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Monolith Soft Says Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Building Groundwork For Their HD Game Development

Xenoblade Chronicles X executive producer Tetsuya Takahashi has explained to EDGE magazine that the highly anticipated game will be building the groundwork for their future HD projects. This will enable their next projects to  go as smoothly as they anticipate.

“Xenoblade Chronicles X is the first HD project for Monolith Soft, so instead of setting a number of hard-to-achieve targets, we are working on steadily building up key skills. Our goal with this game is first to lay the groundwork for [our] HD game development, so as to not overreach ourselves and cause problems.”

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

75 thoughts on “Monolith Soft Says Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Building Groundwork For Their HD Game Development”

          1. Jesus. This twat is becoming a giant pain in God’s ass. XD No wonder he/she/it doesn’t answer to you at all. Good luck making friends anywhere with your kind of garbage talk. lol

        1. Shut your ass here’s a diaper
          You don’t know what are you talking about
          We have awesome matured games and guess what Nintendrop wiik u don’t, hahahahahahahahahaha

          1. Whoa seems like I pushed some buttons there…haha expected from a fanboy, tell me what games does ps4 have that I havent already played it on my last gen ps3? Feel free to reply back after your period is

      1. Well clearly not, and also keep in mind that bayoneta, and metroid are M rated games from Nintendo. And as stated several times, they are staring away from children and going for the core market, which means more T-M games, plus the great IP Nintendo already has. Sony and apply are for babies.

    1. No thx. Xenoblade is perfect the way it is. Do not ruin it with multiplayer or some other stream-line user friendly crap. Xenoblade chronicles is a hardcore jrpg, designed for hardcore fans. It is absolutely perfect, and is my most anticipated game of all time. (on par with Zelda U)

  1. The first was also just an experiment and it turned out great, hopefully this one will turn out just as good.

    I wonder what there future wii u games will be then when it’s not a testing ground anymore….

    1. This is basically another way of using the game’s current and reliable engine for their future games. It saves a lot of time without having to keep modifying it, which means that after Xenoblade X, they won’t have to encounter as many problems regarding HD development.

    2. Most likely metroid, and possibly new IP, Nintendo has bin pretty clear that they well be minimizing the amount of E rated tittles and well be looking into more core audiences so expect new IP and the revival of their old T and M rated content, monilithsoft is a prime team for that, also they might buy platinum after the release of their new Xbox game

    3. We can only hope.
      And this time, instead of releasing an epic game on a dead console, they can release one on a console that’s on life support.
      NURSE. I need 100cc’s of MONOLITH SOFT…STAT. WiiU is in De-fib!!!

  2. Sickr, this is olddddddd. :O

    Regardless, this is good news. I hope that the development time for their future games will be shorter.

  3. they need to improve the graphics. most ps3,360 or wiiu games look better than this. i cant even stand the character models.

      1. Well, it does have a reason to have PS3 graphics (I’m only talking about textures, because particle effects are amazing). Considering the map size is 5 times bigger than Skyrim’s

    1. They can fail easily. All they have to do is not include online coop. Also, if they have online coop and they don’t include a voice chat system.

      1. Not every game needs online co-op. Xenoblade Chronicles X is one such game. Besides, online co-op sucks when the offline single player is the main focal point. Just look at Assassin’s Creed’s online multiplayer. xD

        1. That doesn’t change the fact that any studio that was not actually founded by Nintendo, and the games thereof (Monolith, HAL, Rare, Retro, Game Freak etc.) are by default not Nintendo intellectual properties. Nintendo only earns a share of their profits and/or owns them through contracts. Nintendo can’t be credited for games that they only published, but were actually the idea’s and creations of another studio any more than Disney can be credited with the creations of Marvel or Lucas Film by simply owning them.

    1. Wait, but didn’t they make a Xenosaga game on the PS3? If so, this isn’t their first time working with HD stuff. (And yes I know their a first party of Nintendo now)

  4. As long as your graphics are better then hyrule warriors, you should be alright but If your game doesn’t have online coop, your game will be considered junk.

  5. No online co-op Pink. The fans don’t want co-op. This is a single player rpg, with an epic storyline. Not some half-baked MMO. You don’t like it don’t buy it.

    I don’t think most people understand the scope of this game. They just look at the graphics and think, “oh the Witcher 3 looks better, it must be a better game”. NO. just NO…..The original Xenoblade was bigger than skyrim. If you add all the areas combined it was a great deal bigger than skyrim actually. And it’s fully explorable. The storyline was epic, and the writing and voice acting was steller. This new Xenoblade ups the anty on everything. Monolith Soft said it’s MORE than five times bigger than the first one. Holy shit, so that’s equivilant to SIX SKYRIMS! That is huge. That would make this the biggest game of all time.? I think so. And this time they are going to have American voice actors, and everything is improved as far as navigation and inventory management. This will be the Godfather of rpg’s. This will be the gold standard. The Witcher three will be a good game, but it wont be on the same level as Xenoblade. Not even close.

    This game will be epic. Number one anticipated game. The best reason to own a Wii U.

    1. If characters from the first Xenoblade Chronicles appear in this game by some chance, I hope they got the voice actors from the UK to reprise their roles. I’d hate to hear some voice actors from the US trying to do fake British accents. Bleh!

  6. Im not sure if it is or not. I just hope it’s not. Multiplayer doesnt belong in a xenoblade game. Thats like asking for multiplayer in a final fantasy game. I would buy it either way of course.

  7. I hope we don’t have to wait til Summer of next year for this game. Hopefully we can at least get it in the early spring time say April.

  8. What be so wrong about having a multiplayer mode. It would do nothing but add to the quality and content of the game. It doesn’t have to have a major affect on the single player campaign at all.

  9. ps4isforthesheeplewhocangoplayanotherfps

    Nothing is wrong with multiplayer in a game that needs it.

    This game does not need it. Anyone thinking that this game needs online multiplayer does not appreciate JRPG or even RPG for that matter. Immerse yourself in a mature story and let the game makers plot a challenging and beautiful set of loci for you to explore and discover. This is going to be huge ! and even in that slang, gnarly surfer way.

  10. Yea, if they had a completely different mode away from the single player campaign, then multiplayer would be fine. But the second you introduce multiplayer into single player campaign the story takes a big hit in quality. You have to sacrifice one for the other, and I’d rather have story. Thats why all these MMO’s have shit stories. Do you people really just wanna make xenoblade another mmo? Hell no.

  11. And i don’t want hundreds of other players running around the lands with me. Gold spammers and chat babies crying and cussing. It takes away from the immersion and just sucks in general. God I hate mmo’s and my heart would break if they turned xenoblade into one.

  12. Just make it closed worlds with X amount of people able to play together and choose for them to be open to public or not. Easy concept.

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