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Edge Magazine Awards Bayonetta 2 A Perfect 10

Gaming publication Edge Magazine has reviewed the upcoming Wii U action title Bayonetta 2 and awarded it a perfect 10. Back in 2010, the UK publication also scored the first Bayonetta with the maximum 10 out of 10, so it’s clear the sequel has lived up to its expectations.

The hack and slash title – where players can unleash Witch Time and a new move called Umbran Climax during gameplay, as well as cosplay in various Nintendo-themed outfits -even scored an impressive 38/40 from four reviewers in Japanese publication Famitsu earlier this month. Bayonetta 2 will be available in North America and Europe for the Wii U on October 24.

93 thoughts on “Edge Magazine Awards Bayonetta 2 A Perfect 10”

  1. What!? A button masher getting a perfect score like most Zelda games???? Nope don’t believe it…. It’s impossible….. Game still going to suck.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, I was just trying to support #operationplatinum. It makes me pretty happy to know that I’m supporting a quality game.

      1. Really? That’s basically saying “hey i’m going to buy every indie game on the Wii U and 3DS just so more indie games can come”

        You should only purchase something if you like it, not only for support. That’s where everybody is in the wrong. Once a game company has you in their hand, and know you will buy everything, they will start producing horrid games, and regardless the consumer will still buy because they know they have you in the palm of their hand.

          1. I did…. They catered to the kids and casuals with the Wii and they tried to do it again for the Wii U….. Only difference, the kids and casuals didn’t rush and didn’t follow on.

    2. Bayonetta is only a button masher if you “play” it like a button masher.

      If you actually take time to develop your skills than you can 100% the game. If you don’t then it is IMPOSSIBLE to 100% the game.

    3. Yet you didn’t question Bayonetta 1 on 360 for a perfect 10. So because its an exclusive you don’t want to believed it since its on Wii U and built from the ground up like smash bros. Should have been.

      1. I didnt question it because during that time i didnt have a 360 nor heard about the game at the time nor even looked up things at gaming news.
        I’m just questioning it because the game doesnt even look like a big deal.

        1. Well it’s a big deal for the hack n slash fans like myself because bayonetta is probably the best of this genre Cuz it’s an evolution of the hack n slash like if dmc would have been still in the hands of those who made it specially after the bad taste that ninja theory version of DMC left in alot of people who like fast paste over the top action games

      1. No. Thankfully, he’s just not interested in Bayonetta. Least that’s what I gathered from another comment of his on the subject.

    1. I’m glad I’ll be able to get Hyrule Warriors AND Bayonetta 1 & 2. I refuse to wait for either game! I will enjoy the similar gameplay, though. Except for the fact Hyrule Warriors will have a lot more enemies on screen at one time compared to Bayonetta.

        1. Good. I was hoping that would be the case since Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper was just a slight upgrade of Warriors Orochi 3 for the PS3, Xbox 360, & Playstation Portable. That & Koei Tecmo wasn’t use to the Wii U’s hardware at the time.

    2. Me either, I chose this intead hyrule warriors ;) and this notice just make my day. Simply beautiful ;) and in the comments above I wanna say that the only companies that produce crap games and have a bunch o idiots still buying their games are the ones that comes out for Sony and Microsoft, like ea, activision and ubisoft just to mention some. Good luck with all your money wasted and hope those guys don’t get trouble for that. Couse today is not easy to make money.

    3. I am getting both. Can’t wait for friday to play hyrule warrior. I am gonna try my best to beat it before bayanotta 2 release

    1. You are dissing Bayonetta for being a button masher yet you are getting Hyrule Warriors & Super Smash Bros which are roughly the same thing with how they play. xD But like Super Smash Bros & Hyrule Warriors, it’s not so simple as just mindlessly mashing buttons. All three games require a certain amount of skill.

      1. Button mashing is pressing A or B and a whole combo comes out of it. Smash you actually have to move the stick in different directions while pressing A or B to get a different set of moves.

        And for Hyrule Warriors…… I’m getting because it’s Zelda and i’m a huge Zelda fan…..

        1. Uhm… You can do that with the Bayonetta games, too. xD You don’t just stand in one place & just mash the A & B buttons. You do have to use the joystick for some attacks.

        2. As others have said bayo is not a simple hack and slash. Take halo for example, its a big fat waste of time playing it on normal but if you play it on the harder settings it becomes a whole different game. That sort of thinking should be applied to this/these games.

        1. Because you’re mad about it being a Wii U exclusive but never cared for the first game on 360 plus you’re buying Hyrule Warriors which is the same shit and not like traditional Zelda. So yeah. You’re an idiot troller. lol

      1. Might be in terms with score but it depends on the person playing the game. I relate to Hyrule Warriors because I’m a big fan of Zelda.

  2. And everyone wonders why Bayonetta fans are supposedly “blindly” wishing the game to sell a million copies.

    That’s just it! We aren’t “blindy” doing anything. We don’t have to play the game to know that Platinum Games is a phenominal developer who’s work is never appreciated by the masses. The Bayonetta franchise is the peak of their excellence. Bayonetta 1 was superb and we knew the sequel couldn’t possibly be any worse.

    On this note, thanks to Edge Magazine, the game certainly deserves the million sales that Operation Platinum has been pushing for.

    1. Platinum games deserves to have succes because they actually put effort on their games they know that what makes a game fun it’s the gameplay over graphics i really hope bayonetta 2 does well and i hope platinum and nintendo work together again they seem like a match made in heaven Cuz the put gameplay first over anything else

    1. Yes, how dare you.

      Nah try it out its a pretty good console. If you are lucky you might get a bundle like mario 3d world and Nintendo land bundle

  3. I was getting it regardless of score.
    1.Is a platinum game.
    2. Played the first and i love. being exclusive for wiiu means it will be out for other console and if i need a surgery in a few yeas in the future i just sell the game XD

  4. I could care less if this game got nothing but 0s or nothing but 10s because I’m getting it regardless. After all, if I can enjoy games like Smash, God of War, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, I can definitely enjoy this game.

  5. I’m glad that Bayonetta 2 truly deserves a perfect 10 score from EDGE Magazine. This sequel from Nintendo and Platinum Games has everything the sequel has and megatons more. 30 more days until this perfect title launches in North America and Europe.


  6. Edge gives it a perfect 10???…smh. All I can say is…EAT IT HATERS…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. I did and I LOVED the game. With that being said I have very unique and “oddball” tastes so the game was perfectly catered to me specifically. I don’t think the game would appeal to your stereotypical dudebro but man did that game have a sense of humor. Once I got a feel for the gameplay, that was all she wrote. I was obsessed with that game for quite some time and wouldn’t shut up about it. Can’t wait to try out Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on Wii U and see how they hold up as well.



  8. There is nothing about the original Bayonetta that qualifies it for a perfect score. Mechanics, polish, graphics, story, performance, gameplay… nothing in that game was deserving of a perfect score.

    While I can’t say for sure since I haven’t played the full game, I find it highly unlikely (after playing the demo) that the sequel is any different.

    1. If it were on PS4, you wouldn’t be talking shit about this game, on PS4, getting a perfect score even though Destiny is a hyped title but doesn’t deliver while Bayonetta 2 did. :) Keep up the butthurt.

      1. You do realize he owns basically every one of these 7 and 8th gen consoles right? And even a PC if I do recall. You’re talking to the wrong guy, Stranga. XD

          1. I do. In addition to my PC (which I need to upgrade) I own all current (Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Vita, 3DS XL) and last gen systems and most of the systems that came out in North America prior to those (although I need a new power adapter for my SNES).

            There are games I love and games I don’t like on every system. I’m not chained to one system because of stupid loyalties.

      2. It doesn’t matter what system it is on. I have played many boring games on the PS4.

        I played the original Bayonetta on PS3 and Xbox 360. I was talking about the original game because Edge gave that game a perfect score too. I didn’t think it deserved the score back then.

        It doesn’t matter what system it is on. I’m not a fanboy like you.

  9. o_O Wow Bayonetta looks really sexy in that screenshot! XD Anyways, I’m definitely getting this. 2 games in one. You have to be crazy not to accept that deal. And those Nintendo costumes are so awesome. Great game. :)

  10. Well this more than justifies my purchase of the game. Can’t wait to play this and Hyrule Warriors on Friday! What a great time to be a Nintendo gamer.

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