Teslagrad Arrives On Wii U September 11, Plus New Trailer

From developer Rain Games, Teslagrad is due to arrive on the Wii U next week, and with it comes a new trailer to set the scene. The 2D puzzle-platform game – where players control a young orphaned boy across the Kingdom of Elektropia – was released for PC last December, receiving a solid 78 from Metacritic. Now, Wii U owners in North America and Europe can expect to see the fantasy title on the eShop from September 11. Make sure you check out the trailer above to get a feel for Teslagrad’s mechanics and visuals.


      1. Nice. Wasn’t sure if that was one of those hybrid words people try to do like ginormous and all that. Amazing ninja skills by the way haha

      2. Haha. We’re both half correct, actually. Fantastical is a derivative of “fantastic” according to my dictionary here, except I was going for “fantasy” rather than “fantastic” in the article. Well, what do you know, learn something new every day. :D Thanks!

      1. I agree. In that case we shouldn’t release things on any day- someone dies everyday and/or someone remembers a bad memory that day. Neither are reasons to halt release dates.

  1. Well I’m officially sold. That trailer looked gorgeous and the gameplay is what finally won me over. I can’t wait to play this game. Absolutely terrific trailer.

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