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Here’s How Teens React To The NES

YouTube channel TheFineBros is at it again and this time they’re seeing how teens react to the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Surprisingly the majority of the teens were unaware it’s a NES, but some knew it was some kind of video game contraption. It’s an entertaining and enlightening video so be sure to give it a watch.

188 thoughts on “Here’s How Teens React To The NES”

        1. I like Nintendo because i grew up with them and because Starfox, Metroid, F-Zero, and Mario are all cool! I don’t like Xbox but I like PlayStation :D

          1. I find it funny that in the 90’s Nintendo was for everybody, then when the Wii came out everyone thought it was for kids, now people are saying only adults play Nintendo. Make up your mind people!

            1. Your not a fucking teen your 19, so your an adult. Damn you know, your not supposed to eat the appliances under the sick you know…..

                  1. Nope your a young adult when your 18. It always has been like that. 18 AND 19 never were considered teens in society. You fuck up, you get trailed as an adult at 18 and 19. When i was 18 i was not called a teen anymore.

                      1. No, you were still a teen.
                        You were a teen who had become of legal age.
                        The law making you an adult by law who is susceptible to full punishment in a court of law, doesn’t change the fact that you were still within your teenage years.

            2. With the amount of trolls and idiots commenting I was under the impression that only a few on this site were adults

              Nintendo is my Blood
              Nintendo Commander
              & Myself

              Beign one of the few that are adults.

            3. someone u probably don't know

              I’m thirteen….
              And I prefer Nintendo over anything plus I try the most I can to play classic games

        2. Didnt you say you were like 15 a few months ago? You wouldnt of even liked the games on the Super Nintendo at that young of age.

      1. Me neither. It’s hard to believe consoles were like this. ._. I can’t even go like 10 minutes without going into my internet browser on Wii U. Lol consoles have much more features now.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                It’s not that much that they don’t know about it, it’s their ignorance which is a pretty common trait in today’s teenagers…

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          1. There are plenty fans of whatever who never saw the very 1st product to the current object of their desire. Kinda like those who’d say Oreos are their favorite cookie w/ out knowing they’re a knockoff of Hydrox.

    2. Although I haven’t owned either, I’d have to say SNES>NES from what I’ve played. I prefer the PS2 though for older games. :)

        1. I’d say, console-wise, GameCube & SNES were both Nintendo’s highest points (the SNES was a treasure trove of RPGs & 2D platformers & GCN had some of the best 3D games, including from Dreamcast). While N64 had my favorite Zelda (Majora’s Mask), 2 new Zeldas, 2 Banjo Kazooies, Buck Bumble, & RE2, the RPG & 2D departments were deficient (I only had Ogre Battle64, & Hybrid Heaven only had RPG elements & was a tad boring; 0 2D games). GCN not only had 2 new Zeldas (Wind Waker & Twilight Princess), it also had the original Zelda, Zelda II, OoT, & MM all on 1 disc, plus GCN had Master Quest. It also dabbled in using a handheld as a controller, & there was the GBA player, too.

          My 1st Nintendo console was Super NES. The gems in my collection are DK2, MegaManX, & FF III. Sadly, my SNES library is small since I lived in a small town [nearest retailer that had games was 30 min. away], was poor [& my pops a miser], & I didn’t subscribe to gaming mags so I was ignorant). But I know now what I missed out on.

          PS2 was Sony’s peak, imo. That had plenty of great 3D games as well as some 2D, & a great deal of RPGs. & wonderfully Japanese.

    3. Really? They have no idea what it was? We need to teach kids this shit in school. I was born in 1991 but even I played the NES and SNES growing up through emulators on the PC. If you play video games at all just just gotta play some NES and SNES games or else you may just shoot yourself. I’m serious. You gotta learn the history before you can truly enjoy and understand modern games.

      1. Anubis (Sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew)

        Learn history? It’s just video games… school has nothing to do with this. I’ve never played on a NES problem?

        1. LOL, Anubis, I know right? Nintendo’s history is NOT something that is taught to the younger generations. Not only is “videogame history” unimportant in virtually every single country of the world, the fact that Nintendo is a “Japanese” company makes the history that much more irrelevant. Especially to countries like the U.S and Europe where these teens are from.

      2. “You gotta learn the history before you can truly enjoy and understand modern games.”

        I’d argue that when one knows the history of gaming, having played its great even mediocre examples, one would actually find it difficult to enjoy modern games. Quite a few modern devs seem completely oblivious to the past, if the games of today are any indication; namely the easier difficulty & overall style over substance (gameply, not necessarily story, though those are usually bloated & pretentious; all examples pernicious).

    4. I played so much nes as a kid, i actually played the nes up to like 05. Great console when the fucking thing wanted to work. So because of that im not a retard in nintendo gaming, YES!!!

      Seriously it’s crazy seeing some people say “i can’t play this, it’s to old and feels weird. No it doesn’t you just suck at games that take any challenge what so ever or something.

      Then there is the snes that since i grew up on nes i could play as many snes games as i wanted and not be like uhhh this is sooo old and feels weird. Yet nes and snes games aged better than 5th gen games so i never understand wtf people are talking about,

      Nes was such a awesome in room multiplayer system, (sane with 64) even some of my friends would love to play the nes with me when i got the thing working over my gamecube and 64.


      1. Hey,

        I clearly didn’t get your joking response to my serious question the other day. Age gap possibly. You have my email anyhow :)


          1. I wouldn’t like to guess as I may say younger than you are based on the gamer sp33k. I haven’t had the chance to play many game for years due to real life responsibilities, so been out of the scene maybe 12+ years. I’m going to have a wild guess, 27??


            1. i’m 57 love sexy children and there cute genital parts, love to abduct them and play wii u with them, i have a fetish of wearing diapers and wetting the bed and I FEFUSE TO GROW UP, NOOO NOOO I WONT GROW UP NOOO!!!!! – Average nintendo fanboy

      1. HAHA me neither, I just commented and just assumed they were like “HUHHH WOAH, what is that!!! I need to stop smoking pot and playing cod!! WHAO 8 bit just WOOOOAAHHHH!!!!!”

        1. Do people like you really need to fall back on the fanboy term every time you hear someone express a positive opinion toward Nintendo or a negative opinion toward people that are ignorant or hateful toward Nintendo?

          Anyway, I’ll say it again. It was most likely just a bunch of ignorant teens being interviewed for the video. Ignorant is just an adjective which means lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact. Everyone is ignorant of something. We all can’t know everything. But if you want to take it as an insult, that’s your problem.

          1. To be fair, you rarely ever say anything positive about Xbox One or PS4, so you can’t blame him for viewing you that way.

            1. I don’t really say anything negative about the PS4, either. The Xbomb, on the other hand, can go die in a ditch. The sooner Microsoft gets out of the video game industry, the better.

            1. In all honesty, explain to me how he would work. I’m not saying he can’t, I’m just saying that he would look stupid. In addition, in SSBB, he grabbed Samus with one hand. Literally only one. If he was in SSB, according to Smash logic, Samus can grab him and toss him out of the universe. Lmao, again, not saying he cannot work, but I would like you to explain to me how you can possibly downscale him without him looking stupid. Especially compared to his gigantic form in the other Smash game. One, two, three, GO!

      1. Shokio: “In all honesty, does that look right to you? No, he looks retarded as shit at that size! People, it wouldn’t look right and it wouldn’t be right!”

        1. In other words: “I don’t want Ridley in because he won’t look right to me. Screw the thousands of others that would love Ridley as playable & not mind an altered Ridley.” I don’t listen to people like Shokio. They think their opinion is all that matters. Shokio once complained about how certain Nintendo fans hate options. Well having Ridley as playable would be an option for people to use as a playable character, yet he’s against the character as a playable option. Yeah. He’s certainly not being selfish with his opinions.

    5. I’m not surprised that they had no idea what it was. They weren’t one of the lucky few (like me) who’s parents grew up on the NES and SNES and kept them for their kids to play with.

      That’s right. I played on the NES, SNES (and technically the Genesis too lol) when I was a kid and I was born in 1994!!! :D Gotta love my parents!

    6. I am just glad I have played Pokemon, Mario, Sonic and Nintendo’s other games since I was 7 and I always will.The other kids in my high school don’t know what they are missing.

    7. This is pretty sad! I’m younger and have played it! This is actually pretty sad, they were born around the 90’s, they should know all that stuff and more!

      1. Nah us born in the mid to late nineties are early 2000 kids. Although much of the early 2000 were much like the 90s. I was really poor growing up so I was very lucky to have a gameboy sp with pokemon ruby and a gamecube with harvest moon awl.:p <3

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    9. I haven’t even watched this video and I’m not going to. I know that they’re going to be like, “wtf is this give me my xbox i wanna play codnot this brick” “Is this a typewriter?”

    10. My GOD! These teens are so DUMB! Aside from maybe one or two of them, it’s like they tried their best to find the dumbest, most uninformed teens they could. How can ANYBODY not know what the NES is? That’s like not knowing what a car or bicycle is. It kind of explains why the Playstation and Xbox consoles sell so good. Today’s generation is spoiled, uninformed and ignorant to the old-school classics that made gaming what it is today. It sickens me to see kids act this stupid.

      If I ever have kids of my own, they will definitely know and respect the classics. And they’ll have plenty of NES games to choose from, since I have nearly every licensed NES game ever made. This video seriously made me face-palm.

      1. As I said before, there’s a difference between stupidity and not knowing. You didn’t know what an NES was at some point in your life. I think you’re overreacting.

        1. I’ve always known what an NES was, since it first came out. Before that I was an Atari 2600 and Odyssey 2 gamer. But not nearly as hardcore as I was when I got the NES.

          1. so how exactly were these people supposed to know what an NES was at release time when they weren’t even born then? you obviously were so that’s a pointless comparison

            you always have to learn about things at some point in your life.. can’t know everything that matters from year one now can you?


      2. do you know what a turing machine is without looking it up on wikipedia? do you know what an integrated circuit is without looking it up? ARPANet? magnetron? haber-bosch process? xerography? vacuum diode?
        of course there’s many more i could list and i’d be *very* surprised if you knew what all of them are but they should suffice for now

        if your answer to any of these questions was no then you can’t exactly claim they’re more ignorant than you are, because each of these inventions of the modern era was far more important and influential than the NES

      1. That’s one of the things that always gave me the creeps about buying used NES games (or any cartridge games). Imagining how many people probably blew and spit into the cartridges. That’s one of the reasons why I use lysol to clean all of my games.

        1. agree with that, you can easily understand they don’t know what a NES is and how to get it works. ON that one I don’t have any issue but when you don’t even know what is Zelda (one of the main nintendo’s franchise), you can’t call yourself a nintendo fans

      1. Just because they don’t know what it is doesn’t make them any less of a Nintendo fan. I didn’t even know what an NES was until 2010. And even if they do know what it is, that doesn’t mean they’re going to like it. The ignorance can be compared both ways in this situation. Try letting a mom play Call of Duty with the Xbox One controller and watch her spend 5 minutes asking you what buttons to press…

    11. What a funny video that these kids didnt know how it works or how to fix. Like that blowing. I know that in my time. They have to respect Nintendo, Nintendo is the company that bring the games on the market in the 80s and 90. And a succesfull console in that time.

      I hope now that Nintendo will learn of there mistakes of the Wii U. Next console must be like a pc. Powerfull and even more then the PS5 or M-soft his future console.

      1. Yeah, I don’t usually care about whether or not Nintendo tries to copy or compete with it’s competitors. I normally love the fact that they march to the beat of their own drum. But because of so many people bashing the Wii U, and most third-party companies abandoning the Wii U altogether (or releasing only garbage dance and singing games), I hope Nintendo’s next console wipes the floor with whatever Sony and Microsoft has at that time. I want Nintendo to once again reign supreme in the eyes of all (or most) gamers, just like they used to. I’m getting fed up with today’s Sonyan and Xbot generation.

      2. like they said in the video: the blowing usually didn’t fix anything it only made it worse^^

        what you had to do was get the corrosion off the contacts.. repeatedly reinserting the cartridge helps with that (which is also why so many people thought that blowing on it helped, because when they did that they reinserted the cartdridge another time)
        obviously that made the contacts in the console wear out however.. not ideal either way but that’s how it had to be done

        it worked much better on the SNES

        1. Good point. But imagining all of that dust and corrosion being inserted into the 72-pin connector makes me cringe. Poor NES. As a kid, I knew nothing about that sort of thing. In this day and age, I open up every NES game and clean the connector with an eraser. Works wonders.

      3. and no it doesn’t have to be like a PC.. i have a PC, i don’t need another one

        nintendo should do their own thing like they’ve done in the past, we don’t need another pseudo PC on the market, that’s what sony and microsoft are there for

    12. geez talking about a blast from the past!!! yeah we were blowing on the cartridge to get it work (i was 12 Yo). But the spring loaded system was really rubbish, I do believe mine die like this, where the spring system was gone. Btw they looked retarded those teens and on the top of that you can tell video game were harder due to the control system and game play, it’s not like today where controllers are more sophisticate and more responsive and game seems less challenging.

          1. If moving on means forgetting quality, tried-&-true formulas, & length of gameplay , certain IPs (Wave Race, F-Zero, Space Firebird, NiGHTS, etc.) then ‘no thanks, I’ll live in the past’, especially if being new is simply for being new &/or games morph into movies, which isn’t that new either.

            Just because “progress” in the industry means photorealism nearly every title; hardcore audiovisuals that sacrifice gameplay; a plathora of FPSes, Sandboxes, & 3rd-Person-Shooter Tomb Raiders that lack tombs, raiding, puzzles, & isolated ambiance; that doesn’t exactly compel me to embrace the new, which new gamers are too naïve to avoid. Nor does it mean I’m against new IPs or new ways to play, but gameplay is most important & the most deficient as the industry has “progressed”.

            & did you post how you bought a bunch of PSX titles? Tsk, tsk. You talk about forgetting the past & hating the ideal formulas that actually existed more so back then, & yet you turn around & say those relics are worthless. & I’m pretty sure you posted about @ least one of Nintendo’s past consoles being so great & wishing Wii U was more like it. Tsk, tsk.

    13. This reminds me… I’ve been waiting 3 months for a guy to sell me his used NES. He kept saying that he was busy and then after all that waiting he sold it to someone else.What an idiot, that really pissed me off. Now, I’m going to buy a new NES (maybe) for double the price.

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