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Super Smash Bros for 3DS National Open Tournament Winner Revealed

The winner of the first-ever Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS National Open Tournament has been revealed. In a final battle against Smash Bros. player Jumpman, Dabuz came out on top and received the Smash Ball trophy and champion’s robe. The event, which was held at Nintendo World in New York, was broadcast live yesterday, October 11th. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is available in stores and on the Nintendo eShop.

56 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros for 3DS National Open Tournament Winner Revealed”

    1. Silly little Grape. aside from every person i talk to who has smash bros for 3ds say they are DEFINITELY GETTING THE WIIU version, as they cannot want for the better graphic and online. the WiiU version shall sell quite a nice amount, despite their focus on trying to get Smash 3ds and bayonetta to sell.

      1. Yes and no. It’s working now because I played a few games on it, but it was still acting retarded earlier. Lol. I hope this thing can at least last long enough until I plan to get a new one. I’m not going to buy any games for it now just to be on the safe side… :p

          1. Multiple issues. Error occurs when going to the internet browser, sometimes freezes at the Wii U logo screen, disc drive doesn’t sound like it’s working properly, and games take longer than usual loading from hard drive all of a sudden. It would not get past the logo screen AT ALL yesterday and I was afraid it stopped working completely. If it does die though, I’m going to be disappointed. Nintendo BETTER get that universal account system out. Situations like these are the reason I get angry at them sometimes. You’ve got to be kidding me if you think I’m about to lose two years worth of data. -_-

            1. Instead of buying a new one, if you send the broken one to Nintendo for repair, they transfer all data/ game rights to a new machine if they can’t fix the old one.

              No one should EVER just give up their data /games. Nintendo CS is fully capable of transferimg game rights to new hardware because the software is tied to.your club Nintendo account.

              If there was an account system we controlled, what’s to stop me from loading up a bunch of wiiu’s with my massive library and selling them for a huge profit?

              Pirates made it this way, not Nintendo. :/

              1. I’m pretty sure all they would have to is make it so that an account can only be logged into on one console. If your Wii U breaks, ask Nintendo to transfer your account to another system or log out your account on one system, which would allow you to log in on another one. I’m pretty sure game/tech companies have the ability to do these things if they really wanted.

                1. Then you have to be onllne at all times, something Microsoft tried and got hell for. That was their solution and they had to back down.

              2. I’d rather not to be honest. I already had to send it in for repair earlier this year and they did it for free. This thing with all its troubles is not worth my time and money. It took forever to get it back from repair. I never really liked the white one anyways. Lol. I am willing to wait until I can another one. Just hope it doesn’t die before I can. Ugh…

                1. When you do, talk to Nintendo unless you don’t mind spending the $$$ again. They might be able to work something Out. :)

              3. Realistically no one does that, because although people can be stupid at times, there aren’t enough people that stupid to give someone money for account information.

                You know how easy it would be to rip people off?

                More importantly, like DeJ said, it doesn’t work that way on Xbox or Playstation, let alone, all other digital account systems like this. You are assigned a master account that can only be logged in by one user at a time, meaning only one person can be logged into that account. You can access your games on any system, but you cannot be logged in simultaneously on multiple machines.

                You also don’t need to be online all the time for this to work. All that needs to be done, is for the device to recognize this master account whether it is online or not. Obviously, you cannot download games without being online anyway.

                It really is not that hard to implement, why Nintendo hasn’t is beyond me.

                So you wouldn’t make a dime really. For one, good luck finding someone who would be dumb enough to take your word for it, that your account information is real and you could only sell your account to one person anyway. So it wouldn’t be worth the time and you would not be able to access that account as long as that other person is using it, which defeats the purpose of what you’re thinking.

                Pirates didn’t make it this way either, this has never been an issue with digital accounts, because like I said, they only work on one device at a time with only one user. It isn’t like you can keep selling the account over and over, it won’t work in that sense. If digital accounts were that easy to take advantage of, you’d see people selling their accounts all over the place.

                There is really no reason why Nintendo should not have a more updated account system by now.

                The only thing I can think of, where it works that way, is with an OS, because some people may need to use more than one of their computers at the same time.

                1. Friends would be able to buy games once. People always take advantage of the system. Nintendo doesn’t want software sales to take a hit with people doing this on their console.


                  It IS hard to implement in a way people can’t take advantage. You guys are very much underestimating how abused single account systems are.

                  It sucks. But Nintendo downloads CAN (and I have) be reassigned to new hardware. It’s not exclusively tied to the hardware like people think. That’s a HUGE misunderstanding I wish people would educate themselves on. If your hardware is stolen or breaks, you are not fucked like peope keep saying. That’s just more anti-Nintendo propaganda.

                  It is a pain in the ass if your hardware gets stolen or fried, but your software licenses ARE safe. :)

                  1. Not to mention Nintendo themselves probably still have records of what games you bought on the eShop. Not to mention the DLC you might have purchased for your games that have it.

        1. Maybe you should just deal with the problem now before it shuts off for good since it seems to not want to stop messing up on you. Just upgrade to a new deluxe edition or risk losing the current stuff you have on it now.

    2. I may not get the Wii U version. Maybe, I’m not sure yet. I wanna see the features/content first. The fact that there is no adventure mode is very devastating in my opinion. Lets see what they do in place of smash run for 3ds, (which i’m also not a big fan of) and i’ll consider it. I’m not gonna spend 60 bucs if it’s just a better looking version of the 3ds game. I really wanna play my Wii U, and I think the only game that will satisfy that this holiday season is Bayonetta.

      1. Well to be honest they only said that there wouldn’t be a story mode ‘like subspace emissairy’ and that is mainly because sakurai was disappointed in people sharing the cut-scenes online. but they could totally still make a mode that’s more a like a kirby game, that has the exploration parts, just no (or barely any) story at all. It would be a nice way to unlock thropies and customizable moves, to put them in treasure boxes at the end of litte puzzles.

    3. Yup, let’s make a tournament with a game that is still in development. Let’s ignore all the hype caused by our most recent launch in order to make a tourney with a game currently in development.

      Seriously, are you depressive? :v

      1. The game launches next month. We knew basically everything about the 3DS version before it released. We barely knew anything about the Wii U version. That’s why I am not hyped. Why would I drop $60 for the exact same game? That’s why I’m waiting on more information. I don’t care about trophies or Gamecube controllers. I want to here something worthwhile. Pretty pictures of the game aren’t convincing enough. :V

        1. Exact same game? Where? I don’t remember of confirming Smash Run for the Wii U version, nor even the 3DS stages like Magicant or Balloon Fight or Pac-Maze. And I cannot find Event Match, Special Smash. Tournament mode, Stage Builder, a real Target Smash and multiple controller support in my 3DS version.

          Yeah, I’m being very stubborn with these Wii U version questions because I think you are getting worried unnecessarily. The mere fact of these games will offer different experiences makes me call bullshit about this “Exact Same” statement, they are completely different games in this term and in terms of development.

          1. Different stages isn’t worth $60. I’ll admit that I do like some of the Wii U’s stages, but I’m perfectly fine with the 3DS’S. Smash Run isn’t all that great and it’s not really a selling point for the 3DS version. I think the Wii U version will have Classic and All-Star as well and possibly the other stuff like multi man smash too. But it needs to have more than that! It needs to get at least twice the amount of content the 3DS one has for me to fork over even more money. They have different trophies, but for you to even really know which ones there are, you’d need to collect every one of them and then did it with one the 3DS version doesn’t have. The quest for trophies. That sure sounds like fun. /sarcasm :p The characters would’ve probably been the biggest selling point and they should’ve given each version some different characters or something to make it seem with it. And I know about the transfer thing you keep trying to tell me but so what? It would give you more of a reason to own both versions. And honestly, screw the idiots that feel ripped off because they didn’t get a character. They need to go buy a Wii U then! This was supposed to be Wii U’s system seller anyways.

            1. I already explained why they made the same roster for both versions, I’ll not going into this again :p
              I also already said that the Wii U version can very well have missing modes in 3DS like Event Match, Special Smash and etc., so, I’m assuming that you are fearing that none of these extra modes will appear, and even if they make into the Wii U game, you’ll still gonna say that it will be not worth of 60 dollars, ignoring completely how the series uses to be packed-in content in every single interation of the series, Brawl was supermassive in comparison to other Wii games back in its days, Melee is still played nowadays, and that’s the major reason of why they added GameCube controller support, something that I have NEVER expected Nintendo to do, seriously, this was mindblowing to me :p

              Let me tell why do I think this game is worth of 60 dollars: Smash in HD, for a big screen, with accessible multiplayer, 6-controller options, more game modes, a probably better online, the #1 choice for the competitive scene, exclusive game modes that I’m pretty sure that will make into the game (it would be pretty fucking unexcusable if all of those modes didn’t appear in the Wii U version, since I suppose they were cut from the 3DS version because of space limitations).

              And Smash Run is awesome, I played this mode quite a bunch of times because how amazing it is. It always have a different result, it’s never the same thing, even if I play the same final battle with the same characters.

              1. This really wouldn’t be much of a problem if I would’ve just waited for the damn Wii U version. I knew it was gonna be superior but I caved in and got the 3DS version first! Now I don’t feel like buying it again… ;/I would’ve gotten the 3DS version regardless though because of the portability and I go everywhere with it. I should’ve waited! >_<

                  1. That soundtrack thing from Club Nintendo might convince me. Hm.. But I’m trying as hard as possible to not spend anything on games until next year. I’m a super cheapskate. Lmao. I wasn’t even supposed to buy Smash 3DS! I just gave in to the hype. I couldn’t take it. The soundtracks though… Man, I wish Nintendo made the deadline for registering the games longer. It’s like they’re almost forcing me to buy Smash U! O_o

                      1. Nice. Now all I have left to complain about is the deadline for registering SSBU for that soundtrack. Lol.

    4. I love the game… But I hate not being able to play online!!! I know is not Nintendo’s fault (just checked the ping… Above 60ms and that sucks!!!)
      Maybe the Wii U version is a little bit less strict about it (already have the USB LAN adapter so hopefully it will be OK!!)…if not I’m fucked xD

    5. Crazy anyone can play this on 3DS super competitively, as much as I enjoy it, I’ve always hated the circle pad for fighting games, and this is no exception.

      I’d sacrifice tilting for the option to use the d-pad on the 3DS at least. I mean it isn’t horrible, just the circle pad is not made for this kind of stuff.

      1. I agree. My thumb keeps slipping as I play. It really causes problems during heated matches. And for some reason, the 3DS has really been causing the arthritis in my hands to ache. Growing old before my time. : /

    6. I’m SO afraid that when I get the Wii U version of Smash Bros., it’s going to feel like I’m playing the exact same game again. Just on the tv with better graphics. I’m hoping there’s at least SOME differences from the 3DS version.

      There’s a few things about the 3DS version that either annoys me, or really lets me down. For one, taking out the story mode was a huge mistake. I’m also very disgusted that the Event Matches and Break The Targets modes were removed. Yes, there’s a Target Smash mode. But it’s not nearly as fun or interesting.

      I also hate how you can’t collect CD’s. Collecting CD’s was my favorite thing to do in Brawl. Now they just let you hear all of the music without unlocking it. This game feels like it was rushed. Even though it took forever to come out. (- _ -)

      1. I agree with what you said, and it was rushed. You can tell. The reason there is no adventure mode is not becouse they were mad the story-lines were being spoiled online. The real reason is that it was just too much work. Making a story-line for every character in the game is a huge amount of work, (even if it was just a small cutscene at the end) they just didn’t have the time to do it. Smash run is a lot more simple, and honestly very disappointing. It had so much potential if they just put more time and effort into it. The single player is lacking in my opinion. If there is not a major reason for me to buy the Wii U version, them I’m not sure if I will.

        1. They still made cutscenes for some of the characters but they used them to announce the characters in nintendo directs and stuff

      2. Absolutely agreed, Break the Targets and the event matches were pretty much the single-player highlights for me. They added so much more fun to the game and the fact that both are taken out now is really really disappointing. Especially Break the Targets, considering it had been part of the game ever since the original SSB on the N64; a SSB without Break the Targets is, in my opinion, incomplete.
        But yea, I just hope both modes will make it into the WiiU version, though I’m kinda doubting it will actually happen. But who knows. All we can do is wait, I suppose.

        1. If these modes are NOT in the Wii U version either (along with other things that were removed), Nintendo and Sakurai is going to hear SOOOOO many complaints.

    7. Was it really national or only for US?
      Btw, I would like to check my connectivity with a place close to Nintendo’s servers. Anyone knows where could it be?

    8. That guy must be really good to win this. The online community itself is suprisingly good. (at least the 1 vs 1 for glory) You got to be a beast just to win a couple matches in a row online.

    9. Heey! WTF!! My friend Josh was in the tournament! He lost in first round unfortunately, but dang! A kid from my small town in SoCal made it to final 16 in country? Pretty cool!

    10. It was pretty shitty to watch. I want to see professionnals play that game, maybe they’d be able to offer some interesting metas to watch.

      1. Brawl DID have more. I’m confused about why this new one is so watered down? It should have been the biggest and best. Something is very wrong. Nintendo better not have purposely left a lot of things out just so they could offer it as DLC later. That would really piss me off!

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