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WayForward Says Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse Will Be Updated To Support New Nintendo 3DS

Matt Bozon, Director of the Shantae series, has announced that the company is extremely excited about the prospect of the new Nintendo 3DS which launches next month in Japan. Bozon says that WayForward Technologies are already working on an update patch for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse that will take full advantage of the new hardware from Nintendo. The company also confirmed that Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse will run at a blazing 60 frames-per-second on a regular 3DS with the stereoscopic 3D turned on.

“We’re really excited about the New 3DS! We have an update for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse already underway, which will add a ‘quick select’ control scheme, as well as other minor improvements to the game. Look for that to arrive closer to the launch of the New 3DS in the US.”

Thanks, Michelle

87 thoughts on “WayForward Says Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse Will Be Updated To Support New Nintendo 3DS”

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Their games stopped being good once the final Prince of Persia on the Trilogy game ended in my opinion…

        And the Electrons good day’s ended once the Xbots joined the gaming universe…

          1. Nice CGI posters Ubisoft has there. If I was an idiot & a sucker, I’d definitely buy those games on the CGI posters alone. xD Unfortunately for Ubisoft, I’m neither. Not to mention they are on my Blacklist til they get their act together.

              1. Agreed. We can at least give the bastards credit for making some sweet posters. I do love the outfits the Assassins wear.

              1. It’s sad, really. Just when I was becoming a fan of Ubisoft, too. Looks like I’ll only be enjoying Assassin’s Creed 3 & 4 til Ubisoft gets their shit together.

                1. I mean, I do already own them, after all. I might as well keep them & play them to remind me of just how much Ubisoft has really pissed me off.

                  1. I thought 4 had better game play, although I enjoyed the historical nature of 3.
                    And Blacklist was fantastic. Some people said they had trouble online, but I sunk a ton of time in it and never got around to online mode.

                    1. Not to mention 4 didn’t have that god damn 2nd holster glitch. I hated that shit when I wanted both guns to be powerful.

    1. Likw if they’ll ever commit or listen. Let them fuckers and their blind, retarded ass followers burn their money and each other until it hurt beyond feeling.

  1. Cool. I wonder if any other digital games will get an update like this at some point.

    Hm. I wonder if a few current 3DS games, like Fire Emblem Awakening, Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, etc, could get a patch that would allow them to take advantage of the new hardware. I doubt it but it’d be nice if Nintendo was working on that instead of re-releasing the games for the New 3DS. In fact, that would be the smart thing to do. People are already mad enough as is with the New 3DS getting exclusives.

    But it’s probably not possible, anyway. Least not without making the patch itself take up a ton of data storage.

  2. I hope more developers follow this route, even Nintendo with some of its older 3DS games. If more people did this, I wouldn’t mind the New 3DS so much.

    1. Same for Samsung, Apple, Sony, pretty much every fucking type of technology that updates on a regular basis. Grow the fuck up and a brain.

      1. Apple is the worst. Every year, a new iPhone, iPod, iPad, and the firmware updates slow the prior versions down to make them obsolete.
        I’m done with Apple. I’m so sick of the forced upgrades and waste of resources on our environment. >:(

        1. I can’t stand the idea of some companies doing updates to older models that actually fuck up the damn thing to make them obsolete, forcing you to have to go out & buy the newest fucking edition. It’s EXACTLY why I don’t bother with anything beyond a regular cell phone.

          1. Yep. Exactly. It pisses me off also. I have a Windows 8 phone, and it’s been pretty awesome so far, and the updates don’t fuck it up.

            It has a very small online store, but as I don’t game on my phone, it’s perfect. Stable, practical.

            That said, stay out of the smartphone world as long as you can, because once you’re in, you’ll never go back. ;)

        2. Also, what’s even worse is Apple was once the little guy fighting the good fight against the tyrannical big guys if I’m remembering correctly.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            The Applings used to be the PC Master Race’s biggest nemesis and in some ways still is but now have become just like them…

    2. Know this. If you get pissy over a new upgrade after a handheld has been out for nearly 4-5 years, you are overreacting with whining about it especially when said upgrade is not a NECESSITY!!

      1. Exactly. They’re whining over a annual update when XL or 2DS is not even an update anyway and PSP/Vita does the same themselves after a while. Its not smartphones of tablets so these idiots need to get over it already. Only one fucking game Xenoblade is “exclusive”, which is also on Wii that they can buy RIGHT NOW if they want, and they lose their minds or when Bayonetta 2 becomes Nintendo exclusive because Xbox/PS left it in the shallowgrave, they lose their minds. I swear, the mentality of excuses for gamers are so fixated on hating Nintendo for anything and everything they do even if its the best thing Nintendo has brought forth since underwear.

                1. Yes. Certain underwear does have that magical effect of making a female’s ass look a lot better than one that is naked. lol

    3. That’s like saying that buying Madden 15’s Ultimate Team DLC is succumbing to EA or still buying the Wii U Watchdogs will be settling for less. I dunno about you PinkInk, but I’m okay with doing what the companies tell me. I’m a gamer, so I’m happy as long as I get to play the games. With or without DLC.

  3. Tjis is what I’m talking about. I love Wayforward’s dedication for Nintendo platforms. After the “totally expected and deliberate” Wii U Watchdogs DLC-less BS (again, fuck you Ubishit and pray to god you don’t crash and burn soon enough which I’m counting on it), its good to know Nintendo still has some real supporters left and Wayforward is one of the best.

    1. Ubisoft is still a real supporter or Nintendo. Remember Rayman Legends and Zombie U? Zombie U didn’t sell too well, but it’s good that Ubisoft took the risk. Then they gave Rayman the definitive version to the Wii U. They’re definitely strong Nintendo supporters.

          1. Oh yes. Just Dance 2015. The game that pretty much tells the hardcore owners of the Wii U “fuck you for not supporting our shitty ports of our mature titles so enjoy this casual game, fuckers!”

            1. Well, they did say that they won’t release any more mature games on the Wii U, so we’ll have to settle for this one for now. It’s supposed to still be a pretty good game. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it, but I do own one of the Just Dance games on the PS3 I believe or a similar series. Dancing games just aren’t for me.

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Just Dance…

            Something I can just download the music from the internet or buy at stores and just invent my own dance moves while pretending my imaginary score shows how “good” I am at dance…

            1. Good point! That’s what I do for some of the games. Why buy Hannah Montana when you can just sing at home? That being said, I am tempted to buy it for the easy Platinum….so tempting!

                1. Well, it’s like the Walking Dead Platinum. All you basically have to do is play the game from start to finish and you’ve earned it. I’m a hardcore Trophy Collector so I love getting me a shiny Platinum. That being said, I’m not extremely hardcore yet which is why I typically wouldn’t buy a game just for a trophy. Now, we just need Nintendo to get some kind of reward system.

      1. One delayed for no reason plus its exclusivity was a huge lie and the other was hardly advertised and even though it sold morw than 500,000 (which is good for a launch title), Ubidumbass consider it a failure and killed the sequel. Yup, they did a great job supporting alright…

        1. It still underperformed. Launch title or not, Zombie U should have cracked 1 million easy. Still, they are slightly supporting the console. It’s like going to McDonalds and asking for a Cheeseburger with a small soda and then they bring you 2 cheeseburgers and a large soda. You just have to suck it up and pay the additional charge that they gave you for the upgrade. You didn’t want it, but now you just have to grimace and bear it for the greater good. That’s how it is for us and Ubisoft.

                1. No worries, I’m sure you’ll get your chance ;D I’ve been hanging out around the site a little more often than usual which is probably why I’m getting a rep now. I better pace myself for the good of the team…and Smash Bros! #KingOfMNN

                1. Oh, no worries. I meant Ubisoft’s strategy to make Nintendo gamers take the fall instead of themselves. By not promoting Zombie U, they guaranteed that it wouldn’t crack the 1 million goal. Adding to the fact that it was a launch title, it was guaranteed to “fail” This way, they could pin all of the blame on Nintendo gamers instead of themselves so they could pretend to be supporting Nintendo.

                  1. Well those so called BS “plans” backfired and will continue in due time. When Nintendo rises back up on top so that Ubisoft would have to kiss Nintendo ass for a spot, that ain’t gonna happen and they can kiss our ass alright..and then the curb when we throw them fuckers away hard.

                    1. Let’s face it, Nintendo always forgives and forgets. It’s a good thing, but it’s also why some companies just take advantage of them. They’re just super polite like that.

                      1. And it’s why I respect Nintendo more than any excuse of a gaming company on the planet. Only a handful like Wayforward, Platinum, even Sega in a way are the only pure gaming studios left who don’t take their passion, their mission, games and fans for granted.

      2. I love both Wayforward and Ubisoft games! I can’t wait to play this new Shantae and the other one that’s supposed to be coming and I can’t wait for The Crew and Far Cry 4! I love these games!

        1. Ubishit can go suck it hard and deep if they want.

          Wayforward, I love their dedication of games and partners and actually have more creativity and balls to tackle challenges unlike several dozen 3rd fucked parties rushing, gimping shot for cheap ass profit with little to no imagination.

          1. You should try Far Cry 3. It’s one of the best FPS from 2012! I know it’s from Ubisoft, but it’s great! I can’t wait to get it. It’s a very beautiful game and there so much awesome stuff you can do. And plus, the main antagonist is just awesome. Lol.

              1. Then you’ll be charged with burglary and then Aiden Pierce will come looking for you. You’ll be playing on your Wii U and he’s going to hack all the shit in your house and then shoot your television and then you’ll be like “WTF?” And after you turn around, whack! Night stick to the face. XD

              2. In all seriousness though, you really need to at least try the game. You have no idea what you’re missing out on. It’s not overhyped like Watch Dogs or Destiny. It definitely deserves every bit of praise it got. I’m hoping Far Cry 4 is just as good.

    2. Didn’t they do the Ducktales remake? Is this game going to be like that, where they take control away from you every 15 seconds so you can listen to/read some dialog? Cuz that pretty much drove me insane with Ducktales.

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