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Don’t Forget To Watch Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS National Open Tournament At 6 PM ET

To celebrate the recent launch of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo is holding the Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS National Open Tournament in New York today on Oct. 11. Featuring 16 players who won regional tournaments around the country this past weekend, the event begins at 6 p.m. ET and will be broadcast live on Nintendo’s channels on Twitch and YouTube. Character customization will play an important role in the action, allowing the top 16 players to engage in unique battles showcasing everything the new game has to offer.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Watch Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS National Open Tournament At 6 PM ET”

  1. Custom characters in tournaments? This will be interesting to see. The balance is definitely gonna be different from usual. Who knows what’ll happen. Sounds fun

  2. Who would want to watch this unless they were involved?

    I’ve never participated in any contest like this before. And never will (especially if they’re always in New York). The closest I ever came to participating in a Nintendo contest was when I entered the monthly contests in Nintendo Power magazine (the glory days). And I attempted the Super Mario All-Stars Lost Levels challenge and earned myself an iron-on badge for completing the game without warping.

    But when it comes to actual contests of any kind, I don’t believe in them. All of those years of entering those Nintendo Power contests and I never won ANYTHING. Not even runner up prizes. And I would never subject myself to play a tournament against other players, only to get my ass handed to me by other players who based their life on playing. I played like 10 online matches and lost nearly every time.

      1. Wow lol never knew that, feel like a noob now. Never used items much and if I do it’s not like the gold hammer comes often to try things out with it. Thanks for the heads up.

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