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Smash Bros Tribute Album Harmony Of Heroes Gets A Release Date

The talented team behind Harmony of Heroes have announced that the Super Smash Bros tribute will be a free download on October 4th. The fan made album will feature 101 tracks which will be sure to please any Nintendo fan. Be sure to check out the website, here.

Thanks, Sebastian

18 thoughts on “Smash Bros Tribute Album Harmony Of Heroes Gets A Release Date”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Free to download? Guess there’s no harm in placing them all into my (device compatible with Mp3’s and headphone output capabilities)

        1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

          Actually, my MP3 player. I was just a little embarrassed to say. I have separate devices dedicated to whatever I like them to do. I have a smart phone… But like a jack of all trades, they can do things well enough to say that they can, but with very average performance. Kinda like Mario in 3D world. That well rounded son of a cat.

      1. I agree. It’s like saying that Nintendo didn’t make Hyrule Warriors so you won’t get it. The artists aren’t earning any money from the album so it’s no harm done to Nintendo. It’s just a celebration of Smash Bros. I think some Nintendo Magazine even wrote a short article about the album a while ago. So they don’t seem offended at all.

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