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Sonic Appears In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Capcom has announced that Sonic the Hedgehog will be appearing in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as armour. The development studio says you can arm your Palicoes with Sonic the Hedgehog armor in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and also get his sword Calibur. What do you think to the inclusion of Sonic the Hedgehog?

Thanks, Michelle

36 thoughts on “Sonic Appears In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”

  1. Why??

    I’ll tell you why.. because Robin Williams gave his life for this. So that he may burn in hell for the unforgivable sin of Suicide. The cowards “blue” pill if you will. This man has abused Zelda for years and he is hailed a legend. He is no better than the filth that leaks out of Stranga’s significant others asshole…

    There i said it lord… bless the Clergy and most importantly Sasori Aizen… bless the USA

    1. what is wrong with you?? he has nothing to do with this nor are you allowed to talk like that in public, it’s highly cruel to those who loved him

  2. I don’t know.. I think it looks about as cool as the new knuckles design. which isn’t saying much. pikachu would have made more sense in this game than sonic.

  3. Sure is strange. I heard there will be Namco Bandai content as well, wonder what that will be.

    There is something that bothers me a bit though, doesn’t a Sonic costume in Monster Hunter accidentally suggest Sonic the Hedgehog was killed lol.

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  5. A Sonic and the Black Knight reference? I didn’t know SEGA wants people to remember that game… I mean, hey, I like the game, but it wasn’t exactly recieved very well.

    I’d be so down with another storybook game, maybe this is a hint from SEGA? I can only hope.

    1. I’m pretty sure he’s only using Caliburn because there needed to be a weapon to go with the costume, and the logical thing was to base the weapon on the game where Sonic used a weapon.

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