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Nintendo Europe Confirms Hyrule Warriors Update Will Be Available At Launch

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed Hyrule Warriors will receive the update, new mode and Link’s new weapon on the game’s release for Wii U. Following an update for the Zelda and Dynasty Warriors spin-off game, which released September 1 for Japan, European fans will be able to download the latest update for free when the game launches September 19. The latest update from Koei Tecmo will provide players with bug fixes, an ability to switch background music settings before levels, a new challenge mode, and Link’s newest weapon: an 8-bit pixel sword.


27 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Confirms Hyrule Warriors Update Will Be Available At Launch”

    1. Agreed, but I guess we can’t expect the normal Nintendo quality of this game. Though, as long as it’s free, it doesn’t matter!

    2. Why?
      If someone thought of this at the printing stage?
      They should have added 12$ price tag to it to do that shit right.

    1. Hmm. I do wish this was all these extra downloadable content was put into the final retail release… But no matter. Why should I be crying because of more content in a game? :P

  1. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    sometimes i wonder which is worst, sonyans or xbots. But xbots edge sonyans out slightly, xbots are too damn stupid

    1. The reason it is a day 1 patch for us is because it was released in Japan, than they got the patch a couple of days ago. They didn’t rush it: In fact, they have been working on it almost all of 2014.
      Also, the Wii U is outselling the XB1, both in terms of day-to-day sales and overall units sold.

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