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Kotaku Gets Hands-On With The New Nintendo 3DS

Online gaming publication Kotaku recently got some hands-on time with the new Nintendo 3DS at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. Kotaku writer Brian Ashcraft tried the device with a copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and says that the Slide Pad appears to be the same Slide Pad as on the current Nintendo 3DS models. However, he says the biggest surprise isn’t the controls or the new C-Stick but the  improved 3D effect which he says is truly improved. Ashcraft says that you can move your head around and still get a clear 3D image. Sounds like some impressive first impressions.

“In the Monster Hunter 4G demo, the C-Stick was used exclusively for the camera. Since it’s a small nub, that seemed ideal for camera movement in that you can easily push it. I tried pushing on it as hard as I could to actually see if I could break it, but the nub appeared very sturdy. I am curious to see how it will hold up over extended play.”

“However, this C-Stick isn’t really something you can flick, which makes me wonder how it will feel to use in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. But, like I said above, the C-Stick is an extremely welcome addition for camera controls.”

“The Slide Pad appears to be the same Slide Pad on current 3DS models, and I personally didn’t notice a difference. The Dpad and the face buttons all felt nice (the buttons were slightly clicky), and everything else appeared to be in good working order. The new added shoulder buttons (ZR and ZL) required more of a reach to use, but since they stick out slightly, they were easy enough to use. The back of the handheld, however, was glossy plastic, and I kind of wish Nintendo would have gone with a nice matte finish.”

“The biggest surprise was not the controls. The improved 3D effect is truly improved. It actually surprised me how good the effect looks now. This is something I’ve long hated on the original 3DS and have rarely used because it made my eyes tired. Instead of making you feel like you are crossing your eyes, the new 3DS effect has more of a shadow-box effect than you get with the current 3DS. Instead of feeling like the game is popping out, it’s as though the New 3DS is drawing you into the game.”

“To help pull off the 3D effect, Nintendo installed new face tracking software. You can move your head around and don’t have to constantly fiddle with your positioning or the slider to keep the 3D effect. The tracking wasn’t completely smooth, however, as there is some herky-jerky panning to calculate the effect.”

“As I was playing the New Nintendo 3DS, I couldn’t help but wish this had been the handheld Nintendo launched the platform with. It really seemed to deliver in ways that the original 3DS, a fantastic portable in its own right, does not. And that, no doubt, is the point.”

37 thoughts on “Kotaku Gets Hands-On With The New Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Yes Captain! erm…Wait… You aren’t the cap- Oh well. AAARRG! We be headin’ towards our destination Captain! Victory afoot….Mateez. And the booty be the tears of all who oppose ye.

  1. Nitnendo better do a trade in bonus towards this new 3ds. “Get 50% more when you trade in your 3ds xl towards the new 3ds”

    1. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

      Har har har, keep ya hopes up buccaneer, just cause ye don’t have the loot for the new vessel, aint apply to the rest of us, yar har har.

      1. 10/10 troll. Lol

        But anyway, I have the loot, except I don’t want to dish out another $200 for something that should have been the original.

        1. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

          Yar, watch your tongue ye bilge-sucking scurvy rat, if ye don’t want it, don’t buy it.

          More treasure fer the rest o’ us.

        2. oh grow up will you. the 3DS has been around for 3 years, with a massive libary of games. if one had gotten it at launch, or hell even after the price drop, then one has had plenty of use for it.the new 3DS is a choice, just like the GBC was a choice, or like the DSI was a choice. YOU DONT NEED IT. its not replacing anything. its simpily a minor improvement with a few extra games for the people who aren’t as stingy as most people are today

            1. I would’ve suggested trading in your current one to get like half off the price, but then I remembered that you buy most of your stuff digital. It’s a shame that you cannot keep your games and transfer them without having to buy a whole new 3DS. Nintendo definitely needs to fix that problem. That’s why I only bought 3 games digitally for mine. :/

              1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                Unless your Gamestop actually allows you to transfer your data from your old 3DS to the New 3DS in the store. I’ve heard people say that some Gamestops did this for people trading in a regular 3DS for the 3DS XL.

        3. The original needed to be priced 250$ for them to make a profit, this would have easily bin 300$ or more. Also the 3D technology wasn’t their just yet.
          But do take this a a sign that Nintendo is going to be thinking of games that use those features. Which well be perfect for adventure, FPS, and RPG games. This well also be good for developers who skipping the 3DS for those games, now with added power and controls those games well start to pop up, in a way this is the 3DS made for “core” gamers

    2. If the western release is still a year from now, come off as a self-entitled prick for demanding this.
      If it was released a month or 3 from now, then I would be upset as well.

      1. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

        Argh, give the Anonymouse some cheese, he be making more sense than the bilge rats here.

        It seems ol’ Cap’n made a pun in there somewhere…

      2. It well come out a few months from now, Christmas isent a big deal in Japan. But here it is, but the only game that is being made for it wouldn’t be a big sell this year. If they sell it in march, then that gives them a year to make more games for it, and thus it selling well next holiday season

  2. Sounds like great news for the 3D feature. Now it should be used more often and enjoyed even more without straining or tiring the players. Its precisely how 3D should be done. As for everything else, I hope it works and is accessible better than I expect. I’ll consider upgrading this when it launches since my 2DS is now feeling somehow slower than ever and its specs is a bit dated for heavy games like Smash Bros. 3DS

  3. Face tacking? Damn it! I was hoping for something that wouldn’t be relying on the camera to do it, it’ll be inefficient when playing in the dark and that’s how I wanted to play Spirit Cameras ghost fights D:

  4. Nintendo always preserved the power or ideas of hardware and slowly release it for extra money, that’s how you know Nintendo care about money more than fans…64 controller had to buy rumble pack, Wii remote had to buy motion plus, gameboy had to buy the light, when gamegear had light same time, 3ds had to buy second stick…the more you hold back the more fans get angry and not want to support.

    1. Its actualy because they want more customers to buy a cheaper device. The Wii was only 250$ because even with the motion controls they kept the Hardawar at a low price. When new teck is cheep they make a improved version.

  5. I’m not buying this day one. I don’t have enough games for my 3DS and I’m gonna be too busy with other games when this releases. Thank god the 3D is improved. I can’t wait to test it out. I wonder if the XL or normal model will be better this time…

    1. Both will be probably the same, with slightly faster processor but XL will most likely sport better battery life than the standard sized one.
      Personally I’ll buy it on day one since I REALLY, REALLY have to put to rest my 3DS, I have it since the 3DS launched in NA and it is a miracle it still lives, the screen is fine, every button works except the L button sometimes, and the analog pad is fine, except for the rubber thingy.

  6. Oh cool! I always knew I would be buying the “New” 3DS, especially so I can play Xenoblade (finally…) but to hear that it will actually be worth my money is good news indeed.

    I never used 3D with my 3DS and 3DS XL, so maybe that will all change?

  7. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

    I hope I don’t have to wait too long for the New Nintendo 3DS. I at least want it released by March or before Majora’s Mask 3D comes out. Which ever comes first. The fact I’ll be able to use the 3D effect better without having to hold the damn 3DS in a specific angle is more than enough of a reason for me to upgrade.

  8. Finally, I heard something that made me want this. The improved 3D. I never played games on my 3DS with the 3D turned on because it killed my eyes. But the only question is……how long will it be before the true successor to the 3DS comes out? Because I know that this New 3DS isn’t a successor, just an improvement.

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