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Here’s The Donkey Kong Country Wii U Virtual Console Trailer

Nintendo Europe has released a brand new trailer showcasing the magnificent Donkey Kong Country which will be arriving on the Wii U Virtual Console on Thursday. We are still waiting to hear when Nintendo of America plans to release the series on the Virtual Console. All three SNES classics are coming to Europe this month.

36 thoughts on “Here’s The Donkey Kong Country Wii U Virtual Console Trailer”

    1. Tropical freeze was a good one but I use to be jealous I didn’t get to play the originals. I played the Gameboy version but it isn’t the same

    1. I want retro studios to remake the donkey kong country SNES trilogy using the same engine as tropical freeze (which is my favorite one).

  1. Such a great game, brings back so many childhood memories. I actually still play it on the SNES every now and then when the nostalgia feels hit me.

      1. Aw, I kinda know that feeling. My parents made me sell many of my old games too.
        Do you still have your PS1 though ? If so, lucky ! Was a fantastic console, I certainly miss mine. d:

  2. can someone explain why you can download this ROM and most other Nintendo ROMS and play them on a multitude of emulators – for free – all of them – for free while it takes years and years for them to slowly release one game at a time on VC and they are not free? who buys these things? i get that there are licensing issues, but that shouldn’t be the case with Nintendo exclusives. my 12 year old nephew would rather play on his ipod than bother with VC games. why is Nintendo so fucked in the head? if they were smart they would make as many VC games free as possible. also, they should release a new Wii U that can play PC games. money problems solved.

  3. I played this on SNES, Gameboy color and Wii. That’s the best stupid Nintendo can do on their most powerful console. I still got DKC on Wii U’s Wii mode. Though I’m not about to buy it for Wii U just to play with pro controller. I also can redownload DK3 on Wii for free if I wanted to. When the hell is stupid Nintendo going to get N64 games on the virtual console. It can’t be that damn hard they need up on Wii. Nintendo is stupid.

    1. For the record, these games got taken off the wii virtual console in 2012 so redownloading dk3 on your wii would’nt work.

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  5. As much as I like tropical freeze, something is missing, it just doesn´t have that feel like the old games have. You have to collect to much stuff. The only thing I find better are the cart levels they are crasy good on Tropical freeze. I want a new donkey kong game with Kremlings and King k rool, to have any other enemies just takes away the feel from the game. So happy the old games are back :D

  6. Finally! I’ve been wanting to return to the original trilogy, so I can finally beat them cuz I wasn’t able to as a kid! Super Mario World & Super Metroid were much easier for me to beat & those games weren’t exactly a walk in the park, either!

  7. Can’t wait for an HD version of the SNES Donkey Kong Country trilogy!
    I mean, bit depth is the only thing these games lack. Other than that, I strongly believe they’re still much better than the new ones (dkc returns and tropical freeze). For many crucial factors. :S Anyway! I hope they make an HD version, like they did with “zelda: the wind waker”

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