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Nintendo Japan To Hold Monster Hunter 4G Direct On October 8

Nintendo of Japan has announced a new Monster Hunter 4G Direct will be available to view later this week. With the popular RPG from Capcom due to launch on the Nintendo 3DS this weekend – October 11 –  in Japan, it’s great timing for those fans who want a little extra hype before queuing up for its release. For western fans, you can still tune into the broadcast here on October 8 – local times can be found below – and watch the latest trailers. If you missed the most recent trailer, make sure you check it out here. Monster Hunter 4G for the Nintendo 3DS will be released in North America and Europe early next year.

US (PDT) 3am
US (EDT): 6am
UK: 12pm
Europe: 1pm
Japan: 8pm

7 thoughts on “Nintendo Japan To Hold Monster Hunter 4G Direct On October 8”

  1. I know Nintendo is a Japanese company, but c’mon, show the U.S. a little love! I mean, we are after all the biggest consumer of your products.

    The U.S. has not had a direct in a long time. Japan gets them all the time. I don’t get it, has Nintendo just given up on marketing in the West all together?

    Not that I would watch this direct anyways, it would give too many spoilers. I don’t understand why they would have a direct of this game to begin with…

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