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HullBreach Studios Teases New Wii U Exclusive

HullBreach Studios has teased via Twitter that it is has another Wii U exclusive in the works. The developer is planning to reveal the unannounced game through an upcoming video. HullBreach Studios’ other Wii U projects include Tomeling, SDK Paint and HullBreach: Uncloaked.

50 thoughts on “HullBreach Studios Teases New Wii U Exclusive”

    1. I hate u Nintendo
      Nintendo got some awesome exclusive
      I just check the new fatal frame trailer at Nintendo Japan on YouTube, go n check em out. Hope they’ll localize this game for you guys
      But still babies game
      Nintendo still eat shitcrapoop in the azz

          1. Wii U already has the definitive version of Rayman Legends and Sly Cooper is also coming to Vita as well. Maybe if YOU did some researhc, then you’d know.

    1. They game is still being made. AE games is actually working on that Madmen football game. They really feel strongly about it so I wouldn’t call it a joke.

    2. Speaking of Eshop games, have you try Teslagrad? the game is Awesome I suggest checking it out if you havent already played it..

      1. Sick! What nintendo game (or non-nintendo it doesn’t really matter) would you compare it to/ reminds you of the most? I might check it out.

        1. Good question, it pretty much has its own charm and artistic style, i really cant think of a game that best resembles it though, it just feels like a really well made AAA indie game, the story isnt force on you so you have the option to just skip by the same way Mario Galaxy with its story books, the gameplay is that of Metroid where you go through corridors and obtaining special item in order to advance through obstacles in a way of puzzles which arent that hard but isnt as easy that you’ll breeze right through it, i think theyve balance it pretty good. so you dont have to pull your hair Bosses are Awesome, they are more of a trial and error kind of bosses so i had a few play through for each one cus i keep dying but more in a positive way cus its rewarding after youve beat it..Well hope this small review helps you decide rather to buy it or not, it really is a good game and i enjoy it A LOT..

  1. “We are announcing that at the end of the month we will schedule to announce a video that will announce a new Wii U exclusive game. ;-)”

    that’s some fancy grammar there lol

  2. Heck yeah! Their space game is tight, and their paint game connects to it letting you paint ships. I wonder what this is

  3. i hope its star fox or zelda wii U or metroid or f-zero and i will be happy their conpany se esta mandando ah la mierda theumy need money

  4. In other news bonerjams just purchased UnEpic which is on sale for $7.99. Support your indie dev ya’ll.

    And RCMADIAX please go fuck yourself. You and your generic and cheap imitation games.

  5. No, at one point it was planned for Wii U. All third party’s dropped out quickly after seeing low sales of the console. Third party’s want instant gratification. Instant money. They do not care about an investment for the future or future sales. This is why it’s only Nintendo games that sale year over year.

  6. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

    Argh, I not be getting me hopes up, it may just be a skulduggery attempt to let down Wii U buccaneers with more pathetic shovelwarrrrre.

    1. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

      Argh, ye be right bucco, good eyes matey, ol’ Cap’n did not even notice the prototype GamePad.

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