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Shovel Knight Update Allows Wii U Players To Play Without The GamePad

Yacht Club Games has unleashed another update for Shovel Knight. In addition to containing a number of bug fixes, the new patch allows Wii U users to play the game without the GamePad. The touch-screen controller can now be toggled between main and sub type by pressing its select button within the pause menu. An update for the Nintendo 3DS version is also in the works and scheduled to arrive soon on the handheld. Shovel Knight is available in the Nintendo eShop.

12 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Update Allows Wii U Players To Play Without The GamePad”

  1. Pedro juan barguil navarro

    so whats the point about the gamepad now if they are going to find ways to doesnt use it, sure the pro controler its the best controler ever made but, still the gamepad its the point of the wiiu its a shame this happening

    1. There are those who didn’t like the Gamepad being a restrict standard of anything. I like the Gamepad for certain uses but I believe the system shouldn’t force it for certain and all operations of Wii U and its games.

    1. Like what Hollowgrape showed me about Pikmin 3 requiring Gamepad to work with other controllers, I think this update removes that restriction so you can boot and play the game with any other controllers now without that dumb message telling you you need the Gamepad to start the game first. Pikmin 3 needs this update also so my friend HollowGrape can enjoy the game with other controllers.

  2. Aah just read on their Twitter that you could use different remotes but Gamepad was at least required to be connected to the console to play the game. Now Gamepad can be off.

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