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Amazon Shows Off The Super Smash Bros Bundle For Wii U


Popular online retailer Amazon has uploaded the official packaging for the Super Smash Bros bundle for the Wii U. The bundle includes the Super Smash Bros Game for the Wii U, GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros Edition of the GameCube Controller and is available for $99. We’ve yet to get a release date for the Wii U version of Smash Bros, but rumours seem to indicate it’s coming November 21st.

Thanks, Holonboy and Alexinfurs

46 thoughts on “Amazon Shows Off The Super Smash Bros Bundle For Wii U”

    1. it’s pathetic how you get off topic and made an absurd comment trying to insult people here. i have never read a gaming related comment from you. it’s always the “hail” sasori, robin williams, MLK.

  1. All I need is the gamecube adapter, so this bundle is kind of pointless. I have like 10 gamecube controllers from my time with the gamecube back in the day.

    Only incentive would be that “special” gamecube controller with the Smash Logo on it, but I’m not shelling out $99 for a spray painted logo the size of a quarter…

      1. They do go rather quickly. I have around 8 myself and most of them aren’t doing so well. I only have 2 left that work perfectly, which is why I need to snag this bundle!

  2. I don’t want this bundle just like this :/ I want another bundle that includes all this a Wii U with the game pad and 1 or 3 Amiibo figures. Please make this true

  3. I expect to see a number of bundle deals for this game on Wii-U. There will be this of course, plus I imagine an Amiibo bundle, a Wii-U+Smash+Amiibo bundle and maybe even a limited edition bundle with a Smash ball statute or something.

  4. sickr, my love
    do not let sivershadowfly or alba do the review of ssb 3ds
    plezzzzzzz you must do it i know i can rely on you and you wil give that game the review it deserves a total 0/10

  5. Am I the only one after experieing with the pro controller likes that over GameCube controller? I’m thinking of buying 1 more pro controller and another GameCube controller later.

    1. Pro feels weird compared to the gamecube for me. Hate the 2nd Stick placement, felt weird in the demo at best buy to reach up for the smash stick. Buttons are also cheaper. Gamecube controller just feels like it was made for smash and smash alone.

  6. The box looks awesome. I wish they had put a shadow behind Samus Aran in the form of Ridley just to fuck with people. xD

    1. ROFLOLMFAO I would’ve LOVED that!

      Nintendo Commander, please send an imploration to the recruitment office that we need more people like this one in the marketing department. Maybe then, we won’t have as many stupid ideas as the name “New 3DS”.

  7. If Nintendo really wants this game to sell extremely well they should make a console version of this bundle for the holidays. Just saying

  8. I was already planning ahead to purchase this, but now seeing the box, even if only a box with a modified front cover of SSB 4 U on it, is a glee-inspiring sight! That ecstatic anticipation I had when the game was announced last year (which had grown stale) has returned! I’m pre-ordering this at the first opportunity!


  9. Will this new Gamecube controller be compatible with the original Gamecube? My original controllers aren’t working too well anymore.

  10. It’s bundles like this that makes collectors like myself drool. Except at this price, I doubt I’ll be able to get it. I might have to stick to only the game itself.

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