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You Will Be Able To Share Your Levels Online In Mario Maker

Takashi Tezuka has confirmed in the latest edition of EDGE magazine that you’ll be able to share you creations online with others when Mario Maker launches sometime next year. Tezuka says “There will need to be a system for sharing courses online.”

Thanks, Kallum S

141 thoughts on “You Will Be Able To Share Your Levels Online In Mario Maker”

      1. I see that Lamie is kissing your wounded ass, Fucko. U too fucking salty that Mario Maker is a cool and innovative game where you CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD and share it online.

        1. You’re just mad you don’t get any girls to like anything you say, lmao.
          Besides, this isn’t innovative at all, creating your own levels in games and sharing them online really is nothing new. Nintendo is just late to the party, as always.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Specs wise perhaps, and I am “dealing” with it, I’m having a lot of fun with both consoles…

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                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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            2. Technically, you are mad, Namie. Every positive Nintendo news, you create BS and shenanigans like an unhappy troll should. Grow some balls, grow up, and accept the truth of reality. Mario Maker is a fun, innovative game where you create a world for you to play and share with your friends.

              1. I’d rather not grow any balls, I’ve been quite happy with a vagina, let’s not be greedy, lmao.
                Also, how is this positive news ? It would have been plain stupid if it didn’t feature online sharing, it simply was the least to expect.
                Besides, I never said it’s not going to be fun, did I ? But claiming it’s “innovative” is being blind to reality because creating levels + sharing them literally has been around for years.

                                        1. Not really but its so simple to bewilder or piss someone off these days. XP I just poke for cheap fun, not to make enemies unless they’re that extreme. lol

                                          1. When I first started using this username, you pissed me off to the extremes. I still question how we are even friends now. XD

                                              1. Idk. It was probably something you said about Xbox. I forgot, it was a long time ago. :P

                                              2. Maybe so but it’s new ground for nintendo. Besides who doesn’t want to make there own levels! Can’t wait for this game!

                                          2. Nintendoeswhatnooneelsecan

                                            Late to what party? An online console? Nintendo did it with NES (Japan only). Analog sticks? Thanks Nintendo. Motion controls, Wireless controllers, 4 player split screen and many other innovations in gaming have been due to Nintendo. Everyone contributes something, but Nintendo has contributed the most I feel..

                                            1. I don’t know, how about…
                                              Fully built-out online features in games, an online network, a full account system, messaging between accounts/consoles, DLC, HD, additional entertainment options within the console, an online store, reorganizations within the company etc. . Not all of those have even been fully implemented so far, mind you.
                                              Also, the fact that you think Nintendo introduced analog sticks is cute. Even Sony had them before Nintendo, actually. The first 4-player splitscreen wasn’t first featured by Nintendo either, if I’m not mistaken.

                                    1. It was pretty obvious this was going to be part of the game, I hope they still have level builders in smash brothers though even if its just on the Wii U version (would be sweet for street pass though)

                                  1. Excellent! Now, all we need is some sort of completion system. It would be nice to have a star next to a stage to show that you’ve completed it or not. Then players can try to complete as many levels from different players as possible. There can be rarity listings on the stages as well to show which ones are the toughest. If nobody beat a stage, then it won’t be counted since it may be unbeatable. If everyone beat a certain stage, then it will have a 99.99% completion rate. Something like that would be great!

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                                    2. Wow, that’s like if Nintendo sued every console maker after NES, for adding a D-Pad on their controllers. It would be rediculous, but Nintendo are smart enough to not sue over a trivial matter. Capcom, you are not the first company to create games of a certain genre…seriously…

                                    3. What the fuck!? Seriously, Capcom!? So they are trying to hog up the innovation that would let us take content from a previous entry & put it on a new entry & keep it to themselves, eh? That is some Phillips shit right there. “We did it first so you can’t do it now! We own this! Only we can use this now! We will now hold the rest of the industry back because we’re greedy assholes that want to hog up something innovative & not use it for anything, burying it, only so we can bring it back later to keep future companies from doing it!” Well this proves it, guys. Capcom is desperate for money. They are definitely on their death bed.

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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                                        1. >.< The Ridley part of me agrees that we can destroy everyone for using our directional pad & rumble packs when we sue them for it! But the real part of me is glad Nintendo won't sink so low.

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                                  3. I just hope they’ll leave it at that and not make “leaderboards” or something. As if the world needs to turn yet another thing into a competition that’s usually decided by how many followers a user has to begin with…

                                  4. The question is, how long until someone trys the recreate Kaizo Mario??? For those unaware, Kaizo Mario is one of many Super Mario World rom hacks, but the difficulty is at impossible levels, without the use of savestates. The second question is, if someone does recreate Kaizo Mario, then will anybody be able to beat it??? As I’m certain that Mario Maker will not have restore points/savestates like on Virtual Console, but a save when out of the level is inevitable…

                                      1. Yeah just like how you were insulting every person who didn’t have the same opinions as you. Follow your own advice ya hypocrite!

                                        1. It’s sad to see a hypocrite like yourself using My Nintendo News as your playing field… by not handling or accepting the truth.

                                  5. It’s kind of sad that they had to clarify this, it’s the least to be expected in a game like this, after all. The game would have been entirely pointless without online sharing.

                                    1. xD This really would fit as an alternate name for the game. I can see some seriously difficult, near impossible, levels by some people.

                                  6. i still have new super mario bros u, why do i need to play mediocre level designes from grownass men and kids when i can play levels the devs created them seleves. is new super luigi u worth it?

                                    1. Yes, new super luigi is worth and i think mario maker is a great idea. you will be able to create the levels you want and challenge others but of course you’re a brainless grownass gorilla without creativity.

                                    2. Mediocre level designs? You couldn’t even create a video with decent quality of 1080p that you so much talk all about or even create a quality response, or even create a quality truth, like how you said you were done with this site twice but still comeback 2 days later.

                                              1. I want to save up for it but I want Wii U games too! If I spend it on Wii U, it will take even longer to get my PC. WHAT DO I DO?!?!

                                        1. Everyone has a talking style, even retards have a talk style that represents they’re retardation, illogical arguments and ignorance. The talking style is very similar, plus, who else is super obsessive about the anime Bleach besides Sasori who used Kenpachi in his name recently, Aizen is from the same anime as well.
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                                        2. it’s so obvious at this point. He made sure to change his name before he went back to his retarded trolling shit again. He must think Nintendo is my Blood is stupid & won’t realize it is him at some point. lol The joke will be on him.

                                    1. If it’s cheap, or on a sale, I will probably get it, mostly to have a little fun with playing it with other people. And I think it will be really interesting to make levels by myself! It all comes down to how many games I have in front of me when it is released, of course!

                                    2. If its like $20 and has ALL 2D Mario game sprites and tools alone with multiplayer features, then this game is damn worth checking out and you can challenge yourself or friends of the most ridiculous Mario created levels imaginable. XD Ever seen those Mario Hacks with those impossible levels? lol

                                      1. SORRY, but nah. NSMB was the last straw. So tired of those games. Can’t believe they would spend time on this rather than another innovative 3D game.

                                        1. Are you kidding? This is one of those things the fans have asked for years and. I mean YEARS! XD NSMB on DS was actually great but the recycled sequels afterwards killed it badly and I don’t blame you.

                                          1. 2D Mario games have gotten really boring to me. That’s why I was so excited to finally play 3D World. NSMBU shouldn’t even exist.

                                            1. The last part, you’re right. They should’ve ported Mario Party 9 and even Kirby’s Return to Dreamland for Wii U launch like they did with Pikmin 3 from Wii to Wii U to improve the launch title output and if Ubisoft wouldn’t have screwed over Rayman launch from the start, both sides would’ve had a fair square deal with each other and fans.

                                                  1. No. I played NSMBW with friends and it was awesome. NSMBU was a horrible downgrade/rehash. And I just don’t find it fun. I do not like the slippery controls and the boss fights are incredibly easy. NSMB bosses are easy too, but 3D World destroys both of them with bosses. :p

                                                    1. LOL Dude, Wii’s version is EXACTLY like Wii U but in HD and how is the Wii U version a “downgrade” when its in HD? XD Everything from controls to level design are all familiar same with 3DS version.

                                                      1. NSMBW had: Better levels, better use of power ups, used Yoshi alot more, had better boss fights, had more difficult stages, didn’t have cheap Miiverse Integration, secret level pipes, and my personal favorite: different colored Yoshi’s in multiplayer. I miss my blue Yoshi… XD

                                                        1. It did do a few things that the DS didn’t like bring back my favorite 7 Koopalings and provide the first 4-player multiplay for a Mario platformer. :) But its substance is too familiar though. DS had more originality and boss variety.

                                                          1. Never played DS. Anyways, NSMBU has completely sapped every last ounce of fun in this series and I’m done with the 2D Mario’s for good.

                                                            1. So because of one particularly bad or repetitive game, you’re gonna hate and stop playing every other Mario platformer? XD That makes as much sense as stop playing Wii U because of all of the BS negativity from the next person even though that person never touched the damn thing.

                                                              1. Yep. I refuse to buy anything except 3D Mario’s. Unless Nintendo gets rid of the stupid NSMB series. I am not getting NSLU either. XD

                                                            2. You enjoyed New Super Mario Bros over Super Mario World!? *facepalm* I don’t know you anymore, human. You are DEAD to me. *turns back to & flies off*

                                                1. Well then this should be your dream come true, or at the very least the start of it. Why? Because now they’ve eliminated the market on Wii U, meaning EAD Tokyo can put their efforts into a Mario in the line of 64/Sunshine-style games. Galaxy 1/2 and 3D World have provided plenty of growth, and now is the time to apply these lessons to a more traditional 3D Mario structure.

                                                  Meanwhile, all 2D Mario levels on Wii U from 2015 on will be designed by fans and perhaps sold in level packs. At least I’d assume that would be the approach.

                                                  1. I loved watching the map change as I unlocked new levels, both those in plain sight levels & secret levels. It’s probably one of the reasons why I’m actually enjoying New Super Mario Bros U. I’m so glad I’ve only played the original New Super Mario Bros before playing this game. If the others are as repetitive as the very first game in the series, NSMBU would have been ruined for me if I had played them all.

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