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Nintendo Reconfirms The New Nintendo 3DS Will Feature Improved Gameplay And Enhanced Graphics

Nintendo Australia Managing Director Tom Enoki has reconfirmed that games developed for the new Nintendo 3DS will feature both improved gameplay and enhanced visuals. Enoki reiterated that current Nintendo 3DS games won’t look or play any different when played on the new device. Here’s what he had to say.

“You can of course play all previously release Nintendo 3DS titles on New Nintendo 3DS; the gameplay and graphics for these titles will not change by playing them on the new consoles. But we have already started developing new titles where gameplay can be improved and graphics enhanced only from playing on New Nintendo 3DS.”

53 thoughts on “Nintendo Reconfirms The New Nintendo 3DS Will Feature Improved Gameplay And Enhanced Graphics”

  1. Thanks for reconfirming….isn’t this a little obvious tough? I mean, what else would it enhance if not gameplay and graphics. Nintendo…I don’t fully understand!

      1. Agreed, I’m sticking away from all of the new phones. My 10+ year old one is good enough for me. I only use it for texting and calling anyway for the most part.

        1. Use mine for internet browsing and that when using a wifi. If nintendo is giving me a better version of his browser for the 3ds it is enough for me.

    1. Yeah, I mean, if the browser is only bumped up to Wii (1st Gen) speeds, then it’ll still be a crappy browser.

      No excuse for a bad browser nowadays.

  2. How are the graphics and gameplay improved when the 3 year old psvita has far better Graphics and better gameplay with dual analogue sticks?

    It’s a new 3ds but still underpowered and outdated like the Wii U


    signing out

      1. This is where I’m going to have to disagree. The Vita is better in terms of hardware. As for games, they don’t really appeal to me. That’s why I don’t have one yet.

    1. Don’t be confused into thinking this is the “next gen” handheld from Nintendo. Far from it. They aren’t quite ready to fully replace the 3DS, but they want to be able to squeeze a little bit more out of it, so they made this. That’s why it’s the same price as current systems. It’s a similar strategy to the DSi… it was still a DS, just better.

  3. Vita has improved graphics but no games…..
    Hence why the 3DS in any iteration will always be the better choice, unless your looking for emulation support.

  4. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    You can’t customize the N3DSXL? I was afraid of that, a few complaints I have about this console, but I can’t resist it.

  5. I’m someone who still has the 1st edition of the 3DS………. there is no point in this New 3DS for me……………..pointless.

  6. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Here’s how I see it

    Pros of the New 3DS:

    Extra Buttons and C stick meaning no need to buy a CirclePad Pro and playstyle is expanded.

    Improved 3D display, it was always a problem for me when I was obligated to be facing the screen head on even sudden tilts.

    Improved speed, downloading large e’shop titles was menial labor on my time, this might fix it.

    Built in NFC, will save money for those who play to use amiibo and need an adapter and they need not carry it around.

    Longer battery life.

    Cons of the New 3DS:

    It will cost more on your wallet.

    The SD card change will be a problem, I bought a 16 GB memory card and it was quite a chuck of change.

    I thought both versions of the New 3DS would include customization, I prefer the bigger screen and now I can’t change it to my liking, the one benefit to this was the fact I act hasty in purchasing special editions of Nintendo products, a custom 3DS won’t allow for all different special editions.

    1. Pfft you? I have a 64GB SD card that wasn’t too cheap either that I use with my 3DS XL. Thank goodness I can use it with a DSLR I have but still.. I’m peeved that they had to go and change that, I mean god damn it as if it wasn’t enough putting exclusive games on it when it’s still a 3DS.

      On top of it going to be a pain in the ass literally transferring to the New 3DS because of this, not only will you have to do the basic hardware transfer, you won’t be able to just pop in the old memory card, you’re going to have to do the computer transfer also after that copying the data, praying nothing goes wrong in between then.

      I hope they have a simpler solution for this planned or they are finally going to announce our games aren’t tied to hardware anymore.

      Such a huge hassle, even more so if you don’t want to keep your old 3DS and want to sell it. Kind of hard to sell something when you have to transfer crap between the old one and new one first.

      1. I understand your point, but what people forget, is if games were not tied to the hardware, piracy would run uncontrolled. People would use their account to sell units with games already installed… It would need very strict countermeasures to prevent the inevitable piracy.

        1. I could still do that now, I could just sell my 3DS with everything still installed and the account still attached, if I felt like it. What’s the difference? The only difference is one is a huge inconvenience and the other is not.

          I don’t think too many people are doing that anyway with how risky it is, to take someones word for it that their account information is even accurate to begin with, that they’re selling.

          Nintendo systems are some of most pirated around also, so I’m not getting what you’re trying to say. The 3DS was hacked early on and it’s games can be pirated easily, with its current account system.

          So if Sony and Microsoft can have these account systems, and they work just fine, like with nearly every other online distributor, I really don’t understand why Nintendo can’t have the same. No one that I can even think of besides Nintendo keeps content tied to the actual device, it surely has never stopped piracy on their end either. If that is their idea of security, it seems pretty pointless when every more recent system they have had, has been completely hacked.

  7. Considering how slow & stupid some people can be, like the ones thinking the Wii U was just an add on to the Wii, they definitely had to reconfirm the better graphics & gameplay will only be better for games specifically made for the New 3DS. We don’t need people buying the thing for the wrong reasons, after all. Anyway, as long as the 3D effect is better for regular 3DS games, I could care less about anything else. My main concern is the better 3D, anyway.

    1. They can try all they want but this is still going to create mass confusion amongst the general public… I can see this being much more confusing than the Wii U’s name.

      Hell, I understand it and I’m still confused by it all, honestly. So I know it is going to be a thousand times worse for any average gamer.

      1. They are copying Apple’s strategy.
        The new iPad was called the “New iPad”
        Probably investors wanting to be like Apple.

      2. No, its not going to be confusing for anyone. They plan to phase the old 3ds’s out, so when you walk into a store to buy a 3ds, these new ones or a 2ds will be your only option.

        Michelle, this isn’t Nintendo’s first time upgrading thier handheld hardware. They know what they are doing.

  8. Is it just me or do the graphics for Xenoblade look genuinely bad? Like worse than a typical 3DS game bad. Also a little irritated by the microSD thing, and the fact that XLs are not customisable. I also think those new charging cradles are ugly. Ultimately I’m really, really not sold right now.

  9. i want one but will wait until it has an exclusive i haven’t played yet. knowing their shitty marketing, i will wait for the Metroid XL or some shit like that. NOT buying the blue or red or whatever launch colours they throw at us.

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