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Ex-Nintendo Indie Boss Jumps Ship To Develop For PlayStation

Ex-Nintendo indie boss Dan Adelman has confirmed his next venture and it’s with PlayStation. Adelman is developing Axiom Verge which is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita. The game, which draws similarities to Nintendo’s very own Metroid franchise, will eventually come to Steam. You can watch some footage, above.

92 thoughts on “Ex-Nintendo Indie Boss Jumps Ship To Develop For PlayStation”

        1. Please stop everybody.

          You can see everyone shitting on him for leaving your precious Nintendo.

          And here every Nintendo fanboy was saying how great it would be to have Indie games and that what Nintendo needs…

          You don’t care for indie games when it’s convenient for you to not care for them, you care for them when it’s convenient for you to care for them. You are just a bunch of hypocrites who worship a company that doesn’t even know you exist as individuals and would not give a shit about your death. They care for the numbers, and you are just that. Numbers.

            1. uh huuuuh. What you just said doesn’t mean anything. You are a fanboy. “Real fan” WTF is that? A fanboy? Probably by your definition

  1. Join Nintendo or die! Nintendo is the first REAL GAME COMPANY and it will always be number one so we don’t need developers like this! NINTENDO FOR LIFE!

            1. You were implying that he doesn’t have the right to say anything because he’s a FAN of the Zelda series and he was saying that the other person was a FANBOY…difference. I didn’t miss a thing.

    1. lmao! quadraxis’s Mom! does he know you’re on here! btw don’t worry about the army we’ll be just fine! lol go back to baking cookies!

    1. Lol Sickr does this all the time with his articles. He loves to see the fights in the comment section. Isn’t that right, Sickr? (He’s probably not gonna respond to me) xD

    2. If you ever watched the first episode in Season 18 of South Park… that pretty much sums up Sickr in a nutshell.

      Doesn’t give a fuck and just makes these articles and does fuck all about but to just watch all the money flow in.

    1. There hasn’t been a 2D Metroid game in years (I think the last one was on the GBA…). Same with 2D Castlevania and Contra. There are TONS of Indie devs that make games to fill the void of their old favorites, that the big devs stopped making. That’s why there is a bunch of Indie Metroidvanias in the works.

      1. There is a 2d castlevania for 3ds that was released not even 2 Years ago. Get informed before saying nonsense…

        1. *You kinda missed the point of my post. I was attempting to say why Indies make games.*

          As for the 3ds Castlevania, I honestly thought that was a 3d action game. Musta been my mistake… As for your rude comment about Contra, I was basing those names on their game’s homepage (the list of inspirations). I saw their trailer/ site a few weeks back and distinctly recall them mentioning Contra as an inspiration. Perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me or I am confusing this game with another game, but, why make a big deal out of it…?

          I’m not going to waste time and fact check my posts- (that’s honestly a silly think to do. I was merely informing the guy on why Indie devs make game based on the classics that they grew up with. In the case of this game- games like Metroid, CastleVania, and Contra. You missed the point of my post, friend).

          1. The 3DS Castlevania game is indeed 2D, as far as its gameplay goes (characters & environments, however, are 3D). It does play a bit more like a brawler, though.

            It’s not as good or deep as a true Metroidvania, but it wasn’t a horrible game, either. & it was short, even w/ backtracking & 100%.

      2. There is also a 2d Contra on the Wii Shop so it is not THAT long ago.. Are you just throwing names to pretend you know stuff?

        1. That 2D Contra on the Wii Shop? Apparently it was made in 2009, dude. That would qualify as “there hasn’t been a 2d contra in years.”

          And wanna know where I got Contra from (and I wasn’t just “throwing names out there”). The trailer. They mention it’s a combination of Contra and Metroid [in the trailer]. Satisfied?

          1. Apparently he didn’t “educate” himself enough to look up the proper info. That or he thinks that 2009 wasn’t that long ago.

            1. Look carefully where the capital letters are in the comment I made. You should be able to understand what I think. Concentrate yourself, I am sure you can do it!

    2. And for PS by Sony, king of Nintendo ripoffs.

      Of course this carbon ass copy would end up in Sony’s hands. lol

  2. Clickbait much? He left to focus more on indie titles. His first one is Sony exclusive because they supported the project.

    He interviewed Gamenesia, PROPERLY explaining the situation.

    1. Words of wisdom, right here. Dudes’ always been about Indies, and I bet for him: not much has changed. He’s continuing to help Indies, just like his old job.

  3. Ate you freaking kidding me with this garbage article title? The man is a freenlancer now, he is getting gthe game to playstation because that’s were this game needs to be. He talked about this in a recent interview, if someone needs his help getting a game on the Wii U, he’ll still help them.

    Also, the title is misleading to say that this game is his, THIS IS NOT HIS GAME! He did not make it! That’s not what he does! Get your freaking facts straight you obsessed fan boy!

    1. Shovel Knight was axtually good and original. This POS..Sony needs to stop pretending they’re Nintendo and Microsoft but better, which, in terms of originality, they’re not and same goes for the monopolistic pigs at Microsoft.

  4. He can do whatever he wants. That’s the beauty of America. It’s a free country.

    Or at least… it used to be until Democrats thought that everyone should be “taking care of each other.” *vomit sound* X(

  5. Well, the game looks amazing, won’t lie there. It is obviously inspired by Metroid also, which fine. What isn’t fine is releasing such a Nintendoish game on stuff not including a Nintendo Console. That just doesn’t seem right.

    1. This is one of those reasons why I don’t have much respect for Sony. They really should cut that shit out, pretending to be Nintendo with all of these pathetic ass ripoffs.

      1. I really hate when people say this. Everyone doesn’t have the money to just go out and buy a gaming PC. If they did, we’d all have one already. -_-

        1. >.< "If you don't like it, just buy a PS4 or Xbox One!" That's you from another article defending Ubishit, so you actually hate what you yourself have done.

          1. I’m sure if you can afford a Wii U with like 15 games you can obviously afford a PS4. And to play next gen games for a PC you need at least $1000. A PS4 costs $400. Which one sounds more affordable? *facepalm*

  6. Now that’s what you call making “POWER MOVES” well done and all the best to you Dan Adelman,im glad you escaped a sinking ship, a dying empire, a has been company stuck in the 80’s,and went to greener pastures, now I’m just waiting for the news saying ADELMAN has joined Sony.

    You a good example to people like Sakurai who left the nintendo Owened HAL LABORATORY because he was tired of creating a kiddy game all the time called kirby, and went on to become a freelance developer,who praised the Ps4,and currently spends more time playing games on it.

    Funny how Sakurai never praised the Wii Useless

    1. “im glad you escaped a sinking ship,”

      Compare Nintendo’s financials with Sony’s . And also bring into account Nintendo’s handheld, which is ahead of the PS4 and all other hardware. See Sony’s handheld, which is lagging behind. Seems Sony has the console numbers while Nintendo not only has the handheld numbers, but the 3DS is ahead of all hardware and the company is in way better financial shape. The PS4 is still a bucket trying to empty the water flooding Sony’s ship.

      “a dying empire,”

      See Sony.

      “a has been company stuck in the 80’s,”

      Yet the game in question is retro, a blatant clone of a Nintendo franchise, and doesn’t capitalize on the PS4’s raw power. Sure, maybe it looks more like a 90’s game. So Nintendo is stuck in the 80’s while Sony is stuck in the 90’s? We should be so lucky.

      “and went to greener pastures,”
      By “greener” you mean the Xbox brand’s color, right? Because Sony turned into an Xbox clone in the seventh generation and put console gaming, and gaming in general, to pasture. So yeah, that guy is using what makes Nintendo so great to make a game for the PS4. Maybe the masses will finally see what games and Nintendo are. Is he really a double-agent working for Nintendo?

      Seriously, are you that blind, jockey? You’re not eating apple fritters, those are pony apples you’re swallowing. If you’re so into gaming, consoles, AND Sony, then buy a PS2 already.

  7. Sakurai-kun if you reading this, you speaking to Suzuki-sama,CEO of Sony Mobile Communications, i will speak to Hirai-San to speak with Yoshida-san so we hire you to work on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Melee for PS4 and PSV

      1. HollowGrapeJ- Too Lazy To Sign In

        Lol I don’t care if this was for the Wii U or PS4. I wouldn’t buy it. I am just not into Metroid. At all. Btw this is the real me. Just a heads up whever you see me comment with this username.

        1. Also, why are you getting pissed at PS4 all of a sudden? XD

          On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 1:10 PM, My Nintendo News wrote:

          > HollowGrapeJ- Too Lazy To Sign In commented: “Lol I don’t care if this > was for the Wii U or PS4. I wouldn’t buy it. I am just not into Metroid. At > all. Btw this is the real me. Just a heads up whever you see me comment > with this username.”

          1. Not really. I could’ve bought it a long time ago but never really cared too. It just doesn’t look fun to me. Not my “cup of tea”.

              1. I didn’t really like Super Metroid. Not sure how much different Prime is supposed to be. That series doesn’t look as fun as Mario or Zelda to me. I feel like I’m going to beat it and never play it again. I usually buy most games I think will have a lot of replay value. Zelda’s an exception though because that franchise is amazing. Except Wind Waker. I quit playing that game. So boring. Lol.

                  1. Ehhh I’d rather wait for a new Metroid. I don’t have time to get Wii games with all the 3DS, Wii U, and (eventually) PC games I want.

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