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Sakaguchi Wanted To Make A Chrono Trigger Sequel But Lost Out To Square

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator behind Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, has revealed that he fought for a sequel to the acclaimed Chrono Trigger but Square Enix wouldn’t back his venture. Sakaguchi said he wanted to make the Chrono Trigger franchise a series like the Final Fantasy games but Square weren’t prepared to do this so it ultimately never happened.

41 thoughts on “Sakaguchi Wanted To Make A Chrono Trigger Sequel But Lost Out To Square”

  1. Square Enix is quite possibly the dumbest company in video games. So many stupid decisions they’ve made.

    1. That goes to nintendo. The new 3ds further proves that even more. Screwing over 40 million 3ds owners. if nintendo was smart and not greedy they would have made the 3ds like that in the first place or waited till the next console, not a .5 upgrade to their same system where the 40 million won’t be able to play certain good games.

      no if you want to talk about price issues, all nintendo had to do is not make that worthless 3d gimmick that nobody uses. Seriously the 3ds is made out of cheap ass parts, i can buy a 8$ pair of headphones and the sound will be better than the ones nintendo had on the 3ds.

      Nintendo is skewed since the iwata era and fucking cashed out to casuals and more. Don’t forget how nintendo is retarded and screws up and makes the same damn mistakes over and over again making them the dumbest company.

        1. I actually liked secret of mana better but there both really great games.

          This game was ahead of it’s time in music and still is unique. This is one of the few games i just wanted to play and play, even playing all through the night not getting bored, it just had magic for me that only a few games give you, even really great games don’t give off that feeling a lot. It’s awesome, to bad the mana series sucks now, also sucks that they’ll never be another chrono game. Both amazing rpgs,

          1. I had the same experience with Secret of Mana, it’s still my favorite RPG of all time. The 3rd installment was absolutely amazing as well, it built off of the 2nd and just expanded everything. Another poor decision by Square, they scrapped Sieken Densetsu 3’s translation in favor of releasing Mario RPG… Then they force out crap games for the “World of Mana” campaign… They essentially abandoned that sinking ship half way through the releases… So sad, such a great series gone to waste.

      1. This is a troll comment, if Nintendo released something like the New 3DS earlier, it would be around the price of $300 dollars. Meaning, it would most likely bomb and they would lose the handheld market just like what happened with the original 3DS.

        1. But at least we wouldn’t have to upgrade every other year. One console bought and that’s it, you now know you have a quality console that won’t be obsolete within a year.

      1. whatever i bet you didn’t even play chrono cross just because it was on playstation. Well if this is tearing your feelings apart then nintendo must have ripped you in half and spit on you.

        1. I played it it was good but it was not a chrono trigger game. Its a good game of its own but cant be compared with the original and shouldn’t

          1. Some people would rather suck cock and hold nintendo like there own instead of just caring about games and better experiences on nintendo. This is why all of them are wiitard frauds.

        2. Chrono Cross was ok, but it just doesn’t compare to Chrono Trigger. Chrono Trigger has superior music, characters and battle system in my opinion. I’m of the mindset that CT, Xenogears, Final Fantasy 7, 8, and Parasite Eve was the renaissance period of RPGs though.

          1. Man, Parasite Eve! Another series Square Enix pooped all over… First one and the book it’s based off of were fantastic. The sequels are horrible..

    1. Great game but I’m glad it’s a single title. Creating a series could have diluted the magic. Chrono Cross was a great game but it didn’t feel anything like Trigger.

    1. Yeah, anyone that’s played Chrono Trigger knows about Chrono Cross, and no, it’s not bettet. Its still a great game but it doesn’t fill the shoes that Chrono Trigger left.

  2. I like to have the old Square and Squaresoft back please. Since Square Enix everything went down hill.

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  4. to be honest I have some difficulty to believe it. Knowing the guys save squaresoft and was in board director until Final Fantasy the movie, chrono trigger was a hit and was recognised to be a worldwide hit during the playstation erea. It was a sure bet and easy money. From memory I read there were a lot of argument in the team hence why they did not make a sequel. By the way chrono cross was shit and it was not worth to be a sequel of Chrono trigger. Chrono Trigger was a ferrari and chrono cross was a fiat.

  5. FFFFFFFFFFF!!! Just sell the IP to Nintendo or Mistwalker, Enix Square! Give it to someone that actually wants to make a new game for the franchise! But I understand. We can’t have a good Chrono Trigger sequel outshining Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest, especially Final Fantasy, now can we?

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