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Here’s A Lovely New Screenshot From Fast Racing NEO

Technical wizards Shin’en have released another gorgeous looking screenshot from their upcoming futuristic racer, Fast Racing NEO. The team has yet to provide us with a trailer for the game so these screenshots will have to do for the time being. Fast Racing NEO will be exclusive to the Wii U .

FastRacingNeo_screen3Thanks, Open


36 thoughts on “Here’s A Lovely New Screenshot From Fast Racing NEO”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Will this game play well? That’s what I’m curious about. I didn’t expect shinen to come out with something like this. Not after their last announcement anyway.

    2. saying graphics don’t matter is like saying the bread doesn’t matter on a ham and cheese sandwich.. of course the cheese and ham are most important.. but seriously.. without great bread it’s not a great sandwich (which is why you’ll never get one in the US)

  1. So much for the “Wii U is weaker than last gen” line XD
    This is fantastic looking and I believe there was another one as well which looks even more amazing and looks like Project Cars :3

    This game is set to be the best looking Wii U exclusive yet, next to Zelda U and Mario Kart 8

    1. I am not a graphics guru fanboy, but that is lovely. Could they help monolith with character human designs in Xenoblade X Chronicles. Shin’ En one of the best things out of Germany.

      1. why would shin’en have any experience with character design? they haven’t done much of the sorts

        creating good looking games and getting the maximum out of the available hardware is one thing, but creating believable human characters is quite another and probably beyond the team size and financial capabilities of shin’en (they’re about 6 people if i recall correctly)

  2. Because Nintendo mostly treats the Wii U’s gpgpu like a 3Ds, SNES and Wii, I didn’t know can could display visuals like this. Nice.




      1. Yeah MK8 and 3Dw and Zelda U and Pikmin 3. I was too busy focused on the eshop forgot about those games. Also I think Captain Toad looks better than 3DW. So yeah I guess Nintendo cares about the Wii U then. But this is the first time I ever seen Wii U able to show realistic like graphics.

  3. Meh, guess I’m the only one not so easily impressed. I never thought the gameplay was amazing in the first one either. Much rather just play F-Zero GX or Wipeout.

    The lack of anti-aliasing in more demanding Wii U games seems to be an issue. Those sure are jagged, all the better looking/running Wii U games never have anti-aliasing it seems.

    Mad respect though, what they’re doing with such a small team is impressive in that aspect, but I think they over hype their games a tad bit. Starting to remind me of Crytek, talking too much about graphics all the time… They did the same thing with Art of Balance and I wasn’t too impressed with the graphics of that either, sure it looks nice but it isn’t anything I haven’t seen before.

    Sorry, this just isn’t my idea of “Hyper Real Graphics.”

      1. Lol she knows exactly what she’s talking about. She probably knows more about PC’s, anti-aliasing, resolution, graphics, etc, than a majority of people here. I wouldn’t test her if I were you. XD

      2. What I’d give to be a kid again, I also wish sometimes that I was just acting. It would make my life a lot easier, that’s for sure.

        Alas, the easy way, is no fun.

    1. It does seem that many games that look good on Wii U don’t apply anti-aliasing, with Mario Kart 8 it doesn’t really matter though as 99% of the time you are zooming by at 60fps. If this is also zooming along at 60fps and it has nice lighting/shadows it could look quite beautiful in action. Hyper real graphics won’t happen in my opinion until real-time ray tracing is entirely possible at a decent frame rate, then that really will be next-gen stuff.

  4. LOL this is nowere near high end wiiu its a eshop mini file game showing the wiiu and shin’in are both fantastic IMAGINE A 25GB GAME ON WIIU

  5. People here are focusing on the graphics and not even asking about how the game will play. I played the other FAST Racing game and for a Wii game it had decent graphics but I did not like the controls. It also barely had any content. There were like 9 cars. Remember that gameplay>graphics. THIS game is definitely going to deliver in both the graphics and the gameplay department: This FAST Racing game does look great: But I am not getting too excited for this until they start showing some gameplay. The last one started making me have second thoughts… They should really make a trailer. And Project Cars looks great too btw.

    1. Exactly, too much talk about graphics, nothing about gameplay.

      Nice to see I’m not the only one who didn’t think the gameplay was that great in Fast Racing League or was just blinded by the good graphics. Yes, it looked great for a Wii game, but that is all anyone ever talked about, no one ever mentioned how it wasn’t that great of a racing game.

      I’m not saying Fast Racing Neo cannot be better. Especially given they are not being limited now like they were before, but they never talk about gameplay, which can be worrisome these days.

      I’m always more weary of developers that always hype graphics over everything else.

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