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Mystery Developer Apparently Working On Minecraft Clone For Wii U


A mystery developer has sent out a press release stating that they hear fans pleas for Minecraft on Wii U so they’re going to create their own take on the franchise. We already know that Minecraft isn’t destined for Wii U so if this proves to be legitimate then it should be a good fix for Wii U owners.

There is a licensed Nintendo Wii U studio developing a Minecraft Clone called U Craft. We are about to reveal the first alpha images of it, revealing the game, but not the developer behind it!!

Following tomorrows reveal, other studios will be revealing new U Craft content in future. You’ll never know where the new info will come from or from who! We hope you enjoy speculating the mystery developer behind U Craft!

Thanks to those who sent this in

56 thoughts on “Mystery Developer Apparently Working On Minecraft Clone For Wii U”

    1. Hey, its Microsoft’s fault for acquiring Minecraft just so they can fuck it up like Rare.

      No way Microsoft would threaten this game without having to sue everybody else who made Minecraft inspired games thus causing more uproar.

    1. I already have the original Minecraft on my pc and i love the crap out of it, i been wishing and hoping for a Wii U version, but i know it won’t happen anymore, if the studio behind this clone is a “respected” one i will certainly keep an eye on this. :D

      1. It doesn’t have to be from a respected studio though, it’s minecraft. There’s absolutely no reason why a couple of unknown developers can’t make something comparable. Honestly, one person alone could probably make a decent minecraft clone and slowly build it up with updates.

        1. It already exists, is call survivalcraft and is awesome :D in my personal, totally bias opinion that game is better than minecraft pocket edition, it has everything that made lost in blue 2 great and added Minecraft to it :)

  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    This sounds like a load of schlock, Nintendo wouldn’t approve something that could infringe copyright especially copyright from the world powerhouse Microsoft.

    1. Technically Microsoft had approved like twenty Minecraft clones on their indie game channel before ever getting a port of the game. Also technically creating clones of other games isn’t illegal either, unless if its made from stolen assets from another game (like textures, art, and music, etc.). Basically they’re just following the new neverending popular trend of crafting/survival/building games.

      Basically it’s totally legal to make a game like this and if creating games like this were illegal then games like Mortal Kombat and Watch_Dogs would have been illegal for being clones of other popular titles (Street Fighter II and GTA yeah).

    2. Actually, Microsoft technically can’t sue Nintendo or the dev for copyright since they’re the ones who also allowed so many clones and inspired Minecraft-like games before this and still do now. So if they sue, they’re gonna have to sue everyone else in the process which will become a big problem.

  2. I hope it’s really fun and engaging like Terraria and not completely boring after two hours like Minecraft (even with mods Minecraft is really lame and too forgiving and the combat is so unbelievably awful and it still has some giant PvP scene and I’ll never understand the hype).

    1. lol I found Terraria boring after 2 hours. I’ll agree with you about the bizarre PvP scene though – PvP is not particularly fun in Minecraft. If you were looking for a combat-orientated game then goodness knows why you ever even played Minecraft.

      1. Honestly I was looking up public servers for the game and they were just /all/ PvP. I was really shocked. I guess the people playing them just are too stubborn to play anything actually fun???

        Also Terreria (Terraria or Terreria I always get it mixed up) was so much fun with friends. It pretty much runs on any computer so I was able to get so many people into it. Really the biggest problem is building stuff in 2D isn’t as fun as building stuff in 3D is and there is a point where the game does feel like it ends (after the point where you get the best gear from the bosses you become so overpowered and can blast through anything alone effortlessly, we usually just restarted all over again afterwards).

        1. I’ve always felt that Terraria was more for the adventure/combat and Minecraft was about building and creativity. I guess as I was searching for the latter I got more out of Minecraft. I tend to stay off private servers and just play with friends and family.

          Either way, Minecraft has created a new genre of games and there is no shame in being a “Minecraft clone” in the same way that many games are very much GTA clones.

  3. I’m open-minded on this one. It’s all about how they approach it, about the things they keep the same as Minecraft, and about the things they change. Will the Wii U gamepad be put to good use?

    I think the most crucial question is who is developing this, because there are some good Wii U developers and some bad ones. The answer to that question will probably determine whether it turns out good or not.

  4. Not every clone is 100% garbage, you know. Terraria and Cubeworld were heavily inspired by Minecraft, yet they were able to differentiate themself from the rest. I don’t have high expectations for this though, if they are just trying to make a Wii u Minecraft. There’s no heart going into it, if it’s a complete clone. Try to do things differently (and please don’t copy the artstyle…)

    Not really digging the name- I mean… U Craft? They could have been a little bit less blatant on being a clone. But- hey- “success by association”, right?

  5. They are way too late on this. Minecraft is over it’s peak. It’s still a fanatastic game. But most people already own it, or already played it enough to a point of boredom. I mean come on, this game has over thirty millions sales if I’m not mistaken. While sales are still good for the game, they are going in a downward spiral. Why release a minecraft clone now? This should have happened a long time ago. A waste of money to create something like this now.

  6. I’m guessing the developer might be AE Games(Ya know, the one that talked about how companies are treating the WiiU badly and were making a football game then kinda disappeared). I could imagine them making a Minecraft clone to support the WiiU.

  7. As long as this is decent, we will get it day one. My kids love a Minecraft clone on iOS called Eden. I emailed the developers and told them they could sell hundreds of thousand of copies on the Wii U eshop to kids like mine just by porting the game over. They never responded. The Disney Infinity toybox gave my kids a teaser, but they were frustrated by the poor implementation of touch screen controls.

  8. 360s indie game section is 75% mc clones already.

    Microsoft will forced a new mc game or something it won sell enough ms will delete them.

    Thats what they do they kill software companies/dev teams

    Ms tried to buy nintendo and if they did I bet mario and zelda would be gone for just halos.

  9. Am I the only happy about this? I don’t have to buy a new console just to play Minecraft, and my tablet/ laptop hybrid doesn’t have to suffer from trying to get it.

    1. You can’t get the full Minecraft experience on a console. The game is much better on its original platform: PC.

  10. You know, while I do believe they have missed the boat on this, I would still love to play Minecraft on the Wii U. The gamepad was designed for this exact game….

    It’s strange it never got released on the Wii U when Minecraft and the Wii U would go so perfect Together…

  11. YAAAAAY! Mojang was incompetent, so someone is taking initiative!!

    Maybe It’ll even be BETTER than Minecraft? Hmmmm

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