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New Miiverse Update Improves Post-Filtering Function, Plus Other Minor Changes

A new Miiverse update has been rolled out today – and, as always, Marty is on hand to give us all the necessary details. Changes have been made to the post-filtering function on both Wii U and 3DS versions of Nintendo’s social network. Users will now find two tabs displaying player posts and popular posts – selecting the player posts will filter into the following categories, with the screenshot posts a new addition in today’s update:

  • All posts (no filtering)
  • Player posts
  • Screenshot Posts
  • Posts with a tag (Question, Impressions, Accomplishment, and so on)

Miiverse users will also find that a reminder function has now been added to the “saved posts” area on the Nintendo 3DS version. A notification will pop up in your saved posts list saying, “There are posts in the Saved Posts list, which you can check here.” Selecting this will enable users to post such saved posts directly to their activity feed.

And finally, the web version of Miiverse has changed slightly, coming into line with the Wii U and 3DS versions. Users will now find a profile settings option, as well as a larger displayed version of their designated favourite post.

21 thoughts on “New Miiverse Update Improves Post-Filtering Function, Plus Other Minor Changes”

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