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Armillo Patch Fixes Frame Rate And Completion Issues

Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has released a new patch for Armillo. Out now in North America, the latest v1.1 update improves the frame rate of the puzzle-platformer and fixes completion issues that prevented players from seeing everything the game has to offer. The developer is also planning to unleash the patch in Europe. Armillo is available for purchase on Wii U through the Nintendo eShop.

39 thoughts on “Armillo Patch Fixes Frame Rate And Completion Issues”

    1. But that clearly doesnt bother you because you still buy their shitty rehashes of the same game every year and sport an avatar of it

      1. Lmao. I agree with the guy. Nintendo should’ve put more focus into their online. Then we could be playing games like Hyrule Warriors and Super Mario 3D World with friends. The Miiverse ghost stuff is a joke. Missed opportunity. Aside from that though, they’re still fun games with local co-op.

    2. Nintendo is my Blood burn in hell

      I fucking hate white people you guys are fucking morons. Go back to watching your reruns of “friends” and “lost” and eating asparagus and macaroni salad or wearing your socks still when you have sex.. Oh and by the way I am…. Wouldn’t you like to know..

  1. I’ve used MyNintendoNews as my main Nintendo news source for a while now, but this patch was released on Friday. GoNintendo posted about it the day of. Now it’s 2 days later and MNN is just getting to posting about it.

    1. Who gives a shut when gonintendo posted it. It’s not like you only have 24 hours to download it.

      Some of you blogger micro-managers get really annoying.

      MyNintendonews ranks very high in search results, and has more news and quicker MOST times. Then that one time they are slower, it’s like, “Sickr, you suck. This site just isn’t that good for news, yada yada”

      GoNintemdo and the other sites don’t always post the things found on this site, and they sure as hell don’t update nearly as often.

  2. Can anyone give me any 3DS game recommendations? I already have ACNL, Luigi’s Mansion, NSMB2, SM3DL, Zelda ALBW and OoT3D, Shovel Knight, Gunman Clive, Mario Land 3, Mario Tennis Open, Paper Mario, Pokémon X and Rayman Origins. My 3DS is collecting dust (literally) and I don’t know what to get for it…

    1. Kirby tripple deluxe, bravely default, tomodachi life perhaps? There really isnt much. I can recommend games coming out in the next few months though xD
      Smash 3 DS
      Pokemon OR/AS
      Fantasy life
      Final fantasy explorers
      just wait a little longer :P

    2. Kirby Triple Deluxe, Mario Kart 7, and since I see you have a sports game, Mario Golf World Tour. I don’t find golf interesting, but it certainly is fun with all the Nintendo characters, stages, etc. Got it day one and I don’t regret it. And although I haven’t played these yet, these are what I plan on getting that you may be interested in: Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Bravely Default, Fire Emblem Awakening, Kid Icarus Uprising, and I’ve heard Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is good as well.

        1. Kirby Triple Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country, Monster Hunter 3, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart 7. It’s too bad you got Paper Mario Sticker Star and Luigi’s Mansion 2 – I never played them and traded them in toward Mario Kart 8 credit.. Shin Megami Tensei was fun. Still waiting for some Metroid (Hello 3DS is 4 years old Nintendo?!?) Honourable mention goes to Super Monkey Ball 3D. Why won’t Sega put a Monkey Ball on WiiU???

    3. I would NOT recommend tomogachi life, AKA gimped animal crossing (sorry to the fans who like that game.)

      Do you like turn based strategy?

    4. You didn’t play Kid Icarus Uprising? How about Fire Emblem? < Those two games are my absolute favorite 3DS games. I still go back to replay them both.

  3. How can pc be master race. Reasons: viruses& malware,LAG,glitchy/buggy games,broken games,and it’s super expensive to beef up you rig!

    1. It’s not super expensive. You can just get one that’s good enough to run games the way you want it to and then upgrade more parts when you feel is necessary. And btw, when you DO upgrade, it is worth it because you get higher FPS and better graphics without having to buy a whole new system. And all those games you bought before the upgrade will still be there and you can enjoy them with that higher frame rate. ;) And don’t forget about the massive collection of games you can get on PC with Steam. All those games are in one place and you don’t need to ditch your PC like a console whenever the next generation of games start. And there are also a ton of mods for games that you can get that can seriously increase the replay value of the game. Seriously, it’s not all about graphics. When I get my gaming PC, I will not be spending $100’s on upgrades every year. A smart plan is to get a powerful PC that can last you all throughout the entire generation. And in addition, you’ll be able to play any last gen games that you please as well. Also, viruses? Lmao. The only way you ever get those is when you do something to your PC that you should not be doing. And about the glitchy, buggy, and broken games, I don’t know where in the world you pulled that from. Games on PC are better by far in terms of performance. And you don’t need to go buy the latest AAA game every single time. There are plenty of good indie games as well and they can be just as good as all the other games you play. And you can do much more than just gaming. A PC can be used as an all in one media center. I am not necessarily downplaying consoles though as they get exclusives that simply aren’t on PC, so it’s good to have both whenever possible. PC+handheld+console= the true and definitive gameplay experience. But of course, if you had to choose only one to be your main and primary source for gaming, the best place imo would be PC.

      1. i bought an asus on boxing day that has lasted me for years… wtf? why is there a huge long lull in computer processing speeds? we should all on supercomputers by now! and uploading our brains and stuff.

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