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Amiibo Figures Are Currently Doing Well On Amazon

Yesterday the Amiibo figure line went live on Amazon and since then they’ve been performing extremely well in the best-sellers list. We’ve yet to get a date for the adorable figures, but that hasn’t stopped people pre-ordering them in droves. The Amiibo figures currently retail for $12.99.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

25 thoughts on “Amiibo Figures Are Currently Doing Well On Amazon”

    1. This is just the first wave. Like how Disney Infinity releases certain characters at certain times. They don’t release EVERY character all at once.

      There would be a lot of amiibos sitting on store shelves and stores would find them useless for taking up shelf space and would ultimately sell them off cheaper to make more room.

      It is a tactic companies use to make the most money out of a product.

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  2. I can’t figure out why people would pre-order these amiibo figures? Just wait until they’re in stores. It’s not like they’ll be in limited quantity and stores will sell out and never get any more. At $12.99 each, it’s going to take a long, long time before I can collect all of them.

    1. Some of the most popular Skylanders was sold out for months when it first come out, due to scalpers. So if you really want a character you might as well preorder it.

  3. Nintendo isnt going to produce millions upon millions of em right at launch. Theres a chance these amibos could be hard to find the first month or so, especially through the holiday season. If you really want one in 2014, I would pre-order one.

  4. I really hope these Amiibos allow us to get figures of Characters that don’t see to much Merchandise, like Ness, Dr. Mario, Fox, Captain Falcon and more!

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