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Hyrule Warriors DLC Makes The Game’s Main Villains Playable And Dark Link


Nintendo has announced special DLC packs for Hyrule Warriors that makes the game’s main villains playable. The DLC will be coming to Europe on October 16th and makes Cia, Volga and Wizzro playable. Nintendo also says that the first of 4 paid DLC packs for Hyrule Warriors arrives on 16/10. Pre-purchase all 4 and download a Dark Link costume straight away.


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48 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors DLC Makes The Game’s Main Villains Playable And Dark Link”

  1. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

    Argh, I see Nintendo has embraced the seas of DLC, they sure know how ta market them it all be good in my books mateys.

        1. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

          Let us call it 1 1/2 Parrrrty, it be using the likeness o’ Nintendo’s flagship (har har, ship) characters and even the captain behind the flagship series, Admiral Aonuma.

          1. It doesnt matter its already bombing. These games in japan are huge and its completely failed. It will be worse when its released in the us. It will have a hard time getting a mil in a year. It will make no money and the haters of wiiu will say see only kids have wiiu and not hard core games. They havd another console or their wiiu is their 2nd console

  2. A Twilight Princess pack with one character? Ashei confirmed!

    A Majora’s Mask pack with two characters? Tingle and Skull Kid confirmed!

    1. I’m pretty sure the villains that have just been announced are the ones who will be released. At those times. They didn’t say when so it has to be them split into two packs

      1. There were more DLC announcements like Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask pack. It’s just that Sickr failed to mention them in the post.

    2. I think those 3 characters are not from TP and MM, think they are Cia, Volga and Wizzro as there the 3 announced dlc characters

      1. There are other DLC packs than just this that Sickr had failed to mention. Master Quest, Ganon, Twilight Princess, and Majora’s Mask respectively.

    1. Doesn’t have mediocre scores you ding dong. Only one reviewer so far gave it a mediocre score due to being confused of WTF this game really is. Everyone else gave it an average to good score which isn’t bad at all. You buying games based on someone else’s opinion and scores is just retarded. Go experience for yourself before making a point.

      1. How is he able to experience it for himself unless he buys the game? And before he buys the game he looks at reviews to see the quality if the game. That’s the point of reviews.

    2. I recommend you to create your own criteria. I agree that it’s important to get influenced by other people reviews. However, don’t let the reviewers decide for you, that only blocks your individuality. Who knows? You might find something the others failed to perceive from this game.

      Give it a shot :)

    1. Seems like it and its different and most likely, appropriate compare to in-store and third party account early access BS which leaves nothing but disappointment.

      If we all should credit Nintendo for something about Wii U, they know how to do DLCs right.

    2. No, that is essentially what season passes are. Early purchase for future content. My only problem with season passes are there astronomical prices. $60 for the game $60 for the season pass. Jeesh

  3. just came back on here to say this ( because i am playing hyrule warriors right now… got it 1 day early <3) and from what i have played. i will simplify this so that anyone can understand! it is "Fun" there now i have to get back to hw! have fun guys

  4. Hyrule Warriors Master Quest pack
    – Out on October 16
    – 1,200 yen ($11)
    – 1 new scenario
    – 1 new weapon
    – New Adventure Map
    – 2 costumes

    Twilight Princess pack
    – Out in November
    – 1,200 yen
    – 1 new character
    – 1 new weapon
    – New Adventure Map
    – 2 new costumes

    Majora’s Mask pack
    – Out in January
    – 1,200 yen
    – Two characters
    – New adventure map
    – 3 costumes

    Ganon pack
    – Out in February
    – 500 yen ($4 to 5)
    – 2 new game modes

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  6. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

    Looks like I’ll be getting all of those DLCs as soon as I can. I want that Dark Link character. And if I can use Skull Kid wearing Majora’s Mask, I’ll take it!

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