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IGN Posts Their Top 125 Nintendo Games Of All-Time

Online gaming publication IGN has decided to gather together and listed their 125 all-time favourite Nintendo games of all-time. Given how many classic games the company has produced it clearly wasn’t a very easy task. You can watch the video to find which game the publication deems the best Nintendo game of all-time.

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76 thoughts on “IGN Posts Their Top 125 Nintendo Games Of All-Time”

    1. Don’t forget Goldeneye 64. Both it AND Perfect Dark set the standard for FPS games. Speaking of, I’m ashamed IGN didn’t put Goldeneye 64 in the top 125.

                1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                  No, NC is right, Zelda 2 was shit, the platforming was bad, the puzzles were bad, it was too difficult since there are a limited amount of lives, I mean for christ sake the level system was so broken, to get to level 5 you’d have to have 1000 EXP, and considering most of the enemies give like 2 to no EXP, it makes grinding even more tedious

                  Zelda 2 was bad, in any aspect.

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                      Calm your hemorrhoid induced anus.

                      I enjoy some difficulty here and there but I like SOME leniency, I enjoy games as an escape, not something in which I have to put as much effort into as required in neurosurgery.

                      You don’t even get a tutorial and if you die, all the way back to the beginning at level 1.

                      1. Agreed! I like difficulty but not when it goes from difficult to just plain aggravating & tedious. I play video games for fun, after all. There comes a point when difficulty just ceases to be fun.

                      2. There is a difference between difficulty & just downright annoying and tedious. Zelda 2 just so happens to be the latter for Nintendo is my Blood Reborn, Quadraxis, & me.

      1. I loved Zelda 2. It was so hard which in turn made it so much fun. I finished it in 4 days, I had school at the time, without even thinking about playing another game until I completed the game. Do you just not like challenge?

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I don’t know in what kind of reversed world you live in but everything you accuse me off is exactly the opposite of what I am…

          Challenges are one of my main arguments to get a game but this game just did not make me feel anything at all despite of its challenging gameplay…

          1. Buddy I didn’t accused you of anything. >it was a question< and idk why you used "everything" considering it was any one question…. ps just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's completely bad "commander". We all have different taste in gaming.

                1. I would say “how can he be a homophobic asshole when he himself is actually homosexual” but then I thought about the fact some homophobics are actually closet homosexuals. xD

            1. “We all have different tastes in gaming.” Your own words, might I add. It’s not like he said outright that his opinion was fact. In fact, you getting upset over his opinion is just giving him a reason to propagate your belief that he is saying exactly that. In other words, he’s effectively trolling you with his role playing. lol But what do I know. It’s just my “biased” opinion.

    1. Blast Corps! That was one of my favorite N64 games! *remembers it was developed by Rare* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oh fuck you, Nintendo & Microsoft! Microsoft for buying & burying Rare and Nintendo for letting it get bought!

      Perfect Dark… *sigh* Another great N64 game by Rare that I’ll never be able to enjoy again… *waves bye to it as it decays in Microsoft’s vaults*

      Oh you suck, IGN! >.< I would have put Xenoblade Chronicles higher up on that list. Of course, being in the top 125 out of thousands of games, I guess it's great it's on this list at all. Same with Majora's Mask, too.

      Wii Sports got higher than Perfect Dark, Xenoblade Chronicles, & Majora's Mask!? *facepalm*

      Sweet! Super Mario RPG got in the top 30!

      Way to go Fire Emblem Awakening!

      Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker would have been in the top 20 for me, too. Not exactly sure what spot of the top 20, though.

      Link's Awakening got higher than Wind Waker!? I would have switched Link's Awakening's position around with Skyward Sword's, to be brutally honest.

      Pfft! Super Mario World would have been in my top 5! Ocarina of Time & Super Metroid would have been in my top 5, too!

      Super Mario Bros definitely deserves it's spot at #1! And not just for Nintendo but for all video games!

        1. *shrugs* Whatever. Not that it really matters anymore at this point, so I don’t really need to know anything of what happened.

    2. 1) Super Mario Bros.
      2) Super Mario Bro. 3
      3) The legend of Zelda
      4) super metroid
      5) Donkey Kong

      From those for names gaming was created 😃

        1. wait isnt the metroid playable in wii u I remember playing the orange suit person but the graphics is very bad can see the pixels is that what you are talking about?

            1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

              Please tell me you are trolling because if not I give up on this planet and the vegetables that live on it.

                1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                  I was referring to the Anonymous, you can’t say a NES game such as Super Metroid has bad graphics that you can see pixels, of course you can see pixels, THE ENTIRE GAME IS MADE OF PIXELS, ALL NES GAMES WERE MADE OF PIXELS. The fact I have to explain this to someone is pitiful.

                  Ergo, if this person is trolling, I can see it, if not, there is not hope for humanity.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    There never was any hope for these apes, they invented this so called hope for themselves to justify their pointless “purpose”…

    3. This list is hilariously inconsistent with their individual ratings for games. Skyward Sword gets a perfect 10 but doesn’t even get into the top 100? And despite their rating for the game, Skyward Sword deserves a spot AT LEAST in the top 50. And I’m legitimately offended that they thought to put freakin Nintendogs one spot ahead of Twilight Princess. That’s ludicrous.

      There are a lot of placements on this list that I disagree with but that I can respect–games that I personally didn’t enjoy or just never played but I can understand that they’ve positively affected a number of people. However, there are so many just completely WRONG decisions here. For example, I love WarioWare Inc.: Mega MicroGame$ with a passion, yet I would never dream of placing it so far in front of so many fantastic and purely classical games on a list like this. It’s just straight-up NOT OKAY.

      And putting Super Mario Bros. at #1? Seriously, would you mind being just a little bite more cliche, IGN?

      1. It’s called having a different opinion.

        Do you understand the nature of reviews? People’s opinion about Ames change over time, over different platforms, over different genres. A review isn’t a “code”. It’s a short answer to a deep question

    4. Wow, a Mii game higher than Skyward Sword, the shame! And why there’s no Baten Kaitos game in there? It’s from Nintendo! Funny how IGN gave Skyward Sword a 10 and still put it way low in the list. I guess this list is not about quality but about cultural impact.

      1. *facepalm* you obviously don’t understand IGN’s reviews.

        The IGN person who reviewed Skyward Sword openly admitted that the more he played it after the review, the more he seemed to disagree with his own score. Reviewer’s opinion changes over time, and the score they give is relevant to at the time it came out. But now they’re comparing games over a board of 25 years, re-reviewing them in a sense, so obviously the listing of games will change

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