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Here’s The First 66 Minutes Of Bayonetta 2 For Wii U

Tilmen from Nintendomination has managed to get his hands on a Japanese copy of Bayonetta 2 which has just launched in Japan. There’s a whopping sixty-six minutes worth of fast and frantic footage available so it’s well worth giving it a watch. Bayonetta 2 launches here in the west on October 24th.

11 thoughts on “Here’s The First 66 Minutes Of Bayonetta 2 For Wii U”

  1. Nope, I ain’t watching that! I’m already sold on the game so any more videos from it will only spoil stuff for my first play through. Looking forward to playing it myself :)

    1. Good or bad sales mean nothing Nintendo paid the bills for this game. It is a game that adds value to their console. I know too fucking difficult for you to comprehend.

  2. I saw the 66 minute clip of Bayonetta 2 in 60 fps. Not to add any spoilers and all, but I was way past impressed and it’s already better than the original.

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