3rd party titles do often though.

      2. Battlefield 3 even a half year after launch.
        Many EA games has crash bugs.
        The recent BF’s are just the worst offenders.

        1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

          battlefield 3 is fixed. what bugs are you talking about? battlefield 4 is also fixed because i played both from origin on pc.

      3. Every madden game ever made! Perfect example: in madden 2012 sideline characters would glitch in and out and sometimes when players would get Gatorade there would either be an invisible bottle or no Gatorade. It’s quite funny actually.

      4. Sims 3 Pets had save deleting bugs on Pc and console and EA refused to patch them. With that said, I’m not buying Sims 4.

    2. Battlefield Hardline was delayed for a year to test for bugs. I think they are slowly learning. I hate EA but BF is my FPS of choice. DICE got screwed over getting stuck with EA.

    3. Microsoft did the same with their xBox 1, how it broke game discs, they should’ve spent more time on it…

  2. That quality of assurance is what I miss when I was a kid. Your games were guarantees to work. Finding bugs and glitches used to be fun. But only on a game that works really well. I wish Bethesda had the same q.o.a. as Nintendo.

  3. Why not force 3DS owners to wait? Jk. But seriously, I doubt anyone with a 3DS is going to get a Wii U just for this game. Back in 2012 when Wii U launched, I tried convincing my friend to get one (he owns a 3DS btw) and he specifically said “I’ll get one if they make a new Smash Bros. I don’t feel like I need one as long as I have my 3DS”. And I talked to him recently and now he has confirmed he will be getting it for 3DS because it’s the only game he would’ve actually wanted for a Wii U. Well, that’s $400 Nintendo just lost. Lol.

      1. I’m surprised you didn’t keep Super Mario Galaxy (or 2), or The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (or Twilight Princess), or Mario Kart Wii, or Donkey Kong Country Returns, or Metroid Prime 3 (or the trilogy)

          1. I disagree. Skyward sword, twilight, wind waker, majora’s, and ocarina are all unique, great games. If anything, Ocarina is pretty mediocre compared to skyward. Go check IGN’s comparison voting of Ocarina vs Skyward. Skyward wins in all categories, so pull your head out of you nostalgic hairy asshole and get with the program. Scrub.

            1. I agree with Bill! Everyone hates on Skyward Sword because it’s so linear, but everyone seems to forget what an amazing story it had! Not to mention the characters. Like seriously, who doesn’t like Groose or Girahim? Plus the part where you pull the Skyward Sword out of the pedestal is just epic.

              1. Other M has this same problem. People were so pissed off about the story that they ignored the fact the gameplay was awesome. The Hell Run is a prime example of the blind hate for the game. From a story standpoint, it was kind of stupid for Samus to run through that area without activating the Varia Suit because Adam didn’t authorize it, but from a gameplay standpoint, it was one of the funnest & challenging moments of the game. But when you really think about it, maybe Adam didn’t authorize the use of the Varia Suit because he KNEW Samus could handle a simple run through of the area. I’d stress that she didn’t even need the Varia Suit for that run since she wasn’t being cornered unlike with the boss when the Varia Suit finally was authorized. I just think the people that complained about the Hell Run just had a hard time getting through the area. xP

                1. No you are not. Of course, Demise was overshadowed by Ghirahim, but I felt it was coming since poor Zant got overshadowed by Ganondorf in Twilight Princess.

                  Anyway, I’m glad Koei Tecmo used Demise’s body type for Ganondorf’s design.

                  1. The Demise boss fight was awesome! I liked how you could do the lightning thing that he does with the master sword too. It added a bit of a different way to beat him.

                2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Epic yes, battling him it wasn’t that much becasuse it was way too repetitive compared to all other bosses…

    1. The 3DS is likely the less desired version between the two so I don’t think they’ll have to worry about lost wii u sales.

      I owned both MH3U versions (wii u and 3ds) and the Wii U version was definitely the way to go.

  4. Smash Bros wii U getting released in 2015 confirmed lol

    Its over for the Wii U before Sony released PS4


    Signing out

    1. It’s sad really , Nintendo isn’t the enemy of Sony. In fact, your precious Yoshida owns two Wii U consoles. Sony was birthed FROM Nintendo, they started as nothing but a disc add-on for the SNES, and now they are flourishing. I hate console wars, but if anything we should be working together to get rid of the money sucking xbots. And then maybe we can look upon the “PC master race” and be seen, not as children fighting, but respectable men and women. The Wii U is not dead, it is simply the reincarnation of the GameCube, which is looked at fondly by most gamers.

      1. Man I loved the GameCube and I agree with the comparison of the wii u to the GameCube. Cube wasn’t the best console but the games we got from it are still as fun and amazing as they were ten+ years ago.

          1. It’s funny how people think of how good the Gamecube is now but back in the day when it released I remember lot’s of people also were dissing it as Nintendo’s “doom console”. I can only imagine how people will react to the Wii U in the coming generations when Nintendo releases yet another “doom console”.

  5. Wouldn’t it have been better for Sakurai to focus on the Wii U version first, then do the 3ds version? It makes sense given that the Wii U is struggling especially given the lack of third party games right now. If fans buy the 3ds version, they may not want to blow $300 to get a Wii U just for the Wii U version. Of course there are those who’ll buy both versions, but from a business standpoint, I’d release the Wii U version first. Bottom line.

    1. From a business standpoint, yes I agree with you. But for me, having little knowledge in business and in game development, if the Wii U takes more time to debug than the 3ds, then I think it’s also logical to complete the 3ds then release it and then make a profit while debugging the Wii U version. And for someone like me who wants to get both versions, I’d much rather get the version with better graphics last than vice versa. Besides people nowadays do seem to avoid buying downgraded ports.

  6. Like what Miyamoto said; “A game that is delayed is usually a good thing.” Except if the game comes from Ubisoft.

  7. So instead of delaying the 3DS version so they could get it done on WiiU first, the console that desperately needs the sales, they decide to delay the WiiU version and finish it on 3DS first, the console that is neither struggling in any way or shape nor in NEED for sales whatsoever. Makes a lot of sense, really.

    1. I personally think that the wii u version is better selling later. True the 3ds still has an amazing library but, it’s been a slower year for the 3ds as far as games go. They haven’t even been showcasing the wii u version as much as they have with the 3ds. They are making smash bros for the 3ds and really pushing it to try and get those 40 mil + owners to buy it. Then releasing the wii u version and amiibo right around Christmas to up their wii u sales.

      1. I don’t know, I just wish they would have released the WiiU version first, or at least at the same time, because I believe that would have affected the WiiU and its sales much more positively. And the WiiU really needs those sales.

        1. Since more people have more access to the internet than before. That and there’s also those that are so opinionated. lol

        2. Not rude at all, no worries.
          And in the case of the WiiU, people should care about its sales because more sales means more 3rd-party developers are likely to support the WiiU because there’s gonna be more profit for them as there are more people to buy their game. And more games for the WiiU makes the console more attractive and worth the purchase.
          That’s why people should care how well a console they own sells. (:

  8. Nintendo never birthed Sony you dummy, nintendo was greedy and they back stabbed us during the Snes era, then we came back with a vengeance and demolished them.

              1. Nevermind, I take it back. Lol. If Nintendo dies I’ll just go PC. To be honest, PC will be the last one standing in this war. More and more people are making the switch.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Once you have a PC, buy the CoD or hopefully another FPS game that is even better and you shall witness the insane part of my PC Master Race suicidal tactics…

                  1. I was considering getting Battlefield and CoD BO2 after I got a PC. I haven’t played an FPS for so long and I’m craving it so badly right now. Last one I really played was Goldeneye 007 on the Wii.

      1. Actually I like Xbox, I just like Nintendo better, I just hope Sony burns in the never-ending depths of hell >=333

        1. I like Xbox too. But PS3 is cool as well. Also, you do realize who you replied to right? He isn’t gonna agree with you. Lol. In fact, he might say you disgust him. XD He’s just jealous that he can never be a true gamer like me. :P

          1. Myeh I just disgust Sony cause they pay 3rd party developers to only release games to their systems, but I dunz disgust him just disagree with him and true gamer ey? =w= I’m afraid you’ll never be as true as me >=3

      1. fanboys of all 3 consoles need to be eliminated it doesn’t matter which one… Nintendo, Sony, or M$. They’re all poison

  9. Then riddle me this Ms.Valve why was Iwata seen in a hotel restroom partially naked with this nephew last November. Explain that one…

  10. You Nintendolls don’t know the real story, Sony was involved in the creation of the Snes, nintendo’s last true gaming console, which was both a powerful console with its mode 7 Graphics rendering capabilities and its Super FX chip,Sony created the Soundfx chip on the Snes,then when time came for a CD rom add on, Nintendo’s greedy tyrannical attitude came into the forefront,they wanted to own the rights to something Sony created and when we refused, they went and partnered with Philips and released the worst zelda games ever on the Philips Cd-i, and its funny how just recently Philips sued nintendo Hahahahahahahaha.

    Wii U will sell 8million to 9 million life time sales, ps4 will sell 60 to 70 million and counting

    1. Sony was involved with the SNES? How about you stop pulling bullshit out of your ass. They worked on the unreleased Nintendo Playstation until Sony tried to make a scamming contract so they could get a majority of the profit and barely any to Nintendo, until Nintendo luckily re-read and canceled it.

      1. I don’t know why you people keep responding to this person, he’s either a really bad troll or a really stupid sony fanboy

    1. But… Xbox just announced that there were going to start doing indie games as well… your point is invalid.

  11. @ Mike lenduckway i hate replying to stupid fanboys who started playing video games the 1st time in their lives with the introduction of the Ouya,if you Dont know that the father of Playstation helped with the creation of Snes, whereas Iwata didnt, isnt my fault.

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Yet you have no evidence they helped with the SNES.
      Also, they helped make an add-on, the SNES-CD, not the console you dumbass. Its not his fault you are retarded and didn’t do your research and decided to bend and twist facts into lies to make Sony look better. Father of Playstation helped with the creation of SNES, please spare me the bullshit.

  12. I’m thinking of changing my name and making a permanent account. The Sony fan boys on this site give PlayStation fans a bad rep and I don’t want to be a part of that any suggestions?

    1. What Quadraxis said. Maybe a name like Master Kraid… oh wait! Halo is an Xbox franchise. xD Uhm… Hm… This is tough. Just mix a name from your favorite Sony only game with your favorite Nintendo only game.

  13. “By delaying the Wii U version Sakurai says they could shift the debugging periods and get the Nintendo 3DS version out the way”

    I don’t see the relevance? what do I as a wiiu owner have to do with the 3ds?

    It just reinforces the fact nintendo doesnt give a fuck about wiiu early adopters. Thanks nintendo for the good times in the past, waiting for smash and zelda then never will I support your slow old ass tech bullshit consoles again.

    1. Wow someone sure seems entitled to a lot more than they deserve.

      So, because it’s “behind” the other “consoles” from a tech standpoint, you would deprive yourself from some of the best gaming on the market? From Nintendo? On their next-fen system?

      You are no gamer, and a fool. Hopefully you will grow up soon and appreciate what the industry has to offer, and realize what the Wii U is: A GAMING CONSOLE.

      Take your arrogance and shove it

      1. best gaming on the market? yeah in the nes snes n64 days maybe cube….

        you’re delusional, nintendo didnt deliver enough , had a real bad year and it shows in the numbers..nobody cares about wiiu , less people care about nintendo and too many game droughts as usual,

        and still you’re talking bullshit and making stuff op about how they are the best.

        You sir are the fool.

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