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Here’s A New Japanese Smash Bros Commercial Focusing On Mii’s

A charming Japanese commercial has appeared online for the forthcoming Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. This particular advert focusses on the customisable Mii characters which will feature and battle in the game. Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS launches first in Japan on September 13th and will arrive in the west on October 3rd.

112 thoughts on “Here’s A New Japanese Smash Bros Commercial Focusing On Mii’s”

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    1. The miis downgrade every Nintendo game that has them as a cameo. Annoying to hear and to look at. I can’t believe Sakurai scooped so low just have them as characters.

    2. Nice. I’m glad they aren’t tied to specific outfits depending on their moveset. Of course, I’ll be using the Swordfighter Mii more than anything.

        1. Same. I’ll never stop wishing that Nintendo would just add a feature that allowed people’s real faces to be photographed and put onto the Mii’s. The way that the Mii’s currently are, it feels like Nintendo took the easiest way out with the extreme lack of options.

        1. Anubis (Sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew)

          Whenever I see Miis online, its like they’re there… mocking me.

          Plus the voices suck, they are a sad excuse of a Nintendo character.

          I have too see them eveytime I turn on my Wii U making dumbass comments like “goku for smash” ” you hate Nintendo therefore you don’t own a Wii U”. You know what I’ll just show you a video

            1. Oh come on, most of those guys are either kids, not gamers, or joking. I didnt know samus was a girl and i thought his name was metroid until like a year ago because im not that big of a gamer. I like the miis but not that mii weareaawara shit I see everytime I turn it on.

              1. Anubis (Sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew)

                “not that mii weareaawara shit”
                I don’t know why but that made me laugh really hard XD

            1. Please don’t recommend that game, it’s fun for only a week before you want to demand your money back.

              Source: Had it a week after it’s launch

              I’m glad YOU enjoyed it though!

              1. I haven’t played Tomodachi Life. I’ve only played the demo. I enjoyed the demo though. I’m pretty sure it’s not as bad as you are making it seem. XD

                1. Maybe you should stay away from demos. They seem to be giving you the wrong impression of certain games. xD First Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate & now Tomodachi Life.

                2. Like most demo’s, it only shows you the good and not the bad. I said the same thing, searched for the game in store, and than ended up with disappointment. Buy at your own risk

                  Irony much? 😉.

                    1. Because all it is, IS funny.

                      Bad: There’s no real gameplay, and all the funny scenes are used over and over again until they become repetitive. Miis will ask the same questions, have the same problems, and dream the same dreams. No change of gameplay/pace what so ever and gets boring. Without Streetpass/Spotpass you miss out on a TON of clothes/interiors. Time Traveling to access new goods basically glitches your shops for a couple of days.
                      Semi Fun parts: They marry the most random people (18M to 78F really?), have the oddest looking children, and participate in the same daily oddball events.
                      Good parts: Mii customization, using celebs to make things odd/random, they talk in weird robot voices.

                      This game is good for a quick laugh for some time, but the only reason I play is to gain new cloths/interiors and dress them up. Buy at your own risk, I would just buy Sims 3 and torture their lives. >:)

                        1. See, that’s the reason why Sims is fun, because you can torture, spoil, *cough, kill, cough*, and do all sorts of other things. I understand Tomodachi Life is not that type of game, and neither is Animal Crossing (which I LOVE), but Tomodachi Life has very little replay value or any value.

                          And to answer the initial question, it’s because its FRIKKEN AWESOME!

                  1. I own Tomodachi Life, and it gets boring REALLY fast! There’s only so much you can do each time you play. Such as buying the latest items available at the different stores, and talking to the different Mii’s, giving them food etc. It becomes repetitive really fast.

                    There’s only a small amount of games that you can play with the Mii’s. And for some reason I can’t get any of the female Mii’s to marry me (my Mii). I turned one down early after I first got the game, and none of the other female Mii’s have acted interested in me since. I don’t know if I’m supposed to do something or what?

                    But back to my main point, it gets tiresome QUICK.

            2. Similarly, on Youtube check out “SSB4: Dumbest Character Suggestions EVER” by Shokio on Youtube.

              It’s a bit outdated since it was made a year ago, but it’s still relevant for the most part. There’s also part 2 if you want more.

      1. I can’t wait to see what people do with their Mii Fighters. I hope there’s a downloadable fighter-of-the-day like there was with the custom stages in Brawl!

      2. Yea, honestly the Mii’s are a little played out. Just seems like last generation to me. I like them, but just getting a little old, and I would not use them for advertisment in a Smash game. Smash advertises itself without mii’s.

        1. To add to that, in Tomodachi Life you can give your Mii different clothing and hats. It’s kind of a missed opportunity that you can’t give your Miis clothing options in Mii Maker, but Miis would look a lot more appealing if Nintendo added this option in their next consoles after the 3DS and Wii U.

      3. I’m going to make the following mii fighters:
        Random Family members/ friends.


      4. If you don’t care for Mii’s don’t use them. They’ll just be your punching bags in Multi-Man Smash. I don’t really care either way. I may use them if a friend wants to challenge me to a custom Smash but 99% of my time will probably be spent using the actual character roster. Fun to be had either way though.

        1. But the thing is in this game they have unique movesets that other characters do not. And there are three different types as well. They aren’t just the generic character (like in Mario Kart for example) that does what everyone else does. Lol.

          1. Honestly their moves look to be reskinned moves taken from the other characters. I don’t think one Mii move shown hasn’t been “proven” to be taken from someone else on the roster, which makes plenty of sense considering how they’re a part of custom matches. I mean sure, you’ll be able to give them completely original movesets but I think the individual moves making up each Mii’s moveset will be taken from various main characters, and their custom options with MAYBE at most a few original Mii moves.

            I could be totally wrong about all that though.

      5. I’ve been waiting for over 2 decades for Nintendo to put a feature in games that allow gamers to put their real face on created characters. The Mii’s was the perfect opportunity to do this, but they screwed it up yet AGAIN by making the Mii’s super cartoony and the options super limited.

        I still remember, back before Perfect Dark was released on the N64, Nintendo Power printed an article about Perfect Dark, showing that the game was going to have a mode that allowed the player to take a snapshot of their face and put it on their character for the multi-player mode. And I was actually considering buying the game (even though I despise FPS games) just because of this alone. But this feature was later removed (for some reason) before the game released.

        Every time there was a game that was going to have some sort of feature that allowed a person to put their face in the game, it always seems to get changed or cancelled. Even the Mario Artist series (64DD) was going to have some sort of photo feature, but was never released in North America. And Stage Debut was cancelled. I heard there was one (or more) eShop games that allowed something like this, but I have no interest in digital games.

        I wrote to SOOOOO many companies back in the day about wanting this feature in games. I especially wrote a ton of letters to THQ (I was a huge WWE wrestling game fan, and wanted to put real faces on my created wrestlers). But nobody ever listened to me. I eventually came to the belief that all companies were selfish and cared nothing about what the fans wanted, so I stopped writing letters. To this day, I laugh when any company claims that they listened to fan feedback/suggestions. That’s such a load of CRAP!

          1. The Mii’s already look incredibly stupid. Who wouldn’t rather see a real face on a character instead of a ridiculous caricature that rarely looks anything like who they’re supposed to be? I’ve always wanted to create and feel like I was a part of the game. Seeing my face (and others) is the perfect way to feel like I’m a part of the game.

            People with your philosophy (or whatever you call it) is probably why all of my greatest game ideas never happened in all these years.
            (- _ -)

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