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Square Enix Recruiting Staff For New Console RPG Studio


Square Enix is reportedly working hard to acquire new staff for a console based RPG studio. The firm is currently recruiting a Battle Director, Event Director, Lead Planner, Battle Planners, Lead Programmer, Programmers, Marketing Director, Technical Artists, Lead Effects Designer, Lead Animator, Lead 3DCG Character Designer, Lead 3DCG Environment Designer, Lead Menu Designer. It’s all in very early stages at the moment so don’t expect to see the fruits of their labour anytime soon.

Thanks, Danny C

18 thoughts on “Square Enix Recruiting Staff For New Console RPG Studio”

  1. another going bankrut company LOL THERE AS SKINT AS CAPCOM this industry is going to implode everyone knows sqaure are near dead and have no money JESUS THIS SHITS HILARIOUS

    true story suare guy goes to see nintendo presdent says we are going ps1 not n64 asked why he says because we dont want to make GAMEPLAY we wabt to make CUT SCENES the nintendo president says thats destroying video gaming and final fantasy should be about rpg gaming

    the square guy fuly admits tere hell vet on screwing gamers over dummbing down games ad going full retard with cut scenes

    he was punched to the ground and dragged kicking and screaming from the building by nintedos now dead president THIS IS A TRUE STORY GO LOOK IT UP

  2. You know, as much as I love Square Enix, if they were to go bankrupt then it’s definitely possible that Nintendo would buy then out, which means we’d get Final Fantasy on Nintendo platforms again! That being said I’m psyched out of my mind for FF15

      1. The only other one i liked that i played was evermore….. i didn’t even lik ethe highly acclaimed secret of mana 2, i thought they they ruined the battle system.

        1. Children of Mana wasn’t too bad. Got a tad repeditive, but the music and graphics were just as good as ever. Not the best Square game in the world- but not the worst.

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  4. Well, it’s worth a try. God only knows Square’s RPG product these days needs a hell of a lot more than a mere shot in the arm, though.

  5. I’m saying again, FF XIII despite it’s flaws is a brilliant and entertaining game, in my top 3 Final Fantasies, after VII and IX, and before X and IV. Yes I played all the main games. And yes, VI is bloody overrated.

    1. FF VI (when it was numbered as III) was my first taste of the franchise. I prefer IV, but I wish either 3DS or Wii U could get an HD remake of IX. FF VII is the most overrated. @ least VI had better storytelling & aestheitcs. Just goes to show that if devs are limited by tech, they’ll have to get creative simply to survive. Sadly, devs in the 7th gen couldn’t properly handle the new tech, became graphics whores, damning gameplay & aesthetical variation to Hel. What was once a tool & in some cases a filler has become the main aspect of the product. & the masses just gobble that eyecandy, naïve to true gaming, & duped into paying more for what the movie industry charges less. Square-Enix is no exception.

  6. Final Fantasy 6 is the best one ever made. I actually thought 13 was ok. I played it mostly to the end. But 13-2 was awful, and so was lightning returns. Square has lost there way. They cant hold a candle to games like Xenoblade Chronicles. And thier mis-management with the dragon quest series is an epic fail. They focus too much of thier attention on IOS when thier fanbase is on consoles waiting for them to release a good rpg.

    1. As a sequel FF XIII-2 may be terrible, the story is one big mess. But look beyond that and it’s actually a really good game.

      Haven’t tried LR yet, Lightning is one uninspired character, and it got really bad reviews. I’ll buy it if I can find it for less than $20.

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