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Mega Man Coming To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Capcom has today announced that the latest addition to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is Mega Man. Your Palico gets equipped with Mega Man armor and the mighty Rush Hammer in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Capcom has also revealed that Tetsuya Nomura designed characters for the Final Fantasy series has created special equipment for the game which you can view below.




    1. Why would this article need damage control? I’m personally excited for all the awesome gaming related stuff in this game. Can’t wait to use the Link costume for me and Mario costumes for my minions. This is going to be one awesome game! Plus that armor is just… Wow. :D

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  1. So I saw the photo of Battle Network first before the title of the article, and I got all excited and what not… then this. I just want some Battle Network news damn it.


    1. Lol me too. I wasn’t interested because of the terrible MH3U demo, but I might actually try this now. I know their plan was to add extra stuff from different franchises to suck more people into buying it and… it worked. I’m one of those suckers. XD

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      1. I think it hurts Monster Hunter to even have a demo. The game is too deep and complex for a demo to do it any justice. And a bad demo on top of that. They pit you against these monsters that you wouldn’t see in the regular game until 10-15 hours in. And you would have honed your skills by the time you reach those demo monsters. Bad call on Capcom’s part. Not every game should have a demo.

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      1. Then why haven’t they made a new MM? Wouldn’t that bring on $$$?! I don’t understand. Did the other games sell like crap or does Capcom do this on purpose? O_o


      2. If you’ve followed the history of MM sales, none of them have had good sales. Capcom seems to have an extremely loud fanbase, but very few actually seem to be voting with their wallets


      3. Lmao I didn’t know that. I just thought they stopped making them because they didn’t care. Aren’t there like 10 games or something in the series anyways?


  2. why are people fighting over mega man. i can kill the kid with a mp7 or vector k10 in seconds….. mega man gun is a joke.


      1. Ooo, he has ebola, fighting him now would be unfair but than again, I have never been a stickler for the rules.


  3. Capcom decides to put mega man themed stuff in a monster hunter game yet they still won’t give us mega man legends 3 or even a brand new mega man game.

    Mega man isn’t gone folks, but if capcom doesn’t change their ways soon, they will be gone.

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  4. I think Capcom is just scared of the possibilty of failure when it comes to making a new Megaman game. Big companies like Capcom cannot afford such a huge, flagship title to fail, especially in thier current financial situation. They weigh the risk vs. reward, and unfortunately they believe the risk is too great. It’s a shame really, a new megaman would sell pretty decently if done right. Or just partner up with Nintendo and let them make the game.

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  5. On one hand, this only adds to how much I want Monster Hunter 4 and how I struggle to keep my cool whenever I see Japan having fun whilst I sit and wait…

    On the other hand, it only makes me hate Capcom more for how they continue to shove Megaman into more and more different games in order to get fans to splash money on it, but constantly refuse to make a new game where Megaman is actually the star character.

    They really just need to get rid of the rights to Megaman and let Nintendo have him.


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