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Here’s A New Azure Striker Gunvolt Trailer For Europe

Nintendo UK has recently uploaded an explosive new trailer for the action-packed Azure Striker Gunvolt. The 2D sidescroller, which is developed by Inti Creates, will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this winter in Europe and looks set to be a treat for gamers.

12 thoughts on “Here’s A New Azure Striker Gunvolt Trailer For Europe”

  1. I freaking love this game! The upgrade system can be a pain since the items you get are random and sometimes you need 2 or 4 really rare items for some upgrades, but it’s still awesome, and when you get those upgrades, even better

    1. It’s pretty awesome. I don’t really care about Mighty number 9 anymore. This was an amazing RPG platformer. Great script. Keeps you playing.

  2. Great game. On a side note, ios 8 has completely bricked my ipad. Fair warning, DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR DEVICE TO IOS 8. So how am I going to lay in bed and surf the web i asked myself? I had a mini panic attack. Then i realised, wait a minute, i have my Wii U gamepad. My trusty Wii U gamepad not only does just about everything my ipad did, but it is much faster. And i can stream any youtube videos directly to my t.v.

    Nintendo > Apple

  3. It’s not my fault ios 8 is complete trash. I paid alot of money for an iapd that locked up after updating to it. I have never got on the internet using my gamepad before, so i was pleasently surprised when it was actually faster and smoother running than my ipad ever was… And typing with the stylus feels natural. People really do underestimate the capabilities of the Wii U. ……But of course i want my ipad back!!!…..Anyways, it is what it is…

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