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Square Enix Momentarily Halts Dragon Quest X 3DS Shipments Due To Server Overload

Square Enix has temporarily halted new shipments of Dragon Quest X for the 3DS due to in-game difficulties with streaming. The massively multiplayer online RPG was released last week in Japan, but a huge influx of players has since seen the 3DS version plagued with a multitude of server issues. Given it’s one of the first 3DS titles to use a cloud streaming service, the high demand of users has caused considerable problems, with many unable to log onto the game at peak times.

With the first shipment reportedly sold out within the game’s debut week, halting new shipments will allow Square Enix to focus on the current consumers, rather than trying to tackle additional problems in the servers with many more users. The publisher has also stated that those who have played a number of hours within the game will be reimbursed with free game time, so as to allow fair usage when the servers are operating smoothly.

21 thoughts on “Square Enix Momentarily Halts Dragon Quest X 3DS Shipments Due To Server Overload”

      1. Square enix they should stop developing games on this piece of shitcrapoop handheld console and start making games on phones
        Their just wasting time and money
        No hope on Nintendo anymore they are going to bankcraft next year anyways

        1. They have more on hand money then anyone. Nintendo could last 20 years on the 10billion they have in the bank u uneducated moron. Dumbass like u spread false info to try to make people as foolish as u. Sucks to be so butt hurt u make up stuff.

          1. Again, outside of that, you know nothing about Sony, as they pawn off entire divisions of their corporation in order to stay afloat. I’m not gonna lie, Nintendo played it dumb, stingy, and cheap, and they are playing a ridiculous game of catch up. It’s easy to spit angry rants, but at least make then suggest that you know what’s going on

        2. it’s funny how ironic your comment is. “they’re just wasting time and money” -lol. it has high demands from users and the first batch fuckin sold out. read the goddamn article before making an idiotic statement. also, smartphone games fucking sucks. majority of games are crap and most of it’s just milking money from their consumers

  1. SE needs to get their shit together. They are in financially rough waters, they have an immensely popular game, but
    1. They are pissing off current customers
    2. They have cut off the flow of new customers
    3. They somehow don’t think the west wants it?

    They could rebound their business, but don’t seem to want it that bad.

    1. Everyone has server issues. It’s more common than you think, at least they are resolving the issue like a normal game company does.

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