Here’s A Look At The Nintendo Costumes In Bayonetta 2

Nintendo has provided us with a look at all the announced Nintendo themed costumes Bayonetta will wear in the upcoming Bayonetta 2. There’s the Link outfit along with the Fox McCloud and Samus outfits, among others. Bayonetta 2 is finally coming next month.


            1. I’m not, just open to reasonable outside comments. I suppose I meant to say “other” opinions, not “anti Nintendo” :)

    1. I for one, like that the costumes aren’t just skins, but give her different Nintendo abilities. Classic Platinum right there. Love those guys.

    1. And why is that exactly? It would look stupid to have the fox ears but not the fox tail. These are supposed to be cosplay outfits. Would you give a Fox McCloud cosplay a 10/10 if it was missing a fox tail?

      1. puting ears on your head is 1 thing

        hanging something off your ass is another…..

        also yes i would give it a higher rating if it didant have the tail. just cus its costplay dosent make it NOT creepy -_-

            1. Or he doesn’t like the feelings it gives him when he’s turned on by a woman in an outfit that has animalistic qualities. xD He’s probably afraid it will mean he’s a furry. In reality, furries go full out with it by actually dressing in an outfit that is all animal.

  1. Nintendo is so fucking gay I swear. You casuals disgust me with your cosplay to what should be a serious game. leave it to Nintendo to kiddie everything up. It’s your bed time man child’s LOL.

    Fucking clowns

    1. Wow, your such a soft core gamer. Your pretend to be all cool, but your probably just play cod or some crap. Their is nothing casual about Nintendo, casual is some who just plays games when their bored, softcore is a player that just buys one games and plays it over and over (cod, battlefield, forza) hardcore play every thing, play a lot, and own more then one system.

    2. You dont have to play with the costumes. The fact that they are there as extra content is what really matters. Casuals, how many core gamers do you think actually bought a PS4? Im talking people who bought it for more than FIFA, Madden, BF4 and COD and Assasins Creed

      1. Casuals bought the Wii because of trash like Wii Sports/Fit/Party/whatever

        People buy the PS4 for Bloodborne, the Order, Uncharted, Until Dawn etc

        People buy the Wii U for Mario.

    3. So we’re not allowed to have fun?
      You’re a sad gamer. That’s what too much Twitch gaming will do to ya. Forget how to just have fun with a game.

      I just started Zelda Minish cap for the first time. It looks God-awful on the WiiU, but I’m determined to give it a chance. So thank God for the game pad…it looks ok there.

      It’s just incredibly fun, and you can see the legend unfold… It’s almost a disgrace to sprites, but it’s just so much damn fun.

    1. I think it looks great. We got to have at least one cosplay outfit that is pure fanservice for the male eyes.

        1. Nope. I need to see MORE skin, not less! Welllll… not too much skin. Well maybe a little. I REALLY want a Princess Zelda cosplay outfit. Or better yet: Goddess Zelda cosplay!

            1. It does. I’m just channeling my inner David Tennant’s Doctor.

                1. I think he was thinking more along the lines of the Twilight Princess design. You have seen the Great Fairy in TP, right?

                    1. lol You would think that, huh? Look up Diaochan Strikeforce outfit for Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, a game that’s rated T for Teen in the United States.

                    2. That’s how much skin you want? Lmao you may as well give Bayonetta no costume. XD

                    3. What I mean is if a T for Teen game can get away with that, imagine what Bayonetta, a M for Mature game, could get away with. xD

                    4. That’s never going to happen. Lol the closest you’ll ever get to that is her half nude attacks with her hair.

                    5. *shrugs* It ultimately doesn’t matter to me. It’d be nice but meh. I’m happy with whatever we get. Unlike PS4, I don’t need to see boobies & vaginas to feel like a man.

                    6. Of course. I doubt your mom & dad would be too thrilled with you having a game with that kind of nudity. lol

                    7. My mom doesn’t really care what I play tbh. She introduced me to Mortal Kombat. A game with such extreme amounts of blood. And I asked her to watch me play GTA V when we had a PS3 and she was fine with me going inside the strip club. XD

                    8. And for the record, I don’t care which Great Fairy they go with. I like both regardless. They both fit their artstyle of the games they came from.

  2. I hope this game sells, this game will be a great hit like the original. Unlike that stupid shitty hyrule warrios (which could have been a great hit without myamoto holding what tecmo wanted it to be)

    Damn just picture a traditional zelda, with the dynasty warriors elements. It could have been a really great hit. That’s what they wanted it to be like, thank myamoto, just like you should thank him for screwing up paper mario and luigis mansion dark moon.

    This game though will be great and should sell for the sake of being a really high quality game, one made by a 3rd party as well. I would hate for this game to fail, nintendo deserves to have more games on there system but if they don’t sell they just don’t deserve to get them.

    Now where’s a new eternal darkness damn it.

        1. it has my money, though I don’t hate hyrulw warriors, from What pieces i’ve played its fun, going to fuck up people with ganon

  3. Omg its my baby HollowGrapeJ… I’ve missed you. So when are we going to you know ….. Ok it’s kind of embarrassing to say this but I want to fuck you so bad.. I just want to be your girl and don’t want to share you with anybody else XD.. It’s ok I used protection with Obinna. For you I’ll let you squeeze and oyster in me ;p

      1. DONT FEED THE- Too late -_-. It’s the same guy as the church of Sasori. Just pretend he doesn’t exist and he’ll leave you alone after a month or three.

        1. You’re telling me not to feed the trolls? But… you’ve been giving them chicken recently. That’s why they’re still here. XD

            1. Trolls are like Gremlins.
              They fear the light, they multiply when you add water and they become monsters when you feed them past midnight.

          1. You want Lana to be your waifu, remember? If you have STDs, you don’t have to worry about getting anything from her or giving her any since you’ll already have them.

            1. No she doesn’t! Oh my freaking god. XD Anyways, it doesn’t matter. Lana isn’t my only “Waifu”. I got three of em lined up. Bayonetta, Rosalina, and of course, Lana. Before Lana was revealed and I just started setting up pictures for my account back then, I had a Rosalina avatar. Just letting you know that. Lmao.

              1. If you only knew the truth about Lana. I know what her connection with Cia is now. Well not exactly but I got a pretty good idea.

                  1. ._. Who are you calling a child? *shrug*

    1. xD Please. Sasori is way too small for protection to even work for him. He’s made it pretty clear that he’s overcompensating for something.

    2. wtf…i never had contact with a girl, my heart belongs to my sickr ♥♥♥

  4. I hope these aren’t the only cosplay outfits. I really want a Zero Suit Samus cosplay!

      1. Oh my! Yes! Great idea! lol Also, for attacks, they could have something to do with Metroids instead of Samus’ blaster.

    1. I hear that lana wanted to be in this game and she asked nintendo if she could wear her birthday suite in the game, but they said no your a skank and i wish team ninja never created you. Then she started to dance around iwata and started to do the dick chug sign to change his mind.

    1. You mean a gay hedgehog outfit? How about no, sonic is the essence of shit. If they put a sonic costume in the game, that alone would make the game shit haha.

      I hate how nintendo gave that piece of shit hedgehog 3 exclusive deals on wii u huuhhh this is why i hate iwata they could have funded 3 tales games or something.

      That hedgehog should have died with the genesis.

  5. Im loving these costumes, and I’m a girl! I think I love the Fox one the best just because of the ears and tai!. ^_^

  6. Fuck, could these costumes be any more cheesy? Nintendo IP’s on Bayonetta. This only works when you have a body type that everything looks good on you…

    Oh wait…hmm. Yeah. Nevermind. I love it!! ;D

    I can’t wait for this and Hyrule Warriors!

    Step up your game Nintendo!! Two companies that are making GREAT games just borrowing a tiny tiny bit of your IP’s, Imagine what they could do with the whole thing!

    Zelda U and the next Metroid had better be mind-blowing. (I think it’s entirely possible for Nintendo to do it!…but I’m not sure they will. :/ )

      1. He knows. He was trying to be sarcastically funny. Which he succeeded from my point of view since I got a chuckle out of it.

        1. I think I just sent it with my email… I’ve never sent a message to anyone before using the email so I wouldn’t be surprised if I messed something up. XD

            1. Use this between the “watch?” & “v=” of youtube videos to post them on here.


              Oh & the video has to be on it’s own line, if I’m not mistaken, for it to work.

                1. You are using a desktop or laptop, right? I don’t know how to post videos with anything but a PC.

                    1. LOL Ridley doesn’t know how to. XD You see what you ACTUALLY do is just go to an image or video and then at the top of that page (the search bar thing) you copy the url. Then when you get back to MNN, you press paste. If you try to post videos from YT on here from a mobile device, it will not show the video. It will only post the url (like it just did with your up above) Imo, mobile devices suck for this. Use your Wii U or something. It makes it incredibly easy because all you do is click the top of the website page and then it will highlight the whole thing asking you if you want to copy. And that’s how you do it… :p

            1. You said you use the WordPress app on your iPad. I always use my laptop or desktop when posting comments so maybe it could be different on mobile devices or the app. Idk man, sorry.

    1. I’m getting both. I’ll likely get smash on the 3DS since it,comes out on my birthday, pass on the WiiU version until there is a sale / deal. I’m not very good at Smash, so I’ll smash on my handheld, and grab Hyrule Warriors and Bayo for my WiiU.

        1. With the latest news of the Wii U version being held back by the 3DS version, we can’t really blame him for not wanting the U version right away. Nintendo seriously better announce some very good Wii U exclusives if they want people that bought the 3DS version to buy the Wii U version. The loyal Melee fans might be wanting to get the U version just for the GCN controls but others might not be swayed so easily. I just hope it offers more than what we’ve been told for those getting the 3DS version only & are iffy about double dipping for, what we know right now, is just the same exact game. Different stages & music just won’t be enough for some people.

          Anyway, I’m wondering if I should wait for the Wii U version’s release date to be announced before getting the 3DS version. The reason why is I actually want to see if Nintendo will be releasing a Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U/3DS bundle that features both versions together for a discounted price.

            1. I’m going for the 3DS version for the purpose of portability. I won’t be able to do online, but that’s the good thing about 1 player. That & I’ll be getting two digital downloads, anyway: one for my 3DS & one for the wife’s. I’ll be doing the same for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, too. If I can’t find anyone to play with online, I can just have the wife join me online instead.

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