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Mario Wii U Bundles Are Now On Sale At Best Buy For $274.99

US retailer Best Buy are currently selling the Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land bundle and the New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U bundle for $274.99 each. These specific bundles are possibly being reduced to make way for new Wii U bundles. Whatever the reason, if you’ve yet to purchase a Wii U then these reduced price points should tempt you.

Thanks, Idol

45 thoughts on “Mario Wii U Bundles Are Now On Sale At Best Buy For $274.99”

      1. Console sales don’t generate any margin for these stores though. So don’t be surprised if the sales person tries to add on some accessories and games to the system.

    1. For those looking into getting this it would be best if you have close by friends, or family that game for 3d world and Nintendo Land because although it’s doable alone it’s considerably more enjoyable with companions. Especially Nintendo land.

    1. Yeah, but they can get a better deal by getting a refurbished one!

      Basically, you can get a WiiU for about the same price as a new 3DS. That says something there.

            1. LOL… The amount of stupid in this comment. Once again you are so misinformed, it’s hilarious. Why do you always insist on correcting others when you never know what you’re talking about?

              Read his comment again… “You can get it off the Nintendo website”

              Hard time? Sometimes I question if you even own any Nintendo consoles at all, and if you’re just some troll for them, seriously it’s easy as hell to find.


              Wow that was incredibly hard, I spent hours searching for that first link. (sarcasm)

  1. I got the white one. It’s acting really dumb as of late. Disc drive always takes awhile before I can hear it load properly. Think I’ll just download my games from this point and transfer them to a new Wii U in the future.

  2. More then $100 too much. The WiiU should be priced around $129.99. I doubt it’s the price though, nobody wants a console that is 10 years behind on the important stuff.

    1. Ps4 and xb1 are ps3s and 360s with umm better versions of call of duty battlefield Assassin’s Creed Batman grand theft auto FIFA and Madden well worth 400 indeed lol

            1. i know it’s hard to remember that the WiiU is a year older, but in a year the WiiU will become a figment of the worlds imagination or more likely Nintendo will have just sold it to leap frog.


              Your knowledge of the games coming to the X1 and PS4 is embarrassing.

    2. I guess the over 7 million Wii U owners are a bunch of nobodies, huh? I understand, though. You’re still just upset about the New 3DS. But by all means, you have every right to be a cheap little whiner over it.

      1. @Ridley 7 million Wii U’s sold isn’t the entire fabase. There could be a lot of people that sold it back for all we know.

  3. If yall think that a $300 system plus 2 games that at retail cost about $100 for both of them cost too much than your an idiot. That’s a $125 value and it’s a great deal.

    1. yall? lol!

      The console blows, it’s not a good deal. In a year you will be able to get it for $99 and that will include all Nintendo published titles and a personal visit from Iwata to thank you for you purchase.

      1. I love how you say it blows then fork over $400 for an Xbox One or PS4 to play the same old games with new weapons and graphics. Hate to shed light but the Wii U is the only next gen console to try something different, and it’s fun I might add.

  4. Is recording and steaming live gameplay to randoms worth 400?

    4hr battery life with a light you can only dim down poorly placed share and option buttons < extremely bad names for 2 standard buttons that have been around since the nes a useless touch panel button you can swype the d pad works fine for this when games are using both analog sticks its just all very stupid

    And xb1 isn't even worth talking about

    Ps4 hype wont last much longer

    The public eye will notice the 1st real single player hd mario game whether it be mario sunshine 2 mario galaxy 3 or mario 64 2 same for hd zelda hd metroid hd starfox these games are going to look like nothing we have seen or played yet nintendo is going to use hd right pikmin 3 and mk8 are just the beginning next is……… smash ;)

    1. You complain about batter life on a console that you don’t own? Do you not know how weak the battery is on the gampad either?
      Your controller rant is amateur and makes you sound very desperate…who are you trying to convince? Yourself or others?

      They are all children games now with no depth, at least the ones you mentioned.

      No online coop, no party chat, no analog triggers, no headset jack in pro controller, usb 2.0, weak console in general, tiny hdd, no 3rd party support, no adult support, miiverse is useless unless your a 12 year old etc

      1. I’m sorry but you sound like a kid that plays online FPS because you get the erection from “killing” virtual people and feeling like a bad ass because of it.

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