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Captain Toad Launches January 9th In Europe

Who’s ready for adventure? Captain Toad certainly is, but he’s not the only one when Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker releases for Wii U on 9th January, with pink-pigtailed Toadette introduced as a second playable character in portions of the upcoming game.

Unlike traditional video game heroes, Captain Toad and Toadette don’t have any special powers – these tiny heroes can’t even jump! Plus, they’re terrified of just about everything, but face their adventures head on. Armed with headlights and a can-do attitude, they must make their way through enemy-infested locales like Wild West shanties and Goomba waterparks. Each location is bursting with puzzles to solve and secrets to unearth.

These tiny heroes are on the hunt for the ultimate treasure, a coveted Power Star. At the beginning of their adventure, Wingo, a giant, greedy bird who makes life difficult for these timid treasure trackers, makes off with their only Power Star, and even whisks away Toadette! Players must then help Captain Toad retrieve the Power Star and Toadette in order to unlock her as a playable character, and ultimately, defeat Wingo. In the process, they’ll encounter more than 70 fun, puzzling stages while also collecting stars and gems.

Captain Toad and his puzzling levels first appeared in Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. The levels were such a hit with fans that he and Toadette are now getting their own game. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is just another way Nintendo is expanding its universe of games with familiar characters facing fun new challenges.

Let the treasure hunt commence on 9th January when Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker releases for Wii U. In the meantime, take a look at what lies in store with a new trailer for the game.

10 thoughts on “Captain Toad Launches January 9th In Europe”

  1. that’s a godd new at least they will be game coming at the beginning of the year. Cause 2015 will be quiet from what I can gather. Also my fear would be Wii U won’t see much game that year and we may have to wait until May 2015 to see another game after may it will be 1 in August and then the rest will be November-December 2015

    1. So far, this game (EU only though), Yarn Yoshi, Zelda, Splatoon, X, Star Fox, and possibly SMTxFE are set for 2015. And we’ll probably get another Sonic game as well.

      1. 7 games for 2015 (so far), we can say for sure that X,star fox and zelda won’t come out before November 2015.

        SMTxFE is on schedule but giving the recent issue with Atilus. I would not be surprise if it comes out in September (despite localisation process started in September this year or last).

        So we have yarn Yoshi, sonic and Splatoon. Sonic is more likely to come out in May. We could a potential release of these 2 games between May and October.

        If you ask that a bit light and a bit concerning despite lot of DLC coming out in 2015 for MK8 and smash.

        On the bright side, it will allow me to replay xenoblade and zelda :-).

        Btw before someone make a comment my opinion is based on news I read and past experience, I don’t think my guesstimate is far off.

  2. Looks suprisingly impressive. Just imagine what kind of games can be made out of this series. Like a 4-player adventure with Captain Toad and the other toads.

    1. As long as multiplayer isn’t necessary I’m fine with that. Games that require other players and don’t allow online multiplayer are a pain for solo players.

  3. I was quietly curious when I first heard about the game. Now after seeing how much more polished and the cool new features the game has. I have now placed a pre-order for it. I may be 35 but I’d rather play a game like this than some grey fps again.

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