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Nintendo Treehouse Will Be Streaming On Twitch On September 12th

Nintendo of America has tweeted that there will be another informative Treehouse stream coming on September 12th. The event will be on Twitch and will include various Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games including Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS.

Thanks,  N-Dub Nation

44 thoughts on “Nintendo Treehouse Will Be Streaming On Twitch On September 12th”

  1. I wonder if there will be anything new to see. On the other hands, it’s good to see that the other games will be getting seen.
    I’m excited for the Nintendo line-up.
    By the way, I’m a new member. I’ve been coming on this website since like June 2012 though.

    1. Hello DeeJaySmirk! Hope the username isn’t too infuriating, heh.

      I don’t know how much new stuff we will see, but it’s safe to say we will get a good glimpse of the new stages and confirmed characters for Smash Bros (that weren’t in the e3 demo).

      But I bet if there was any new Zelda/Starfox/ Fire Emblem X SMT/ Project Steam footage, they’d probably save that for a Direct. But, hey, let’s hope I’m wrong ;)

      1. Userbase* isn’t too infuriating.
        Auto correct… But, yeah, like theGamer said above me, beware of trolls. Like most gaming comment sections- you gotta ignore some people.

  2. New member here too. I have followed the site since 2011, daily. I have purchased Nintendo products and games every since the NES. I would really love for Nintendo to finally announce N64 games for Virtual Console as well as Gamecube classics, like Luigis Mansion and Sunshine! I would also love to see Virtual Boy games finally come to the Nintendo 3DS. The VB gets a lot of bad rap but I really enjoyed some of its games and it would be neat to be able to have them in digital form and portable.

  3. High Command would bring a significant portion of the older Nintendo supporters if they released the best multiplayer games from the SNES, N64 and GCN era if they included online multiplayer options…

    Who wouldn’t pay to play Diddy Kong Racing online?…

        1. No, I’m logical. No games for 6-7, heck maybe 8 months. Don’t even tell me third parties count, because I can get the superior PC versions on steam if I wanted to. It’s just two games, Infamous and Knack, everything else is either indie or barely can even make itself known.

  4. Random nintendo story because i feel like telling it. So i went to a pawn shop to see if there was any dirt cheap n64 games that i could put in my camper, of corse there was only fucking shit. Though i found pokemon soul silver complete (though no outer case slit or that stupid pokeball) for only 30$. So i don’t care for pokemon that much but silver was the shit for me back in the day so i was like OK IM GANA GET THIS. So this black guy opened the case for me and he was like gigglimg at the deal, ” man that is a GRREEAT find you don’t know HOW LUCKY you are to find this, huh huh huh huh, these babies sell out so fast hu huh huh huh greaaat find” He did this tell i checked out lmao, Hemust of been really happy for me or something. I was not expecting that kind of reaction from him…..Then i walked out of the store and saw this old hag (probably 50 maybe older, looked like a meth head) walking in the store as i was leaving with a shirt “i love boobies” on it and i bursted out laughing and snot flew all over my face. she apparently looked back at me frowning lmao.

    I don’t care i couldn’t hold it back, i laughed right in front of her face.

    So i got a great deal on a rare game, saw a super happy black guy more happy than i was for the deal and a old woman that loves tits. Gosh pawn shops are so weird.

  5. What happened Reggie? I thought people didn’t like to watch games, according to you and your everlasting retarded logic… Just like with Microsoft, I wonder how some of these people even keep their jobs with the ignorance they spew from their mouths.

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